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New Rules By Muffy (lol) !!

By Al Zulfiqar.

Rule no. 1.
It is hereby officially decreed that a definite, irrevocable and confirmed nass (bandi) was performed on Aali Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin Abul Jafferus sadiq, tus, Dai al ajal, al haddul anjab al asad, maulanal mannan fil momeneen wal haiwanat wal qaenat, rabbul alameen. This was further authenticated by the dreams received by hindus, parsees, catholics and sikhs, besides the dreams recorded by Syedi Mukasir saheb and Qaid Johar bhaisaheb Ezzudin, in which Nabi Suleiman confirmed that even the entire animal, bird, insect and seaworld kingdoms had emphatically affirmed that AQSMS was the divinely appointed Syedna on whom nassbandi was performed when his father was in a coma and could not speak.

Rule 2.
As per latest bayans by Dai Muffadal, post the death of beloved Syedna MB, it is now confirmed that the Imamuzzaman is DEAD. Syedna Muffy has repeated with great fervour and conviction that his father is in the presence of the Imamuzzaman and doing his khidmat in jannat. It is not known how the Imam died, whether by natural causes, or due to sudden grief at the passing away of his beloved Dai, whether he committed suicide as a final act of desperation or was assassinated by paid henchmen. But the fact remains that the Imam is dead and has left behind no successor. Thus this will be the last year when Silatul imam and Najwa for Imamuzzamaan will be taken. It will be bounden on all momeneen to take misaq towards Syedna Muffadal when he will be installed as the new IMAM after Syedna MB's chehlum. These are the most joyous tidings for which we have been waiting since last 800 years.

Rule 3.
The new IMAM Muffadal invites all bohras who have gone astray, viz. reformists, khozeima qutbuddin, alawi's, 48'ers, suleimani's, najrani's etc to return to his fold without any pre-conditions. All they will have to do is 'gale lagavu' of IMAM Muffadal, followed by a full sashtaang namaskaar sajda, offer tagda salaam of 52 lakhs each and then basically just shut-up and fade into obscurity. This will help swell the ranks of momeneen, end adawat and reduce opposition to the IMAM's plans for total world domination.

Rule 4.
It is hereby decreed by the IMAM in conjuction with the High Power Command of Saifee Mahal, that no bohra's educational qualifications or certification will be recognised anymore. Whether they are doctors, engineers, nuclear scientists, researchers, MBA's, economists whatever, unless they attend the Jamea and pass a Darajjatul Akhera course exam from its hallowed and hoary portals. Graduates of IIT, IIM, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, London School of Economics or any crappy other higher institutes of learning will be treated as jaahils, munafeqeen and kattar dawat na dushman, unless they cleanse their knowledge and souls from the jamea and leave with distinction in lisan ud dawat and can conduct vadhoo, istinja and najwa collection majlises, have a beard atleast 6" long and can sing ghanu jeevo at a decibel level of 120.

Rule 5.
Starting from Mahe Rajabul Asab, no bohra will be allowed to participate in any majlis, miqaat or jaman or get any raza unless he/she produces proof that they have made the compulsory ziyarat to the haqiqi kaaba - raudat tahera - in mumbai. They will have to obtain records in triplicate that their ITS card was scanned at the roza and that they also visited saifee mahal for deedar and reverse sajda of IMAM Muffadal. This decision is final, binding and irrevocable and can only be overturned at the divine intervention of the IMAM himself, who will 'examine' the errant momeen in private.

Rule 6.
The IMAM will be crowned in Mumbai after the chehlum of his father at an unprecedented glittering ceremony which has never before been seen on the face of this earth and in the annals of human civilisation. Neither the Pharaoh Khufu nor Tutunkhamen, neither Shahenshah Akbar, Ashoka, Charlemagne, Julius ceasar, Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Charles and Diana, none of them ever had a coronation or any other ceremony so grand and so poignant. They will all fade in comparison. The crown that IMAM Muffadal will wear is modelled on the crown in the possession of the Queen of England which has the Kohinoor embedded in it. The Queen had offered to loan it to Muffadal, but he being the fiercely proud and independent soul that he is, refused. A fantastic new one is being prepared under joint collaboration between Tiffany's, Armani and Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri of Mumbai. It will be bejewelled with a total of 530 carats of flawless coloured diamonds, with the centre stone alone of 230 carats. It will also be adorned with sapphires, rare burmese rubies each of 200 carats, black tahitian pearls, 20 red aqeeqs of 80 carats each, green emeralds from China and Japan, all of them to be set in purest platimum. The crown is expected to cost approx 25,000 crores, a sum which is a mere pittance for our beloved IMAM Mufaddal.

Rule 7.
Invitations are being sent out to all the heads of state around the world, Kings, Queens, Dictators, Despots, Tyrants, (Generals included), + the descendants of Stalin, Trotsky, Goebbels, Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, as also all religious leaders such as the Pope, Dalai Lama, Aga Khan, Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Baba Ramdev, Asaram Bapu, Iran's Ayatollahs, the grand mufti of Mecca Shaikh el baz, the rector of al azhar university, Shahi imam Bukhari etc. No political figures will be left out. The PM, President of India, Sonia Gandhi and her entire family, Narendra Modi and the Thackeray's of course as very special VIP's, Laloo Prasad Yadav, and not to forget Dawood Ibrahim, Chota Rajan, Al Capone's family, and selected members of the Cosa Nostra. Security is going to be Z level, with ground, sea and air cover. Nuclear missiles are being readied and will be controlled from space. India has positioned laser devices on the moon to zap any would be detractors of IMAM Mufaddal. If this ceremony is succesfully concluded, there is a strong possibility that Muffadal Imam will be elected as UN secy general.

aameen, su eni niraali shaan chhe!!

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Can some one help me out? What is ROFL.

" lol " I know. There is a strict farman that no bohra should laugh any time any where and for any reason. Only Muffy can laugh all the way to the bank. By the way, when Abdes have time to laugh from their 24/7 hi pit high pitched Matam? Instead they should be COL = crying out loudly, COS = crying out silently, COOLOS = crying out on loss of sanity, COOLOW = crying out on loss of wealth, CCC, cry cry cry.

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New wrote:Can some one help me out? What is ROFL.

" lol " I know. There is a strict farman that no bohra should laugh any time any where and for any reason. Only Muffy can laugh all the way to the bank. By the way, when Abdes have time to laugh from their 24/7 hi pit high pitched Matam? Instead they should be COL = crying out loudly, COS = crying out silently, COOLOS = crying out on loss of sanity, COOLOW = crying out on loss of wealth, CCC, cry cry cry.
hehe funny :mrgreen:

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Hilarious !! why is AZ not posting himself … ?

I did not like the decease of Hidden Imam and SMS to be Visible Imam, it wud have been more interesting to read the fan fare with DAI’s titles as we are so used to listening of glorification of Dai and hardly any of Imam.. so there is a emotional disconnect

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Br. Zulfiqar post was indeed too hilarious :D :D :D

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Here is a quiz,

A man who lives in Saif Mahalo is called Zada, a woman Zadi. What about a bachho?

Please, record your answer here, the correct answer given will have guaranteed place in Jannat.

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Sorry to disagree with you bhai Ghulam, the Dai is not promoted to Imamship. Looking at his jet set whiz travel, he has been promoted to a asman an farista. His wings are on order to be retrofitted soon. The hello is LED fitted on the paghri. Son farista in Shaan che...

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There was a survey taken of all the residents of Saify Mehal. The question was do you wear shoes, champal, juti, or chakhrl? All of them indicated that they wore either one or the other.

Thus the name Khasre Ally

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Royal Wedding and Kotharis (light fun)

By Al Zulfiqar.

Apparently ever since Charles and Camilla have visited our Masjid complex in Northolt, they have become very impressed by our bohra way of life and deeply influenced by the universal ambassador of peace Syedna MB. they have heard of his daily miracles and shifa through 'fookin'. This they had conveyed to the Queen and Prince Philip and they realising the troubles they have had in the marriages of Charles and Diana, Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Queen's sister Margaret, her daughter Anne and the shenanigans of Prince Harry etc, decided to enlist the spiritual help of the syedna. He was invited to the royal wedding on the proviso that he would bless the young couple after their Westminster Abbey ceremonies and pray for their long and happy married life together and bless them with lots of healthy bouncing babies.

Our Syedna being the wily operator that he is, was not be outdone and put forward certain conditions:

1) Will and Kate would have to visit syedna at his Darul Emarat and do suitable salaam, the amount of which was fixed at 2 million sterling pounds.
2) They would come in qaumi libaas, i.e. Will in STD and Kate in ridah.
3) They would submit to the instructions and ceremonies conducted by syedna and his lieutenants.
4) They would have to stay at the Darul Emarat for 3 days. we will analyse why later.

Well the glad news is that just after the church ceremony and the reception, Will and Kate were reported to have taken off on their honeymoon to Kenya. but in reality they have gone incognito to syedna's official residence in London.

There they were taken aside, separated, and under medical supervision of the best physicians of Buckingham palace and syedna, each one was circumcised as per bohra ismaili custom. soon after they were presented in front of syedna, first for Misaq and then their Nikah was done under Islamic law. Kate's uncle and aunt were the designated shahed vakils and meher on behalf of William's family was presented to her which was fixed at 772/= pounds. William did salaam to syedna with the Kohinoor diamond which was specially removed from the crown jewels held in the tower of London. Kate's father presented a magnificent horse to syedna alongwith the latest fifth generation technology equipped, high powered uzi submachinegun fitted with ultra long range scopes as his token gift to syedna.

Will and Kate are presently recuperating from the khatna and are not allowed to see each other. When judged healed and fit they will proceed directly to Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. They are now officially bohras. Their names have been changed by syedna to Mufaddal Hussain and Kaneez-e-Fatma.

Buckingham palace wishes to keep this news hidden for now, afraid of negative public reaction, but the cat has been let out of the bag. All bohras are instructed to light up their houses, distribute sundhenu and send a gold guinea to syedna for this azeem-us-shaan achievement.

ghanu jeevo. su eni niraali shaan chhe.

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By Al Zulfiqar.

Agar Dawoodi Bohra baney Railway Minister, to aa mujab amal karwama aavse:

1.Train Travel will be compulsory in STD ( saaya topi dhadhi) and Ridha.
2. Bookings will be done only after checking jamaat card. Darek station par aa misal tanzeem karvama aavsey.
3. A collection of 27/- Rs for Qardhan Hasana fund will be collected on every ticket.
4. Seats ane bogeys tamara jamaat card ane darajja mujab thasey. MKD, NKD, Sheikh, Mulla ane temna families ne mukhtalif bethak malse.
5. Red card holders ne train na chhat par chadvu padsey.
6. A/C compartment maate Hub ma rakam lakhavi padsey.
7. Darek station par salam ane thaal nu jaman thaasey. Harroz DCP (dal chawal palidu) ane papad na sivaay biju kai nahi male, Mota groups ne special orders ni sagvad - 2 kharaas, 2 mithaas, jaman, rotli ane ek salad. Ena advance ma paisa levama avsey.
8. Marado ane bairao na alag compartments.
9. Train par farzando maate deeni taalim. Per head 52/- Rs vajib rehse.
10. Agar koi Shezaada ya Qasre Aali na member train par hasey to emno passengers taraf thi kadambosi salam ane Tashreef awari karavama aavsey. Momin zyada si zyada fakhir rakam aape.
11. Ramzaan Sherulla moalla ma train par vajebat ni bethak.
12. Dar roz train ma namaz, majlis ane maatam.
13. Jumoa na din, bairao ni majlis, tasbeeh ane sitaabi na thaal.
14. Darek momin ye potanno masallo ane loto lavvo joyse.
15. Train ye ek paak jagah chhe. Momin Bismillah nu naam laine utrey and chadhe. Joota, chappal train na bahar utarey evi iltemmas. Safe deposit boxes malse, 72/- Rs. na bhada par.
16. Momin scouts ane Mawaid train ma khidmat bajavse.
17. Train na ek dabba ne Mukaddas Syedna Taher Saifuddin na naam par Roza no darajjo aapva no plan, jethi mumeen ema ziyarat kari sake. Aa compartment ma deeni kutub, kaumi libaas - topi, Kurta saaya, ridhaa jhabla, namazi jodi, masalla, etc. reasonable prices par malsey.
18. Fast train service nu naam "Burhani Express", Super-fast trains ne "Taheri Tatkal", economy janta trains ane local trains nu "Mukasir Mail", ane goods trains ne "Mazoon Maalgaadi".
19. Vagar ticket na momin no misaak athva baraat. Fixed fare na 200 gana fine levama avsey,
20. Momin train par daris ni majlis kari sakse, Darek Station par raza/salaam window no intezaam.
21. Train par khatna, nikah, aqeeqa, baqro zabeh ane talaaq ni pan sahuliyat muhiyya. Advance notice 72 hours minimum.
22. Train service ne ghani expand karvano Irado, Mamluke aale Muhammad Syedna Va Maulana Abul Qayed Johar Mohd. Burhanuddin, Vajeehun Neel, Dai Uz Zamaan, Dai ul Mutlaq, Khuda na dai ane Aimmat Tahereen na Vasi ane Vali, Tamara Aqa ane Maula no kaul chhe. Apna Bawa Shafiq ane Sultaan al Bawahir ye em elaan kidhu chhe ke ek Fund establish karwama aawe, je thi darek momin kam-as-kam ek toilet, compartment, ya to ek bogey, engine, ya ek aakhi mukammal train na units lakhave. Aa sharaf haasil kare ke jethi emne jannat nu sawab hansil thay. Apna Aqa maula ni khushi na sabab darek mumin bhai ane bahen aa nek kaam ma shamil thai.

We wish great success to this new Bohra Rlwy Minister.

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Bohra Railways : Not a bad idea ! SMS can request NaMo Govt to grant a special train dedicated for Bohras only. This train would cover major cities which has Dargahs.

They can paint the train with special patterns from Fatimid Art Work.

One of the Shehzada can be made Railway Minister ( Amil) in the Daawat-e-hadiya bohra government.

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By Crater Lake:

1) Cook meat and add to the Kaari sarva that comes in the thaali. If kaaari sarva is made with unroasted kaaari masala, you have no option but to chuck it away and make your own. Then add your own cooked gosht to it. But don't tell your family.
2) Cook gosht the day gosht ni tarkari is on the menu. Because what you get in thaali will have two Botis for your family of four. If the sarva is halfway decent, fix it and add your gosht to it. Else throw it away and make your own tarkari. Don't tell your family.
3) if you are lucky to get a vegetable other than toorya, do two rakats shukur in namaz. Fix the vegetable ni tarkari, add your own vegetable to it and serve.
4) if you get tooorya again, put in container in fridge. Try to give it to maid. Throw it away after a week.
5) if daal, do your own tarka and serve. Check the rice for taste of pesticide. If no taste of pesticide, serve to your family. Otherwise cook your own and serve. But don't tell your family...
6) if Chinese pulav and Maggie cube soup on menu. Cook your own meal.
7) if tomato based chinese noodles, just chuck it away. No one will eat it. Don't bother transferring to fridge. Cook your own meal.

Sigh....so much less stressful to cook your own meals.

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By Al Zulfiqar,

The hidden Imam has requested me to most solemnly convey to all of you that instead of paying Wajebat to the Dai, Zakat should be given directly to him.

He needs the money to fight the Dai who is using every trick in the book to obstruct him from revealing himself as the rightful imam. The Dai is threatening to inform his abdes that if and when the Imam reveals himself it will be only after verification from Dai. The Imam is now in a right religious quandary and short of an all-out war of apocalyptic proportions with the Dai and his savage blood-thirsty hordes, he has few options left. To fight the Dai in courts in India is futile and an extremely time-consuming exercise which he can ill-afford against the battery of high powered legal counsel and political and underworld connections of the Dai.

All right thinking bohras disgusted with the Dai and his parasitic family should donate atleast part of their dues to the hidden Imam. Until such time that a secure set-up can be established, pls keep this money with yrselves and wait until the time is ripe. Lets help the true and rightful Imam secure his rights by defeating the imposters and usurpers.

Just as an example, I always enclose a cheque drawn in the name of Imamuzzaman when presenting a fakhir rakam in the envelope on Imammuzaman's Salgirah. i request you all atleast emulate my practice.

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Unread post by humanbeing » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:51 am

ghulam muhammed wrote:Just as an example, I always enclose a cheque drawn in the name of Imamuzzaman when presenting a fakhir rakam in the envelope on Imammuzaman's Salgirah. i request you all atleast emulate my practice.
I enclose hidden money in the cover, this hidden money can be only be visible and used by Imam-uz-zaman.

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Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:01 pm

By Al Zulfiqar.

"What will happen to our community"?

There is no question of what WILL happen, it has already happened. the community has gone to the 'dogs'.

The proof? All that abdes do now is bark, without substance or reason or logic. They have been programmed to bark, or scrape and bow or wag their tails at the sight of the h'zaadas, and they salivate and fall upon the bones (jaman) in the jamaatkhana. When they are not barking, they are baying and howling like banshees at the mere mention of 'tamara dai"...hoo hoo uhhh, sobs and tears etc, while beating themselves silly all over their heads and chests in musical rhythms, dancing in unison.

The poor mongrels are not even aware how Pavlov and his behavioural anthropologists sitting in Saifee Mahal have 'programmed' them. The abdes are no longer just abdes. they are products of the kennel club, trained by the best in canine coaching. They are no longer considered worthy of foraging for themselves and are fed on morsels dished out in a kennel (thaali dabba), they are fitted with tracking devices (ejamaat cards) lest they stray or make a break for freedom and they are regularly de-wormed and neutered (fed bullshit mojizas and robbed with wajebaat), their claws are trimmed by Pavlov's henchmen (amils) and they are de-fanged at adolescence (misaq) so that they pose no danger to the behavioural scientists.

The abdes roam in packs and find comfort in groups of 'like'. Some of them have been singled out for guard duty like sheepdogs (jamaat committee members) so that they can keep the other servile abdes in line. Pavlov has established 2 large kennel clubs in Karachi and Surat (Jamea's) for churning out these special sheepdogs and also breed attack dogs like alsatians (amils).

Thanks to Pavlov!

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12 Adabs of Masjid for bohri abdes/amtes

Al Zulfiqar.

Here are the NEW 12 adabs:

1. When you enter a masjid, forget about reciting any dua to Allah, just think about getting your smart card scanned by the volunteers stationed at the door

2. Also have your entry pass scanned and then be told which color coded section of the masjid you have to be seated in.

3. Be prepared to pay 'voluntary compulsory' hoob, hoob for what, is not yours to question, but pay you must or face eviction, public humiliation and future degradation

4. Watch movies on safar mubaraks of moola or manhoos, relays of past bayans or his meetings with politicians, celebrities, actors, leaders etc

5. Pray only faraz namaaz in less than five minutes, sunnat namaz be damned.

6. Listen to bayaans around moola so that the aamil can get plum postings in bigger and richer towns where the pickings are plentiful, chances to accumulate wealth are stronger and he can retire early after amassing great fortune

7. Have a nice and pleasant nap and be woken up when the zakereen or amil suddenly raise their voices into shrill shrieks, and. once the short bouts of hysteria are over,fall into a warm reverie again...zzzz

8. Once all the mandatory yelling, shrieking, gesticulating are over, rush to form thaals, looking frantically for your usual thaal gang as if it's a matter of life and death

9. Fall upon the niyaaz jaman as if there is no tomorrow, like hungry wolves who would tear apart the volunteers from limb to limb and rend them asunder. demand more boti's, icecream, kharaas, mithas etc from that close upri friend of yours, specially cultivated for that purpose

10. Follow the namaaz pecking order, i.e. do not encroach on the 'reserved' spaces of the milk shaikhs, mullas, jamaat committee and tanzeem members, amil's chamchas, the wealthy and the privileged etc etc. know your place, you fool!

11. Participate in devotional shows by kids and adults who fall over and compete with each other in demonstrating their love for moola, with huge greeting cards, cakes, madehs, winning the tulul umr dua, ghanoo jivo max. no. recited etc etc.

12. And finally, lining up in front of the dreaded amil for annual payment of wajebaat, where you will be publicly shamed and humiliated, belittled, reduced to a quivering jelly, a nervous chattering wreck, returning home in tears, your pockets and bank account lightened by a few thousands..

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Unread post by babdeen » Thu May 07, 2015 3:07 pm

Conscíous wrote:
labbaikyaHussain wrote:if u dont do this u are prooved kafir coz no one including Muhammed(saw) ever took such help from machines to avoid death.so folow his sunnah and avoid all life supporting machines.
stranger wrote: What we are doing, is doing inside our mosque,in our wahaz,on our belief..
For the record: There were no elections of any Khalifa.
They were selected by the key men associates of the Prophet.
By the way, Muslims are still following that tradition in many places. Islamic?

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Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:02 pm

A New Bohri Currency – “Wajibats”

by saif

A new "currency" issued by a group called the Dawoodi Bohra Kothar (HQ of the Spiritual Leader of the Dawoodi Bohra Shiite Muslim Community) is being produced and used and has not violated any law, the World Bank has said.

The Kothar, the HQ of the Dawoodi Bohra Community’s spiritual leader, set up in Mumbai, India, issued the brightly coloured green notes of one thousand, one lakh, and one million "wajibat” on the Eid-al-adha day.

Since then, more than 100 international shops, some of them part of big department store chains, where the Bohris live throughout the world have accepted the “wajibat” bills or notes.

A spokesman for the World Bank told BBC News Online the bank was keeping a close eye on the Wajibats, although he added that the Kothar had done everything according to the law.

"The Wajibat can be used as long as the notes are not used as legal tender and it stays within a closed-off circuit of users," he said.

Wajibats roll-out:

The Wajibats is also circulating as the currency of in the US state of California, centred in the City of Bakersville, together with the US dollar, while Wajibat-based bonds are being offered in 35 American states.

Syedi Salaam Bhaisaheb Wajibatullah Saheb, 'Minister of Finance' of the Kothar, told BBC News Online the Wajibat could be used, among other things, to battle Kothar poverty and create and enhance greed in the parasitic Bohri patronage priestly class called the Mullas, Sheikhs, Bhaisahebs/ Shahzadas and their sycophant families and their hangers on.

He said governments could use the Wajibat to start up new Madressas (Jaameyas) and other development projects such as Mausoleums around the world to brainwash and extort ill-gotten gains from the gullible Bohri followers throughout the world.

"There are thousands of Royal Family Members and the priestly class living in Marqazes, centers and palaces called Saifee Mahal, Badri Mahal, Burhani Mahal, Najmi Mahal, Qutbi Mahal etc., in their opinion, in extreme discomfort and currencies like the US dollar are not available to most of them. The Wajibat can be used for their comfortable and in a life style the rich and powerful people like Bill Gates are accustomed to – without being gainfully employed.

And after a few years, the Wajibat could then be exchanged for any other, hard, currency or even taken out of circulation, Syedi Wajibatullah said.

He added the Wajibat was introduced in a relatively poor nation like India, "because other cults, sects and secret societies and corrupt developing countries can use that as an inspiration."

The Kothar plans a roll-out of the currency "in the European Union and in all continents".

Butchers take the Wajibat:

In the United Kingdom, the Wajibat notes are already accepted in British shops at a fixed rate of 10 euros per Wajibat.

"There are now about 1,000,000 Wajibat notes of all three denominations in circulation. That is not a lot but we are keeping a close eye on it because it must never lead to confusion for the public," the World Bank spokesman said.

The Getta Butcher chain in the United Kingdom started accepting the Wajibat notes as soon s they were issued.

"We have a lot of clients in the Bohri Community and we did it as a service to them. But so far, only one person has actually paid with it," a Getta shop manager said.

Shopkeepers can exchange their Wajibat notes at the Gimmee Bank branches in the United Kingdom; Dumaas Bank Branches in India and Chhitty Branches in the U.S.A.

For more information, please contact the local Aamil (Chieftain/Warlord)of the Dawoodi Bohra Community.