Potla of Life

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Potla of Life


Unread post by babdeen » Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:25 pm

Baggage of life (Potla)

Life is a baggage and we all have to carry our baggage. We all get one at birth. Our starting baggage is influenced by when or where we are born to who our parents and family are to scores of other factors. This baggage grows as one goes through life. This growth comes from two sources - natural growth and life choices growth. The life is all about this baggage or as it is better described by Urdu word “Potla”. How your Potla grows and how you handle it dictates your life.

The way people handle Potla divides them into 3 categories: People who carry their own Potla, people who dump their Potla and people who take on other’s Potla.

(1) The first kind is happy to carry its own Potla. They are generally good at accumulating Potla at a low rate. They avoid taking on any body’s Potla. These are happy go lucky people. Society often labels them as self centered and heartless. But they don’t care. Americans are good at this.

(2) The second kind is Potla un-loaders. These people either don’t want to or unable to carry their own Potla. The people who don’t want to carry their own Potla are good at Potla dumping on others. They thrive upon and are good at accumulating life choices Potla and then dump it on others. Society often lables (or mislabels) them as creative. There are others who are unable to carry their own Potla. These include old people, handicap individuals, ill people, and poor people at the bottom of the society. These people need help. The helpers are called family, friends, governments, religious institutions etc. Large number of Trump supporters fall into this category. I know I am crossing the line, but could not resist.

(3) The third kind is people who are willing to or can easily be duped into carrying someone else’s Potla. These people are known as Potla magnet. They have a large Potla of their own plus boat load of acquired Potlas. By now you know that people of second kind are always looking for people of third kind. These are either kind people or bleeding heart liberals. This is called Bernie dream category.

(4) There is a fourth group which probably can be divided into two preceding groups. These are people who decide to get together to share their Potla. Lovers, spouses and old people (who have lost their first Potla partner) fall into this category. Potla fights are common in this category because of changing Potla promises and commitments. Society affectionately calls them “Loving couple”.

Here is my advice for those who are looking for one:

(1) Carry your own Potla as much as possible. Every so often announce that you are Potla free ad act goofy.
(2) Potla promises are same as politician promises. If you fall for one, do not announce it. That only tells people you have been duped and susceptible for other’s Potla.
(3) If you must unload part of your Potla, learn to pay for the services. It is ok to pay your children or family members for this service. Call it inheritance if that makes you feel good. They do.
(4) The best way to measure your Potla burden is to go to beach and sit there for a week without cell phone. If you want to live life fully, ignore your Potla whenever possible.

This message is not free. It comes with Potla - fee and royalty Potla. If you have read this far, you owe a Potla fee. In addition every use requires a royalty payment. All amounts are payable upon reading this message.

BAB Deen,
Chief Potla Dai