Humans of Bombay

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Humans of Bombay


Unread post by dawedaar » Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:50 pm

Humans of Bombay -> ... 6068070045

I like how inspiring stories of people are highlighted on this page!

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Re: Humans of Bombay


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I am from Mauritius and we have some thing similar running here ... 6567425439

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Re: Humans of Bombay


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'I've seen the craze for English education even among the poorest. But that is only for their sons. Parents feel thrilled when they see their sons going to school wearing a tie. They don't mind paying for their sons' private tuitions too.'

'But daughters are sent to municipal schools, madarsas, small schools where teachers with no teaching skills are paid Rs 2,000 or Rs 4,000. That's why more girls come to my class.'

Syed Feroze Ashraf, who has sent 500-odd girls (and a few boys) -- all first generation learners, children of grave-diggers, hawkers, rickshaw-drivers, tailors and watchmen -- to college, speaks to Jyoti Punwani.