Kuwait Jamaat Income & Expense Statement

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truth seeker100
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Re: Kuwait Jamaat Income & Expense Statement


Unread post by truth seeker100 » Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:00 am

Mumin_DB wrote:Dear Truth Seeker,

lets talk to the topic and not go beyond it

why don't you guys make us believe that the Nass was fake then ??

do you have any proofs ?? bring it on then ..
do you have any proof that Nass was done on muffy? the raudat tahera episode dosent count because we all know it's fake and was staged

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Re: Kuwait Jamaat Income & Expense Statement


Unread post by Liberalguy » Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:01 pm

Tell people that paint is wet and they'll touch it to believe it. But tell people big grandiose lies and they'll buy it without even blinking their eyes.
Once you have made them believe that a human being has supernatural powers then worldly evidence are useless against them.

ghulam muhammed
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Re: Kuwait Jamaat Income & Expense Statement


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:32 pm

Mumin_DB wrote:"It means almost Rs.4,452/- per person per masallah !! " I really love this hilarious post of yours - wow make me feel how big fool you are when it comes to believing to something you read.
By making the above statement you have put your foot in the mouth as you have yourself proved how big a fool you are because the "Rs.4,452/" amount mentioned by me was the conversion rate of Kuwaiti Dinars extorted from abdes as mentioned by someone ELSE in an earlier post. BTW, even in a 2 tier city of Surat in India, the minimum charges of masallah space are Rs.1,000/- so the above amount is in parity looking at the living standards of the oil rich country like Kuwait.

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Re: Kuwait Jamaat Income & Expense Statement


Unread post by SBM » Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:45 am

what proof do you have of existence of Prophets
The word of Allaha known as QURAN,
Did Bolta Quran never informed you about Prophets and Imams and this Bolta Quran;s word is not good enough for you? :evil:
So you should even believe of the existence of Prophet Mohammed as well.. because there is no proof/no video / no picture nothing -
have you seen jibraeeel ?? How do you believe in all that ??
Ch..wake up...believe in what you see atleast..
Your entire post shows your ignorance or Jahileet of your knowledge. All these proof you are looking are in Quran. so if you do not believe in the writing of Quran- you are not Muslim--- Oh I forgot you are not Muslim you are Abde Syedna and only believe what you see and not what is written in Quran,
BTW have you seen SAWAB or JANNAT which your Bolta Quran promises you?
With all the above statements you did prove that Abdes like you are totally BRAIN DEAD
Any comments about above observation from a Die Hard Brain Dead Abde

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Re: Kuwait Jamaat Income & Expense Statement


Unread post by think » Thu Jul 31, 2014 10:59 am

alsio this year faddal fadebaaz charged everyone a whole lot more for sila fitra. The actual amount which is the price for three kilos of grain comes to about indian rupees 51.00. which the other shias paid as sila fitra.