All The World's A Stage, (and you have got the front seat).

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All The World's A Stage, (and you have got the front seat).


Unread post by Liberalguy » Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:52 pm

Hi, so maybe I was in this shakespearean mood when I was thinking of all the drama and freak show around the world whether its politics, religion or any other domain. However being born within dawoodi bohras, one has his more than fare share of drama and action in life.
Actually the intensity and height of drama in DBs pushes us too much to realize reality in our life about the world and matures our understanding of political and religious drama around the world and I mean it. I mean it because it takes a lot for a person to be born within DB community, especially within orthodox and devout and disillusion oneself from this whole layer after layer of deception and psychological manipulation. And if one finally does breaks out of it, to which I would say kudos to them all, one realizes that thats actually how world works. By that I don't mean that all religious leaders are looters and all organisations are deceptive, but one learns not to trust people for their religious convictions and preachings as well as pompous propogandas and find out truth on their own and thats the key.
However, once cat is out of the bag, though initially there is some disappointment, one tends to enjoy the freak show later on to which I would like to quote George Carlin as he shouts in his amusing frenzy,

“When you're born into this world,
you're given a ticket to the freak show. If
you're born in America you get a front
row seat.”

which suits well for the DBs too.