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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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ghulam muhammed wrote: Janab Moez bs will sit for farzando wajebaat bethak on Saturday (8/13) at 8:15 pm, right after Quran no Dor and Bayan. Recommended amount is $27 per child (cash).
then on eid day will the amil give eidi to each child of $52 cash? as the head of the community, children have the right to demand haq of their eidi from him as well. .

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Al Zulfiqar wrote:then on eid day will the amil give eidi to each child of $52 cash?
The likes of IDI Amins don't give Eidis, they snatch the last garment on the bodies of their followers.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Serious breach of M.P. Wakf Tribunal's order resulting in Jail punishment
By S.Insaf.

Dawat-e-Hadiya headed by Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Saheb has committed a serious breach / violation of Madhya Pradesh Wakf Tribunal order.

The Tribunal has issued notice to Dawat-e-Hadiya and M.P. Wakf Board for reply on breach of Injunction. The said notice sent by the Registered post has been returned by Syedna Sahab to the Tribunal office without assigning any reason. Which means it is deliberately avoiding the service of the Court summons. In this breach case (in which notice is sent to Syedna Sahab) filed before the Tribunal, three months Jail is the only punishment under order 39 rule 2 A of the Civil Procedure Code 1908.

Up to 50th Bohra Dais, they were poor and indebted. But 51st Dai, Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb took forceful control of the community's wealth and properties by claiming the ownership of the community properties including masjids. He also claimed that Dai is not accountable to anyone accept the hidden Imam. Though the court of law out rightly rejected these claims he continued his absolute control on the community and remained non-accountable and went on establishing his powerful Financial Empire.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Today the Bohra religious establishment is one of the most corrupt establishments.

However the outcome of the mass revolt in Udaipur in 1972 was quite freighting for him as he lost the control over community properties in Udaipur.

Though so far he and his late father had claimed that they are above the law of the land and there is no concept of permanent irrevocable charity trust in Dawoodi Bohra Community, Syedna Burhanuddin Saheb found it safe to submit to the law of the land and abide by trust and Wakf laws.

But he still wanted to maintain his absolute control over the properties and his superiority over Charity Commissioners and Wakf Boards. He soon found out some corrupt elements in Charity Commissioner's offices and Wakf Boards, and in 1973 / 74 he invited them, one by one at his Saifee Mahal in Bombay, bribed them and made them sign on his own drafted agreements. A new word "Sole-Trustee" was coined though there is no concept of Sole-Trustee in the Charity and Wakf laws. How can one person be the Sole-Trustee of several properties all over the country and the world? By doing so he on one side wanted to project himself as 'Law-abiding' and on the other side wanted to play with law of the land. So the clauses like "The Wakf Board will not interfere in the matters of Bohra Wakaf (Auqaf) without due permission of the Syedna Saheb" were deliberately introduced in the agreements in order to enjoy his ownership.

On 15 March 1974 an agreement was signed between representatives of Syedna Saheb and the Madhya Pradesh Wakf Board. Syedna Saheb was declared as Sole-Trustee and a fixed amount of Rs. 18,000 was agreed to be annually paid by Syedna Saheb. The officials in Wakf boards were blinded by money but the reformist Bohras could see through the fraud. In their Fist World Conference they brought this fraud to notice of Wakf Boards, state governments and public. Therefore on 21 October 1979 Syedna Saheb increased the amount from Rs. 18,000 to 30,000. The reformist Bohras kept on raising this issue again and again in their World Conferences. Therefore in July 2000 the amount was further increased to 2,52,000.

Due to rampant corruption in the Wakf Boards nothing happened immediately. But when on 9-1-2006 Mr. Jabbar Dhakwala, an honest and upright person became Administrator of the Board, he came across the resolutions passed in the reformist world conference and investigated the matter. He found that the Agreement entered with the representatives of Sayedna Saheb in 1973 is in violation of the Provisions of Wakf Act. There is no provision in the Act to exempt anyone for NOT getting the accounts audited and NOT submitting it to the Board. He also found that the M. P. Wakf Board is being cheated of crores of rupees as Syedna is paying just peanut whereas the income from the Shia Dawoodi Bohra Wakf properties in Madhya Pradesh was running in Crores. He cancelled the 1974 agreement and rejected the Syedna Saheb's claim of "Sole-Trusteeship". Syedna Saheb was informed by letters dated 1st Feb. 2007 and 2nd June 2007. Because according to 1974 agreement, the Net Annual Contribution paid on behalf of Sayedna Saheb to the Board was just eyewash. Syedna collects crore of rupees yearly by imposing various taxes to get their Nikah, burial and other rituals performed. Even to enter in Bohra masjids for prayers and Bohra Dargahs for ziyarat. It is because the Wakf Board has made him owner of the Wakf properties and Bohras have to pay him to make use of these properties.

Mr. Jabbar Dhakwala issued an order to investigate this matter under section 44, 46 and 47 of Wakf Act and also get the actual details of Shia Dawoodi Bohra Jamat's properties in the Madhya Pradesh, their valuation, Net Annual Income from them, their audited accounts and then based on these details calculate the actual Annual Contribution required to be paid by Dawat-e-Hadiya. The moment Mr. Jabbar Dhakwala sent a notice to Syedna Saheb he immediately increased Net Annual Contribution from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 2,52,000 yearly.``

I, Saifuddin Insaf along with Janab Abdullah Bhai Athar, had filed a case through Advocate Shahnawaz Khan, in the M.P. Wakf Tribunal praying that the Wakf Board should treat Syedna as Mutawalli (care-taker) and not as Sole-Trustee and most importantly the Board should take back the Bohra Wakf properties from Syedna's control.

There are 325 Wakf properties of Dawoodi Bohra Community in Madhya Pradesh. Since these properties are in absolute control of Syedna Saheb:-
1) The accounts of these Wakf properties are neither audited nor submitted to the Board,
2) The actual income from these properties are not made public,
3) Dawoodi Bohras all over the world are the beneficiaries of these Wakf properties and they are entitled to make use of them without restriction. But due to introduction of compulsory e-Jamat Cards and restriction of dress-code many members of the community are refused entry even in masjids and graveyards.

The reformists have filed a suit No.13/2008 before Hon. MP State Wakf Tribunal under section 83 of the Wakf Act, 1995 and application under section 94 and Order 39 Rule 1 & 2 and section 151 of the Civil Procedure Code was also filed seeking stay. The above case is also pending before Hon. High Court of Madhya Pradesh for disposal of the Civil Revision No.354/2008. The main case No.13/2008 is also pending before Hon. MP State Wakf Tribunal.

On 24/5/2008 the Hon. Court after hearing both the parties passed the following order to maintain status quo, pending further orders;

"Both the parties to maintain status quo in the case till further orders"
This status quo is to be maintained by both the parties i.e. Plaintiff and the Defendants MP Wakf Board and Syedna Sahab till further .The order for maintaining the status quo is still in operation, it has not been vacated by the court and during the operation of the above order the Wakf Board or Dawat-e-Hadiya were not allowed to enter in any agreement and change the position.

This is evident from a letter CH/146/2010 dated 25th June 2010 written by Newly elected Chairman of M.P. Wakf Board, Mr. Ghufran Azam to Syedna Mohd. Burhanuddin Saheb. While the Tribunal has ordered to maintain Status quo he has demanded Rs. 15 lakhs Annual Chand Nigrani from Syedna Saheb, without obtaining the accounts from him. By this act, both the M.P. Wakf Board and Syedna have intentionally disobeyed the orders of the Tribunal.

This clearly amounts to the breach of the orders of the Court. As per the law (the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 Order 39 Rule 2A) sending them to the civil prison is the only punishment.

In December 2008 our advocate Janab Shahnawaz Khan had warned the newly elected Wakf board members and the chairman Janab Ghufran Azam that Sayedna Saheb is violating Wakf Act provisions. Also he had shown that the Board's annual income can be increased to more than Rupees Two Crores if it gets audited the accounts of Shia Dawoodi Bohra Wakf properties in Madhya Pradesh. He had pointed out that since last 25 years after the Board has signed an Agreement with Dawoodi Bohra priesthood it is violating the Wakf Act's clauses 44, 46 and 47.

Why is the M. P. Wakf Board's income so low when the income from the Shia Dawoodi Bohra Wakf properties in Madhya Pradesh runs in Crores?

Ever since he is exercising his absolute control over the Bohra Graveyards, Dargah, masjids etc. he has become the sole owner of Wakf properties of the Dawoodi Bohra Community instead of remaining as Mutawalli. And he has started imposing taxes as per his will on the community members for making use of these Wakf properties. To the extent that he exercises his absolute control even on the mosques and the graveyards of the community. He even imposes tax for offering prayers in the mosque and burial of dead in Bohra graveyards. No Bohra can pray or / and bury dead without paying taxes and obtaining his permission. Sayedna increases taxes many fold every year. The Sayedna Saheb's establishment collects Crores of rupees from these Wakf properties but the Wakf Board is paid a fixed negligible sum as annual contribution to Board. Why is this freedom given only to Dawoodi Bohra head?, he had rightly questioned. In the name of burial the Sayedna Saheb's establishment is blackmailing the entire community.

He had said that the Sayedna Saheb's representatives are not working as per the provisions in the Wakf Act sections 44, 46, 47. The accounts of more than 325 Wakf properties in M.P. are neither audited nor submitted to the Board. Sayedna is also hiding the actual income from these properties. It is therefore necessary that the M. P. Wakf Board should asses the actual income of all Wakf properties in M. P. Most importantly the Board should take back from them Sayedna's control.

It is shocking how people like Ghufran Azam can get corrupted when they come in contact of corrupt establishment!

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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1) Moazzaz Mu'mineen of the Toronto Anjuman

Baad afzalusalaam

It is customary to araz najwa-tus-shukur in Aqa Moula(TUS)'s Hazrat Imamiyah on the occasion of Moula's milad mubarak.

Janab Aamilsaheb wishes that on Moula's me'awi milad mubarak, mu'mineen as a show of mohabbat and ikhlas, araz najwa of gold coins.

Mu'mineen wishing to purchase the coins for najwa araz can contact Shk Shabbirbhai Amin (Tel 647-933-7865) who has negotiaited special rates with the trader for bulk buy.

Coins are avaiable in the following denominations:

1 Gram
5 Gram
10 gram
1 Ounce

May Allah Ta'ala keep Aqa Moula(TUS) in perfect sehat for our many generations to come and may Allah give us the tawfiq to dedicate our jaan, maal and awlaad to Bawasaheb Moula, ameen.

Abeede Syedna(TUS)

2) The following email has been reportedly sent to Bohras residing in Sweden, Norway and Denmark (2552 Swedish Kronor = approx 400 US $ = approx 18,000 Indian Rs):


Baad as Salaamul Jameel

SCANDINAVIA ma rehnaar Mumineen Mukhleseen,

Khuda Taala no hamd ane shukr karye ke apne Burhani door ma paida kida. Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa(tus) na tabeen kida. Aap na ehsaano apna upar unginat che- ehni ginti na thai sake. Ek Mohtu Ehsaan to yeh che ke aap na abeed ma si apne kida che. Apna najwa ne qabool kare ne apne Dua ane Barakat si Nawaze che.

Apna zeh naseeb che ke aa saal, Moulana(tus) ni 100 mi milaad apne manawu khuda tala naseeb karse inshallah. Peshtar koi mumin ne em naseeb nathi thayu ke ehna Dai ni 100 mi milaad yeh manawe. Yeh nemat azeema par khuda tala no jitno shukr karye itno kam che. Ane apna naseeb ni balandi par jitno naaz karye itno kam che.

Toh Aa Nemat Azzema na SHUKR ma wajib em che ke Moulana(tus) na hazrat ma FAAKHIR NAJWA arz karye.

Apnu tamam maal moulana ne shukr ma arz karye to kam che. Aap to apna tamam jaan ane maalna malik che.

Em umeed che ke Scandinavia na tamaam mumineen tarafsi Huzurala(tus) ne apne 100 mi milaad par Ghana Faakhir Najwa Arz Karsu, koi ek mumin bhi najwa aapwa si mehrum na rahi jai.

Ye Waastai- har shakhs INDIVIDUALLY najwa arz kare.

3 cover ma najwa arz kari sake che:

1) GOLD COVER – ehma minimum 2552 kroner
2) SILVER COVER - ehma minimum 1052 kroner
3) NORMAL COVER – ehma jitni istitaat hoi arz kare(magar fakhir raqm arz kare)

Mamluke Syedna(tus) ni khuaish che ke saglaj GOLD COVER ma najwa arz karse. Em na bane to har family ma si kam az kam ek GOLD COVER arz karse. Em Yaad rakhjo ke Aa to 100 mi milaad che!!

Khuda Taala Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (tus) ne Qayamat laq baaqi rakhjo.


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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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In behano ko bhaiyoun ki zarorat hai. Gharat mand bhai. Kiya humare mard itnee buzdil hai. Be intaha zillat.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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The Karachi rape cases are shocking revelations, can progressive brothers living in Karachi take proactive interest. This is serious issue. They could be guided by progressive lawyers as to , how the matter could be taken up legally. If these cases are not attended to immediately it will be a shame.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Bohra Women Forced Into Committing Sins Due To Acute Poverty.

A letter sent to Mr.S.Insaf by a Police Inspector who was posted in Zampa Bazar jurisdiction in Surat some years back :-

Dear Insaf bhai,
Earlier I was posted at Nasik as police inspector. Now my posting is in Surat since last one year. Being in police department I have witnessed with my own eyes the shocking poverty among our Dawoodi Bohras in this city. More shocking is our Dawoodi Bohra women adopting prostitution for the survival of their families.

Few Bohra women stand outside Qubba. They have employed four Bohra little boys who stand near by. Whenever these women spot a potential customer entering in Qubba, they hint at one of the boys and he goes and brings that person. One of the women negotiates with him and then both disappear.

This prostitution racket is run by Sakina Mohammed bhai Umarethwala, Rabab Cutlerywala and Zehra Sarafali Tinwala. These three women stay on first floor of Sabira Appartment in Zampa Bazar near Jamiyah Saifiyah. Many people know about their activities. The name of Sakina is on every body's lip. Poor Bohra girls and women fall in their trap to some how stay alive in acute poverty.

On last Saturday I was standing near tower in Zampa Bazar in plain clothes when Sakina came to me and invited me to her apartment but I refused. But next day I sent my hawaldar, Majid in plain clothes to her. She entertained him. Majid reported that there were few more young women in colourful burkhas (Rida) in that apartment.

My name is Ismail. But people call me "Inspector Sab or "Rao Sab". My wife is also a Dawoodi Bohra and her name is Razia Palanpurwala.

As an inspector I wanted to take strong action against these women but my wife asked me a pertinent question: What will you do about their poverty?

Please publish this letter in your Bohra Chronicle so that our beloved Aqa Mola (TUS) can know the pathetic condition of the Bohras in the holy city of Dais, and do some thing about it immediately.

Khuda Hafiz,

Inspector Ismail - Zampa Bazar Surat

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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New Miracle of Aqa Moula ???
by Hussain ksa

Muharram waiz used be the best place in learning about religion and getting some knowledge for common bohras some decades ago. The recent atmosphere is contrary to what we have observed in past. The waiz used to start with some religious knowledge and conclude with shahadat of panjatan.

We have all been following the waiz in person or by audio/video from different parts of world since a number of years.

We have ignored many stupid statements and miracles narrated during the waiz by so called princes, bhai sahibs and aamils but recently bohras have come across a new miracle which one cannot digest at all.

Ibrahim Bhaisahib son of Dr. Idris bhai sahib who is conducting Muharram Majalis in London nowadays has narrated an interesting miracle during his waiz on Saturday.

He told that during syedna’s umra visit last safar 1431H a miracle took place after 1400 years and a cloud covered syedna when he was performing Tawaf around Kaaba. He further went on lying and crossing all limits that there was tussle between the Sun and cloud as the cloud wanted to have deedaar of syedna sahib but the cloud would not allow the sun to disturb syedna. The mumineen were doing wah wah and some of them were shocked to here this moajiza.

He was comparing syedna with Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.) as it is an established fact amongst Muslims that Prophet (s.a.w.) was always covered under the shade of a cloud in his entire lifetime .

Such stupid people are loosing their respect by using syednas name and creating false miracles.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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A Community Of Sheep Will Beget Leaders Of Wolves
Postby ghulam muhammed on Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:23 pm

Act 1 :

Let me tell you a story about an old man who lived in a small village somewhere that does not matter. It all began when the man’s sons came to him and told him that some people from the neighbouring village had stolen a chicken from their farm. The old man told his sons to go after the thieves and recover the chicken.

The sons said, “Father, it’s only one chicken. We have hundreds of chicken. One won’t make a difference.” The old man said, “Do what you please.” A few days later, the thieves stole a goat. Once again the old man told his sons to not let them get away with it. The sons said that they have dozens of goats and it’s not worth the trouble. The next week it was a horse. Once again the sons rationalized it away saying that they still had six horses that the farm needs. Finally, the next week the sons came back to report to the old man and said, “Father, our sister has been abducted. What shall we do?” The old man said, “It’s too late. You should have recovered the chicken. Now there’s nothing you can do.”

Act 2:

Bohra community's appointed Dai is Mohammed Burhanuddin saab. Under his watch, the most egregiously blatant instances of corruption have taken place. His zaadas and other office holders have been involved in acts of dawat
malfeasance that are stunningly incredible — but for at least a significant segment of Bohras, it is quite alright. They appear to take it as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The clergy is going about the rape of the land and the people just lay back and supinely accept it. We are talking figuratively about rape but the Dai’s misgovernance has descended into literal rape. Not just rape, gang rape. Not just gang rape, it has finally hit (one hopes) the rock bottom into murderous gang rape.

Act 3:

They first stole a chicken.

The Dawat under Taher Saifuddin saab was involved in corruption, malpractices, inhuman and unislamic acts. The news papers and some reformists reported it. The Dai responded saying that the reporters and reformists were being silly since he is the sole owner of his follower's jaan and maal and there’s nothing to get all excited about.

Act 4;

Then they stole a goat.

Taher Saifuddin saab’s son, Mohammed Burhanuddin saab found more innovative ways to loot bohras, thus making dawat office attractive to the most criminally corrupt. The Bohras still did not disapprove. They in fact justified his actions by throwing more money at his feet . The stage was set for horse thieves.

Act 5:

Some people started waking up to the reality. They realized that somehow the system was not working. They heard the call from a chosen few and gathered to register their protest. Then kothar followed the time-worn strategy of attack being the best form of defense. They sent in their baton-wielding volunters and the crowds — and many protestors beat a hasty retreat.

The lesson the Dai and his zaadas learned was that it does not take a whole lot to put the people in their place — the place of course being that the people in saifee/badri mahal are the rulers and the people are serfs.

Act 6:

It tickles me no end when I hear talk about present day Bohras being Islamic and a sect with educated, succesful and modern people universally. Every adult has brains and therefore is in some sense responsible for the kind of Dawat. In my opinion, present day Bohraism is a kakistocracy — dawat ruled by the most corrupt and the least principled. Bohras freely follow these people. And among the dawat administrators are criminals who have been charged of human rights abuse and mass mismanagement of dawat funds. The guys who gang raped the unfortunate woman on the bus in New Delhi a few days ago share at least some of the characteristics of the Bohra clergy: their criminality. A significant numbers of Bohras BLINDLY follow these kinds of criminals.

Act 7:

The Dai, the Mansoos and their gang of vile henchmen are unprincipled criminals. But they are not stupid. Their moves are calculated to push the boundaries and they know precisely what they can get away with. They know precisely how much they can steal and yet be bilndly followed. They know precisely how many abdes they can loot and still the people will not lynch them.

Bohras have an amazing capacity for tolerating injustice.

It was an American, born a slave but who understood the dynamics of slavery, who put it best over a century ago. Frederick Douglass (1818 – 1895), the renowned American abolitionist wrote, “Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them . . . The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” The rulers are not unintelligent. They would not be where they are if they were not the most accomplished criminals. They make the laws, don’t you know. They dictate the terms. They control the press and the politicians. The politicians provides the cover for them and they in turn praise and felicitate those in politics that do their bidding. The Modis, the Advanis, the Thackereys — these are not unimportant players in this sordid play. They are complicit in the figurative rape of Dawat and are handsomely rewarded for their prostitution.

The Final Act:

No doubt for a few days the twitterati will be screaming bloody loot. A few will protest within the boundaries of their 4 walls. In a few weeks, another distraction will occupy the talking heads. One more tamasha will take over the collective psyche. And of course the sordid stories of Mojizas will move abdes to other concerns.I am reminded of what the legendary American radio broadcaster Edward R Murrow (1908 – 1965) said. “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Yes, Bohra sect does have a dawat of wolves because Bohras are a bunch of sheep. The tyrants like the 51st and 52nd dai alongwith Mansoos and his late father-in-law Yusuf Najmuddin know well precisely how much oppression the Bohras are willing to endure.

The rape of the Dawat and the Bohras — literally and figuratively — will continue.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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How To Tame The "Monster" Kothar.

Many members on this forum have suggested various means and actions to tame the Kothar Monster and almost everyone is of the opinion that the lifeline of kothar i.e. “Money Flow” should be cut off by all means. It is a herculean task as kothar has used every possible tactic with due success to ensure that they are well fed by all means whether it be emotional blackmail, extortion or societal pressures. It is easy to suggest that bohras should stop paying them but practically it is very difficult for the average bohras who are timid, emotionally attached to their families and have very little knowledge about Islam as truly laid down in various texts. Bohras have been so systematically ghetoised by kothar that they refuse to think or act beyond their tiny pond and any action which could lead to they being disconnected from their peers and family frightens them no end. They don’t realise that they are answerable to Allah (swt) alone and these worldly leaders who make fanciful and stupid claims of taking them to Jannat are themselves answerable to Him and have NO authority to promise something which is only Allah’s domain.

Without elaborating more on the average bohra’s direct confrontation with kothar which is a distant dream it is better if we explore alternate methods. According to me, we must make full use of the advance communication technology and EXPOSE kothar in every possible way. This forum is one such medium which is doing its job well but it is not enough. We have to interact with each and every family, if not in person then via emails. There are voluminous material available on this forum, many of which are unheard by an average bohra and those articles should be mailed to every bohra household which could open their eyes and a possible unrest could surface in times to come.

The best medium which could be used and which could be the most effective is the MEDIA. This is a medium which is responsible for exposing leaders who were once perceived to be unconquerable but the media expose resulted in many uprisings across the globe which was once unthinkable of. Although kothar has managed to buy some of them but there are still many TV channels which would welcome such expose and also arrange hot debates on their channels. We may not succeed in totally stopping the money flow but the exposure of their misdeeds to the world would definitely frighten them and create panic in saifee/badri mahal. People who feel that this could be ineffective should look at the various exposes of the mighty politicians like Sharad Pawar, A.Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Narendra Modi etc., and the resultant impact it had on the publice psyche. Although Sharad Pawar was not booked for hoarding enormous wealth but people in Maharashtra especially Pune have realised his indirect ownership of vast tracts of land in Pune and elsewhere in Maharashtra. The Rs.40,000 plus crore of irrigation scam in Maharashtra in which senior NCP leaders were alleged to have been involved is the talk of the town even though no one was booked. Who could have imagined that the mighty Gandhi family could be dragged for their misconduct until the media exposed the Gandhi son-in-law Robert Vadra and his alleged links with Delhi’s top builders. Who could have thought that a politician of the rank of a Central I&B Minister could be jailed until A.Raja was booked for the 2 lac crore telecom scam. Who could have imagined that the daughter of a 4 time Chief Minister and an ally of the ruling party could be jailed until Kanimozi, the daughter of Karunanidhi was jailed due to the media exposure. Who could have also imagined that the bloody massacre of thousands of innocent muslims could be so well exposed and the mighty Modi could have sleepless nights until the television media exposed the 2002 Gujarat Genocide and channels like Tehelka managed to get TV footages of the murderers like Babu Bajrangi, Maya Kodnani, Jayesh Patel and many others through various sting operations which resulted in the convictions of Modi’s ministerial candidates Maya Kodnani and his right hand man Amit Shah alongwith the RSS led Bajrang Dal’s strongman Babu Bajrangi. Modi’s various fake encounters like the Sohrabudin murder case too were brought to light and senior police officers jailed.

Hence, in a nutshell when these high and mighty people could be exposed and many of them even convicted then why cant the same apply to Kothar ? They are not more powerful then these seasoned politicians. So why not members who have some contacts in media persuade them to conduct a detailed investigation and sting operations which could nail Kothar. Just rolling a TV camera inside saifee mahal could open a can of worms. Even the SBUT project which according to kothar is estimated to be worth around Rs.3000 crores only could be further investigated, even a layman can realise its worth as it involves almost 250 plus buildings spread over an area of 16.5 acres in the heart of Mumbai where the market rate is anywhere around Rs.25,000/- per sq ft for an apartment. One can imagine the financial jugglery involved in projects like these. No matter how clever a crook is but he always leaves behind him a trail which if properly followed could nail him. Even a thorough tracking of Kothar’s funds channelised via various banks, Indian as well as foreign could provide substantial evidence against them.

In todays times “Haq Chheen ne se milta hai, maangne se nahi”.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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How The Abdes Of Madras Are Fooled By Unscrupulous Elements.
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IF OUR MASTERS CAN LOOT, THEN WHY CANT WE……… This seems to be the agenda of many a Jamat and the recent entrant is the Chennai (Madras) Jamat. The story goes like this :-

Some 4 Jamat members entered into a deal with a reality firm, M/s.Agni Constructions which is owned by some local powerful politicians. The said firm has a piece of land at Royapuram area, bang next to the Container yard of Madras Port and sharing another common wall with a warehouse having huge 4 to 6 oil storage tanks, each having the capacity to store over a million litres of petroleum products. The access road too is narrow and having a continuos flow of heavy truck traffic and duly inhabited by daily wage earners. Needless to say that the would be residents of this project would be subjected to the loud noise of trucks unloading heavy containers 24x7. It is also very unsafe as it shares a common wall with a warehouse storing millions of litres of highly inflammable products. Due to these drawbacks the builders couldn’t find buyers unless they got some IDIOTS and what better idiots then our very own “Abde Idiots”. I usually refrain from using such harsh terms but couldn’t find a better adjective for these dumb characters.

The Jamat group priced the flats at a crore each and also used a time tested method of allotting a place within the complex for Masjid construction. They were confident of luring their counterparts but their over confidence was short lived as they couldn’t find many takers due to which they couldn’t pay the builders in time. They then roped in one Sajjad Bharmal who is a loyal chamcha of Qaid Johar and who managed to get a nod from the higher ups in saifee mahal. He also managed to get a sum of Rs.20 crores from Qaid Johar by way of “Qarde Hasanah” to be used exclusively for buying these flats. Here is a glaring example of the blatant misuse of Qarde Hasanah as the very spirit of the qard is defeated. There are thousands of poor deserving bohras who are made to run from pillar to post for qarde hasanah with no success but here we have a bunch of unscrupulous elements who have Rs.20 crores at their disposal which will be used to help them in their nefarious designs of making a fast buck !!

This is one of the many cases wherein it becomes difficult for one as to whether he should sympathise or be happy for the affected bohras who got what they deserved. The Madrasi abdes are the most gullible ones who bend the maximum in front of any tom, dick, harry zaada and pay the highest amount of per capita wajebat. They are also the ones who celebrated Narendra Modi’s birthday by cutting a cake with him when the yazid was in Chennai.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Hazrat Ali ibne-Abi Talib (A.S.) and Human Dignity

The Justice Nathwani Commission of Enquiry Report has concluded that “Our enquiry has shown that there is infringement of Human Rights and Human Dignity of Bohras in general and Bohra reformists in particular on large-scale at the hands of the priestly class.”

I am quoting herewith a few examples from Nahjul Balaga (Peak of Eloquence) by to find out the truth: -

1) Harish-ibne-Shail, one of the governors of the provinces, was in Koofa. Once he was riding through the city and saw Hazrat Ali (A.S.) also riding. He got down from his horse to accompany Hazarat Ali on foot. Hazarat Ali immediately stopped him and said, “It ill-becomes a man to lower down himself before any body but his God. Please get upon your horse. Even had you not been an officer of the state but an ordinary person, I would not have allowed you to lower yourself like this. The sight of such humiliation of man before man never pleases me. It is worst form of tyranny which can be practiced.”

Please compare this act of Hazarat Ali with the acts of the present day burhanuddin saab who makes mumineen stand with folded hands around him while he is eating or offering Namaz-e-Shukrana or while he is passing by in a car or baggy etc. and decide on Hazrat Ali’s statement, “The sight of such humiliation of man before man never pleases me. It is worst form of tyranny which can be practiced.”

2) In the battle of “Jamal” in the thick of the encounter Hazrat Ali’s slave Quamber brought some “Sharbat” (sweet syrup) saying “my lord the sun is very hot and you have been constantly fighting, have a glass of this cold drink to refresh yourself”. Hazrat Ali looked around himself and replied “shall I refresh myself when hundreds of people around are lying wounded and dying of thirst and wounds? Instead of me take a few men with you and give each of them a cold drink.” Quamber replied, “My lord, but all are our enemies”. Hazrat Ali said, “They may be but they are human being first and attend them.”

Please compare this behavior of Hazrat Ali with the treatment of the present-day's dai meted out to his opponents.

3) In the battle of “Siffeen” Moaviah reached the river Euphrates (darya-e-Furat) before the army of Hazrat Ali and took charge of the river. He informed Hazrat Ali that his army would not allowed a drop of water from the river (That was the war tactic in Arabia then). Hazrat Ali told him that this action was against the canons of humanity and orders of Islam. Moaviah replied “a war is a war and therein one cannot accept principles of humanity and doctrines of Islam. My sole aim is to kill you and to demoralize your army and I know this stoppage of water will bring about results easily and quickly.” Hazrat Ali thereupon instructed Imam Hussein to attack and get back the river. Thus river-side position was captured by Hazrat Ali’s army. It was now Moaviah’s turn to get permission of to get water for his army. Hazrat Ali told him “take as much water as you need and as often as you required.” When Ali’s officers told him that those were the very people who had refused water to them, should they be allowed a free run of the river?” Hazrat Ali replied, “they are human beings and though they have acted inhumanly yet we cannot follow their examples and can not refuse them food and drinks because they happen to be my worst enemy.”

Please compare this character of Hazrat Ali with the character of the DAI who claims to be the “Dai of Hazrat Ali”, “Messiah of Humanity” and “Ambassador of peace”. Slight refusal of any unjust order of even an Amil brings humiliation of Mumin or Muminat stopping him from community’s functions, refusing water or tea during Ramadan, even not allowing attending the funeral of the father or son. Please decide who is on the footsteps of Hazrat Ali and who is on the footsteps of Moaviah?

4) Hazrat Ali had two slaves Quamber and Saeed (to keep slaves was customary then. Hazrat Khudeja was a prosperous woman and had slaves in thousands. When she proposed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for marriage the first and the foremost condition that the prophet placed before her was that she would set free all her slaves.)

After Hazrat Ali’s death Quamber related that though he was Hazrat’s slave but very seldom had the occasion to serve his master. Hazrat used to do his work for himself, used to wash his own clothings, patch them himself whenever needed. He would draw water from the well for his daily use. He would give his slaves good food and decent dresses would himself eat and dress like a poor man. He never got angry with us. He never used to cane even his horse or camel.

Quamber said “Once and only once he got annoyed with me. It was the occasion when I showed him money, which I had received, from the Baitul-Mal and as gift from the members of his family. I had no immediate use and had hoarded the amount. It was not much, barely 100 dirham. Very sadly Hazrat Ali said, “Quamber, if you had no use of this money, were there not people around you who were in need. I never thought that you could be so heartless and cruel and could love wealth for the sake of wealth. Quamber, I am afraid you have not learnt much from Islam, try more seriously and sincerely. Take these coins out of my house.”

Here we see that Hazarat Ali was displeased even with his slave Quamber just because he had hoarded a very small amount of money not required for his immediate use. Compare this with hoarders of billions of rupees and extortionists who extort money even from poor and needy throughout the year.

I can go on and on. But these examples are enough for this to show how much Hazrat Ali cared for Human Dignity, Human Rights even when these terms were not coined.

By Saifuddin Insaf.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Why is the practice of giving Misaq (oath of allegiance) to Dai made so fundamental in Dawoodi Bohra Community? It is claimed that "No one is born a Dawoodi Bohra. On reaching puberty every person who so desires can voluntarily give the Misaq which one is enjoined to do by tenets of the faith and so becomes a member of the Dawoodi Bohra sect." Why there is so much emphasis on Misaq?

Now-a-days Syedna Saheb and his administration clearly say: "There is no need for a written apology, just give Misaq and come in our fold."This change in their strategy and this sudden leniency is welcome. But why this insistence on Misaq to Dai?

Let us examine word by word this latest claim that: "No one is born a Dawoodi Bohra. On reaching puberty every person who so desires can voluntarily give the Misaq which one is enjoined to do by tenets of the faith and so becomes a member of the Dawoodi Bohra sect."

It said "No one is born a Dawoodi Bohra." This is ridiculous claim. Can any Dawoodi Bohra parents accept that their newly born child is not a Dawoodi Bohra? If the child is not Dawoodi Bohra why should they perform the child's Aqiqa? Why were they asked to pay tax on "hamal" when the child in mother's womb was not a Dawoodi Bohra? Why is a child of Dawoodi Bohra parents when admitted in Madresas or Schools (even run under Syedna's control) is mentioned as "Dawoodi Bohra"?

Further it is claimed that: "On reaching puberty every person who so desires can voluntarily give the Misaq..."

Is 13 or 15 year the age of puberty? Is giving Misaq to Dai is left to individual's choice? How can Misaq be voluntary when one can become a member of the Dawoodi Bohra Community only after giving Misaq to Dai?

The Orthodox Dawoodi Bohras and Reformist Dawoodi Bohras both believe in the office of Dai-ul-Mutlaq and Fatemi Dawat. Both believe in the custom of Misaq. The only difference between them is that the orthodox Dawoodi Bohras give Misaq to Dai and the Reformist Dawoodi Bohras give Misaq to Imam. Even for the present day Misaq Reformists have been demanding its text but Syedna Saheb's administration has not made the text of Misaq public. Why?

The text of Misaq is in Arabic language. And the text of Misaq is read out paragraph by paragraph by the Amil and at the end of each paragraph the Misaq taker is asked to say "Na'am" (Yes, agreed). The Misaq is intentionally kept in Arabic language so that the normal Bohra who gives Misaq does not know what he is committing. He remains unaware of the implications of this Misaq for rest of his/her life. The Misaq taker does not know that he/she becomes a slave of Dai's commands in all religious, secular, worldly and personal matters. He does not know that he/she is making the Dai an absolute dictator controlling all aspects of his/her life. If ever he/she disobeys any dictate of the Dai his Misaq is considered "broken".

The Misaq taker does not know the inhuman punishments and insult he/she is likely to undergo if he ever in any matter fails to obey the Dai's dictates. The Misaq breaker is not aware of the condition of Misaq which he has accepted that: "all his possessions, i.e. movable, cash, house, utensils, jewels, ornaments, car ...all worldly materials is liable to be looted..."
Say Yes."
"........if the breaker of Misaq has a wife that wife becomes forbidden to him...... Say Yes."

"....if the breaker of Misaq performs Hajj 30 times with naked feet even than God shall not forgive him his sin (of breaking Misaq given to Dai), nor God shall accept his Hajj. But if takes Misaq again then alone God shall accept his Hajj, his prayers, fasts and other good deeds.
Say Yes."

Through Misaq the takers of Misaq is made to accept absolute authority of the Dai in advance in all religious, secular, social and personal matters. The Misaq taker is made to give an advance commitment to disown his close relations like father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, children, friends etc. when asked to do so by the Dai.

This is absolutely inhuman and thus un-Islamic and against Shari'ah. Such a Misaq is atrocious and monstrous. No person with slight amount of self-respect and Islamic sense can accept such conditions. How can a true Muslim or human being accept the status of Dawoodi Bohra Dai above Allah, who claims that even Allah cannot accept the Hajj, prayers, fasts and other good deeds of a Misaq breaker unless he pardons him or her. This is a Sin much more serious than Kufr and Shirk that Dawoodi Bohras are made to commit unknowingly. The altered Misaq in the form in which it is taken since the time of 51st Bohra Dai, Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb makes every Dawoodi Bohra only a slave, not of Allah but of the Dai.

After taking such a Misaq a true Dawoodi Bohra becomes an offender of not only the laws of his country but also against the laws of Allah. He cannot tell the truth in the court of law when he or she has to appear as witness against the Dai. He cannot criticize Syedna, his Shahzadas or Amils in private or in public and continues being exploited and tortured by them. In short he has to mortgage his entire life to the Dai.

That is why Syedna Saheb keeps on repeating "Be loyal to the laws of your country". This is to hide the fact that the Dawoodi Bohras who are loyal to Syedna Saheb can not be loyal to their country in case they have to report any illegal activities being carried out in his name by his agents.

Therefore this Misaq has made the Dai, his family members, his Amils and other staff members most arrogant, ruthless and fearless on one hand and Bohras their helpless slaves on the other hand.

Again according to the condition of Misaq "And you shall accept the orders of the Dai in all things. And you shall not do a thing which the Dai shall forbid you". In order to implement this condition of Misaq "Raza", for all religious and social matters and customs, was introduced and made compulsory. Nikah in Islam is a civil contract between would-be-bride and would-be-bride groom. Burial of dead is a civil activity and graveyards are civil properties. Establishing school, colleges, hospital, libraries, banks, musfarkhanas, kabrastans etc are all social welfare activities. Religion has nothing to do with them. But because of the condition of 'Raza' a Dawoodi Bohra is refused the use of community's properties such as school, colleges, hospitals, libraries, banks, musfarkhana, kabrastans etc. That is why when Syedna Saheb demolished the Sanatorium built by the reformists and built 'Saifee Hospital" on its land, the Supreme Court of India needed to define 'Dawoodi Bohras' who would use the hospital. The judgment delivered on 3rd February 2000 in the Case No. 826 by it has specified that:

"30 (Thirty) beds in the proposed Saifee Hospital shall be reserved for treatment of members of the Dawoodi Bohra Community free of charge. Such beds and treatment to be provided to economically needy Dawoodi Bohras, regardless of whether they have taken the Misaq or not and regardless of whether they are ex-communicated or not.

It is to be noted that the Syedna Saheb's Shahzadas, solicitors and advocates present in the Court, quietly accepted this definition of Dawoodi Bohras and condition imposed by the Hon. Supreme Court of India without raising any objection.

This definition of Dawoodi Bohras and the acceptance of the fact by the highest court in the country that the members of Dawoodi Bohras are subjected to "excommunication" will greatly effect the case against 'Baraat' (excommunication) now pending in the same Hon. Supreme Court of India.

Therefore the claim that "No one is born a Dawoodi Bohra but becomes Dawoodi Bohra only after giving Misaq to the Dai" hold no ground and the reformist Bohras are also Dawoodi Bohras and they are entitled to make use of the community's properties like dargahs, graveyards, Musfarkhana without restriction. Syedna Saheb and his Amils have no right or authority to stop their Nikahs and burial and their entry in any community property.

Even when late Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb tried to consolidate his superior power over the community by altering the text of Misaq and enforcing 'Raza' for every thing he very well knew that he can be challenged in the court of law. So he, for the first time in the Bohra history, introduced another deadly weapon 'Salambandh and Jamatkharij'. He initially made a mistake of issuing farman of Jamatkharij in writing. But when he was challenged and got defeated in the court of law he in 1965 coined another word "Baraat" for Jamatkharij and started its oral pronouncement.

Immediately after the independence of India in 1947 an act known as "Prevention of Excommunication Act, 1949" was passed in Bombay legislative assembly which prohibited ex-communication altogether thus curtailing Syedna Saheb's power to excommunicate his dissidents. Late Syedna therefore challenged it in the law court, thus accepting the fact that he is not above the laws of the land. Having lost in Bombay High Court he carried the matter to the Supreme Court. In 1962 the Supreme Court while striking down the Act gave power to excommunicate purely on Religious ground as the Court's attention was not drawn on the actual contents of Misaq and the manner in which it is enforced by the Syedna Saheb and his administration. And the fact that Syedna Saheb makes no distinction between the Religious and the Secular matters. The Supreme Court was also kept unaware that Baraat is much more than a mere expulsion from the Masjid. It involves breaking of marriages and the families, closing down of the welfare institutions.

The procedure for ex-communicating a person by Syedna Saheb purely on religious ground was set out by the Supreme Court in 1962 as follows:

1. The Syedna Saheb will send a show-cause notice to the acused clearly specifying his/her fault in the religious matter giving him/her time to explain his case and reply in writing.

2. The reply letter to be read out in the concerned Jamat meeting.

3. Based on the explanation received, the Jamat will finally decide whether the alleged person be ex-communicated or not.

From this it looks like that the power to ex-communicate is vested in the hands of Jamat and not in the hands of Syedna Saheb. But this is just eyewash as far as Dawoodi Bohra Community is concerned. Because here because of conditions of Misaq given to Dai by each and every Jamat member is bound to obey the command of Dai and he dare not go against the Dai. Thus Jamat may feel otherwise but each member will vote in favour of the Dai's proposal. Hence consent of the Jamat is no consent at all. Therefore the position taken by the Supreme Court in 1962 is open to criticism and needs to be corrected. That is why the Central Board of Dawoodi Bohra Community has filed a review petition in the Supreme Court.

With the above facts it is clear that the Misaq introduced and enforced by late Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb is the root of all the evils in the community.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Late Shree Morarji Desai was the one who witnessed the dead body of Sir Adamji Peerbhoy's daughter-in-law, Amtullah bai, naked on the footpath opposite to Charni Road Rly Station. Therefore he called Sardar Taher Saifuddin's power 'Monstrous' in the open court. He and Mr. B.G. Kher quoted extensively the harsh conditions of Misaq introduced by Sardar Taher Saifuddin while presenting the Bill. Bill then became an act known as “Prevention of Ex-communication Act 1949” making ex-communication a Criminal Offence. It was applicable to all communities but only Bohra Head Priest challenged the act in the Bombay High Court in 1953. The High Court Judges, Chief Justice Chagla and Justice Bhagwati were well aware of the text of Misaq and the way it was enforced by the Bohra High Priest, dismissed the appeal. One Bohra Reformist, Tayebbhai Moosaji Koicha had placed the text of Misaq before them and had argued against the Bohra High Priest.

Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb waited for almost 10 years till no voice against him was likely to be heard and then challenged it in the Supreme Court of India in 1962, keeping the Hon. Court in the dark about the text of Misaq and it’s inhuman implementation. Advocate Husaini Sanchawala entered in the last phase of hearing and could not affect the decision of the Court.

So it is an irony that the Prevention of Ex-communication Act which was mainly inspired by the inhuman treatment caused by the conditions of Misaq was challenged in the Supreme Court hiding the facts of the Misaq.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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The fist historic mass marriage without Dai’s or his Amil’s permission (Raza) had taken place in Udaipur on the 16th of March 1975 in which more than a 100 couples participated. More than 50 thousand people from all over the world took part in the Nikah and wedding ceremony. Nikah were performed by Bohra, Sunni and Shia Kazis and were reported world-wide. It was unfortunate that rather then blessing the couples a responsible person like Syedna Burhanuddin declared the Nikah void and claimed that the children born out of such wed-lock would be physically and mentally handicapped. How baseless the Syedna's claim was, that is now proved as the children born out of 1975 wed-lock are 30 to 35 years old are physically and mentally absolutely fit and fine. And Syedna's truth is in front of the world.

Question now is whether Dai's or his Amils' permission (Raza) is obligatory for the validity of Nikah? How much truth is there in this claim or belief of Dawoodi Bohras?”

In the history of the Dawoodi Bohra Community several Nikah were performed at the hands of non-Bohra Muslim Kazis and ordinary Bohras. But the first such recorded Nikah was performed in 1937 was that of Sadiq Ali Gulam Husain Lenwala performed in Karachi by Sunni Muslim Kazi, Maulana Mohammad Sadiq. It was opposed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb who had the same claims. Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb was the first Dai who harshly imposed the slavish practices of Raza, Misaq for Dai, and Jamatkharij, with-holding / denying marriages and burials, some inhuman, un-Islamic practices which were unthinkable in the times of earlier Dais. When late Syedna Saheb opposed such Nikah, the Dawoodi Bohra Ulemas who were well-versed in Shari'ah laws wrote extensively informing the community members about the doctrines of Ismaili Shari'ah. Once the truth was known several court cases were filed against late Syedna Saheb's administration and it’s stand was proved wrong.

The present generation is perhaps unaware of Shari'ah laws and earlier history and the validity of Nikah.

We have Qur'an and books of Ismaili faith like Ekhwanus-Safa, Rahatul Aql, Da'aim-al-Islam, Majalis-e-Moiyyadiyah, Kitabul fiqah etc. based on the constitution delivered by the holy Prophet of Islam revealed on him by Allah through Wah-yi and on the traditions (Hadise-Saqlen) of the holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad. Based on the teachings of Qur'an, traditions of the Holy Prophet and the practices of Ahle-Byte, Imam Muhammad Baqir and Imam Jafar - Assadiq formulated the Ismaili Shari'ah.

In the light of these authentic resources let us now examine:
a) Whether Raza of Dai or his Amils for Nikah is required?
b) Whether Nikah solemnized by Muslims other than those of Dai's appointed persons valid according to our Shari'ah?

1) Qur'an says in this regard:
In 2nd verse of Sura An-Nisaa after instructing not to usurp the property of Orphans and widows, it is said in 3rd verse men are asked to marry one or two or three or four women with a condition that they will not do any injustice with any one of their wives.
The verse 221 of Sura Baqarah and Sura Al-Mumtahan instruct not to marry the non-believers and idol-worshippers.
The verse 2 to 3 of Sura Annoor instructs not to marry adulterers.
The verse 222 to 242 of Sura Baqarah describes the laws of divorce.
Islam advocates living a married life and prohibits unmarried life.
Sura An-Noor verse 32 states: "Wa ankihal - ayyamaa minkum wassaalihina min ibaadikum wa imaa-ikum: inyyakunu fuqaraa - a yugnihimullaahu min fazlih: wallaahu Waasi -un-Alim."
Which means: And marry such of you as are solitary and pious of your slaves and maid-servants. If they be poor, Allah will enrich them of His bounty. Allah is of ample means, be aware.

Thus Qur'an thus makes it obligatory on the leaders of the society or community to provide facilities so that, rich or poor, no one remains unmarried. But it is unfortunate that in our Bohra Community people are discouraged by putting hurdles of Raza, beard, dress code, payment of wajebat, Sabeel, Salaam etc. by those who are supposed to be well-versed in Quran and Shari'ah laws. They are ones who are committing great sin of violation of Allah's commandments.

2) The Traditions and practices of Messenger of Allah about "Raza" and Nikah performed by ordinary Bohras and non-Bohra Muslims:
In Sura An-'Aam verse 50 Allah instructs even His Prophet, "Qul-laa aqulu lakum indi khazaa-inul-laahi wa laa aqulu a - lamul-gayba wa laa aqulu lakum inni malak. In attabi-u illaa maa yuhhaa ilay. Qul hal yastaiwil-a-maal-wal-baseer? Afalaa tata-fak-karoon" Which means "Say ( O Mohammad): I asay not unto you (that) I possess the treasures of Allah, nor that I have knowledge of the Unseen (Gayba); and I say not unto you: Lo! I am an angle. I follow only that which is inspired in me. Say: Are you the blind man and seer equal? Will ye not then take thought?
"Aana Basharun Mislekum" That is I am a human just like you except that Allah has chosen me His Messenger to warn you." Sura Saad verse 70 "annamaa ana Nazirum-mubeen" I am only a plain Warner. That means my job is only to warn you - I have no other power then that.

Now examine the claims made of absolute authority by 51st and 52nd Dais as against Allah and the Prophet's authority, they don't just warn Bohras but impose harsh and inhuman punishments on persons defying their dictates.

3) Now let us examine what the books of our faith say about "Raza" and Nikah:
An incident is reported in the book Mukhtasarul-Aasaar that: Once the holy Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) heard the sound of band being played in the house of Abu Zurayak tribe. When he was informed that a marriage function was going on, he said, "Toady they have perfected their faith. This is Nikah not Sifah (debauchery)"

Further it is reported that whenever the holy Prophet was informed that so and so of his companions got married the Allah's messenger used to say, "His faith has been perfected."

The holy Prophet's this practices clearly establishes that for Nikah and Marriage "Raza" of even the Prophet was not required. Then where is the question of Imam's or Dai's or Amil's Raza? Giving references of these practices of holy Prophet of Islam in the second volume of Da'aim-al-Islam it is stated "Eza ukhra annaa ardan min ashaabehi tazawwuz....." which means, "After the marriage was over when the Prophet came to know......" That proves beyond any doubt that in the time of the holy Prophet the concept of Raza was unthinkable, because otherwise the Prophet would have definitely ordered his companions to take his Raza, permission before solemnizing any marriage.

It was late Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb who for the first time in Bohra history made his Raza compulsory before carrying on any religious or worldly matter. There was no such practice in the times of Dais prior to him.

Al Mahr (Dower): It is a gesture or free gift of goodwill for marriage. Quran says: And give into the woman whome ye marry free gift of their marriage portion (saduaqa). It can be any thing a piece of cloth or grain or money as token of validity of marriage.

Khutba: According to the practices of holy Prophet of Islam no words are fixed for Khutba. It is praising Allah according to one’s ability and asking his blessing.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin ibn S. Tahir Saifuddin

Upon the death of Saifuddin Sahib in 1385 Hijri (1965 AD) Burhanuddin Sahib took over the reins of Daawat. Saifuddin Sahib's sons decided to erect a monument in memory of their father. So they collected funds from the faithful and started the construction of a mausoleum which, as they said, would match with the Taj Mahal by using white and black marble in the walls and on the floor with Quranic inscriptions on the inner walls of the burial chamber studded with gold and gems. The architect of this mausoleum was Yahya Merchant who was also the architect of the mausoleum of Qauide Aazam Muhammadali Jinnah in Karachi. It must have cost crores of rupees of public money which could have been spent in ameliorating the condition of thousands of community members who are in distress and living below the poverty line. Some of them can be seen begging at the very doorsteps of the Badri Mahal, the headquarter of Saifuddin Sahib.

The period of Saifuddin Sahib's ministry was 50 years. After Najmuddin Sahib this succession had become hereditary in the Najmi (47th Dai) and Husami (48th Dai) families and was no longer based on knowledge, piety, ability or sincerity. During the last 50 years the community members, specially those seeking reforms in the society were branded as unbelievers and were harassed and tormented. They became victims of social ostracism because they revolted against the inhuman treatment by the Daawat administration and as they demanded a true and honest rendering of account of the huge collection of public money. Since Burhanuddin Sahib during the life time of his father seemed to be rather liberal minded, kind and meek it was hoped that upon his succession the tyranny to which the community members were so long subjected would stop and an era of peace and security will follow. But alas, this was not to be. Burhanuddin Sahib proved to be more hard hearted than his father. Besides, he appears to be under the influence of his brothers whom he dare not displease. He is neither shrewd nor awe inspiring but like his father is extremely greedy and ruthless in his dealings. From the day he took over there has been greater trouble in the community. People are suffering even more than before and the unrest is increasing day by day.

Societies have come into existence in most of the major cities to express resentment against the treatment by the priest class of the community members who are seeking redress for their grievances but most important of all for demanding from Burhanuddin Sahib and his associates an account of how and where the wealth of the community is being spent. Some of the prominent societies are the Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat, Mumbai, the Dawoodi Bohra Roshan Khayal Jamaat, Malegaon, the Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat, Udaipur and the Bohra Youth, Udaipur, the Dawoodi Bohra Welfare Society in Great Britain, London, the Association of Progressive Dawoodi Bohras of Ontario, Canada and Nairobi Group Charitable Society, Nairobi, East Africa.

Four of the top grade ulamaa (scholars) of the Saifee Daras in Surat (which was renamed Jamia Saifiyah) were insulted and harassed a number of times through their own pupils at the instance of Yousuf Najmuddin, the brother of Burhanuddin Sahib because they knew that no 'nas' was declared by the 46 th Dai, although so far they had not disclosed it in public. They were Sheikh Sajjad Husain, his brother Sheikh Hasanali, Sheikh Ali Ahmed and Sheikh Ahmedali. The pupils were told by Yousuf Najmuddin that these four ulamaa did not believe in Hazrat Ali, they ridiculed the Ahle Bait, Islam, Faatemi Daawat and Imam Husain's maatam and they had led astray a number of families. In 1393 Hijri he even accused the ulamaa of insulting his late father Saifuddin Sahib by saying, "We (the sons) have buried our father in the gutter." By making this accusation Yousuf Najmuddin himself revealed this fact to the people who were altogether unaware of it.

The ulamaa were dragged out of their homes, spat upon and severely beaten. Sheikh Sajjad Husain, the most senior among them received such fatal wounds that he did not survive long. Their homes were wrecked by the mob, all the furniture was destroyed, all the books were looted and the wives and children were molested. On learning that Burhanuddin Sahib would be present in Galiakot (in Jamaadil Awwal of 1393 Hijri -1973 AD) a group of the faithful from Udaipur, majority of whom were women, travelled to Galiakot with the dual purpose of visiting the Fakhri shrine and paying respects to Burhanuddin Sahib. But as Burhanuddin Sahib was displeased with the people of Udaipur this group was not allowed access to the shrine. On the other hand goondas were set upon them and they beat the women and began molesting them, shamelessly pulling and tearing their clothes. They appealed to Burhanuddin Sahib who was watching the outrage from the upper balcony, by shouting "Maula save us, Maula save us" but to no avail. Most of the women were compelled to run into the jungle around the shrine to save themselves and their honor and with great difficulty managed to return to Udaipur. In 1402 Hijri (1 st March 1982 AD) it was decided to observe the day as' black day' to remind the sufferers of the atrocities committed upon them. This was in fact a turning point in the history of Udaipur which was named "My Madinah" by the late Saifuddin Sahib. The belief of the majority of people was shattered and they no longer showed the reverence to Burhanuddin Sahib as before nor accepted him as their religious pontiff.

This was followed by several incidents involving violence which further shook the belief of the people of Udaipur. On 6 Muharram 1395 Hijri a brutal attack was launched in Moayyadpura mosque with lathis and knives by Shababis as they were called upon innocent men, women and children who had gathered there for the majlis of Imam Husain (AS).Blood was shed in the mosque, many were injured and one person was killed. It resulted in a series of court cases and Burhanuddin Sahib and his men fought hard for the re-possession of the Moayyadpura and other mosques which were now under the control of the reformist group including the shrines in Udaipur. After much bickering it was decided by the court that Mullaji will be allowed to share only the Moayyadpura mosque with the reformist group. There were nearly 100 couples in Udaipur who were anxiously awaiting the blessings of Burhanuddin Sahib for the performance of their 'nikaah' but he had withheld permission as they had leanings towards the reformists. After waiting for some time they unanimously decided to go ahead and perform the marriage ceremony without 'raza', and by the Qazis of their choice. All the marriages were performed on 5 Rabiul Awwal 1395 Hijri without any hitch and strictly in accordance with the Shariah. It was a grand ceremony and will be remembered in Udaipur for years to come. This event emboldened people of Udaipur to carry out all their other religious duties and obligations without the need to obtain 'raza' from anyone.

The editor of 'Naseeme Sahar', Sheikh Kalimuddin reported a speech given by Burhanuddin Sahib in which he said, "The position of Saifuddin Sahib is the same as that of Ahmed. In fact he is Ahmed, he is light and he has merged with light. This is the interpretation of the Quranic verse 'Qaaba qausain"'. According to the editor "The Quran describes the attributes of Prophet Muhammad and Aale Muhammad and their Dais specially the 51 st Dai. His glory can be felt in the shrine 'Rawdhate Taahira'. The 52nd Dai built this shrine, the like of which was never built before. For 1400 years the Quran was waiting to be inscribed on stone in golden letters and this is the same Quran which Hazrat Ali had written in his house."

In April 1977 a body called 'Nathwani Commission' was appointed at the instance of Citizens for Democracy to investigate into the alleged atrocities committed by the Dawoodi Bohra administration (Kothar) upon the reformists and their families and the imposition of social boycott (baraat) which was worse than excommunication. There was no intention at all to interfere in religion or to challenge any of the Dawoodi Bohra tenets.The members of this commission were Narendra Nathwani and V M Tarkunde both judges of Mumbai high court, Professor Aloo Dastoor, Dr Moin Shakir, Aalam Khundmiri, Professor of Usmania University and Chandrakant Daru. The first sitting of the commission was held on 28 Jamaadil Awwal 1398 Hijri (30 April 1978 AD) in justice Nathwani's bungalow in Malabar Hill, Mumbai. The complainants were required to answer in writing or in person 24 questions on citizens rights and human rights, 13 questions on social boycott (baraat), 18 questions on salaam, gifts etc and some miscellaneous questions. None of them related to religious beliefs ofthe persons. Despite the attempts of Kothar to stop the hearing it went on smoothly. It was due to the unceasing efforts of Nomanbhai Contractor and Dr Asgharali Engineer that the commission was able to complete its work successfully. Similar sittings were also held in other major cities and a report of over 200 pages was published by the commission in April 1979 AD (1399 Hijri). A summary of the recommendations proposed by the commission in their own words is as follows:

"Our enquiry has shown that there is large-scale infringement of civil liberties and human rights of reformist Bohras at the hands of the priestly class and that those who fail to obey the orders of the Syedna and his Aamils, even in purely secular matters, are subjected to Baraat resulting in complete social boycott, mental torture and frequent physical assaults. The Meesaaq (the oath of unquestioning obedience to the Head Priest) which every Bohra is required to give before he or she attains the age of majority, is used as the main instrument for keeping the entire community under the subjugation of the Syedna and his nominees. On the threat of Baraat (social boycott) and the resulting grave disabilities, Bohras are prevented from reading periodicals which are censored by the Syedna (such as the Bombay Samachar, the Blitz and the Bohra Bulletin); from establishing charitable institutions like orphanages, dispensaries, libraries etc without the prior permission of the Syedna except by submitting to such conditions as he may impose; from contesting elections to municipal and legislative bodies without securing beforehand the blessings of the Syedna; and above all, from having any social contact with a person subjected to Baraat, even if the person is one's husband, wife, mother, sister, father or son. The weapon of Baraat has been used to compel a husband to divorce his wife, a son to disown his father, a mother to refuse to see her son, and a brother or sister to desist from attending the marriage of his or her sister or brother. An ex-communicated member becomes virtually an untouchable in the community, and besides being isolated from his friends and nearest relatives, is unable to attend and offer prayers at the Bohra mosque. Even death does not release him from the taboo, for the dead body is not allowed to be buried at the community's common burial ground. Bohra ]amaats in India and abroad are not allowed to frame their own rules and regulations, but are subjected to authoritarian constitutions granting absolute power to the Syedna and his nominees. Millions of rupees are collected every year from Bohras in India and abroad as customary taxes and Nazranas by the Syedna and his nominees, but the Syedna is not accountable for them to anyone. The Syedna also claims to be the owner of all the Bohra mosques and the sole trustee of all Bohra trusts, and where the accounts of any of these trusts are audited, the work is done by a firm composed of some members of the Bohra community who are also bound by the Meesaaq given by them to the Syedna. For obvious reasons, it is almost impossible to improve this situation by organising a reform movement from within the Bohra community. Any person who fails to obey implicitly the orders of the Syedna and his Aaamils commits a breach of his Meesaaq and is liable to be subjected to Baraat or social boycott. The consequence is that although a large number of Bohras resent the disabilities imposed upon them by the priestly class, they are unwilling to give any public expression to their resentment. We thus found that although a systematic public campaign was organised in the Bohra community to condemn our Commission and to put a stop to its enquiry, quite a few of the campaigners wanted us to carry on the work. While the majority of dissenters are thus unwilling to express their opposition to priestly domination, those who have the courage to do so are unable to carry on a reform movement from within the community".

He also presented for the tomb of Hazrat Zainab silver Zarih the cost of which was met out of public donations. But he earned the title 'Vishahun NeeI' (the sash or band of the Nile) from President Sadat for these donations. Several lakhs of rupees were collected from the community for building a Zarih for Hazrat Abbas. When Burhanuddin Sahib went to Karbala and wished to place the Zarih in position it was discovered that the Zarih was too small and would not fit over the grave. He therefore suggested that the covering over the grave should be trimmed to accommodate the Zarih. The chief caretaker was persuaded to call several engineers to do the job but they all refused saying that they could not and would not do such alteration. One of the most famous engineers from Iran was then called for. But he also refused as he considered it a sacrilege. In the end the Iraqi authorities decided to reject the Zarih offered by Burhanuddin Sahib and installed one of their own. In 1979 Burhanuddin Sahib traveled with a retinue of about 21 persons in the famous ship Elizabeth II spending approximately 53,000 rupees per head. The voyage covered places like Colombo, Singapore and Hong Kong where huge collections were made by way of 'salaam' from the faithful. It is common knowledge that on a ship of this kind entertainment and facilities which are considered 'haraam' in our Shariah are available.

Burhanuddin Sahib is said to be very fond of being photographed specially with dignitaries. His photos appear in newspapers and magazines and even on calendars. Once the Urdu paper 'Blitz' published his photograph where he is seen standing in a queue behind Rafique Zakaria waiting to shake hands with Queen Elizabeth of England. The magazine 'Naseeme Sahar' published a photo showing Burhanuddin Sahib sitting in front of the Queen with folded hands. The desire for pictures is so great that Burhanuddin Sahib has exceeded even his father in expecting every household to keep his picture and that of his father without fail. By some their pictures are kept even in the Quran in the chapter Ya seen. It would not be inappropriate at this point to mention an episode from the life of Prophet Muhammad (SA). Once the angels came to the house of the Prophet and found that there was a curtain hanging on the door. The angels hesitated and did not enter the house. The reason for this hesitation was that there were pictures on the curtain. Immediately the Prophet removed the curtain and the angels entered. A number of projects and schemes were announced by Burhanuddin Sahib some of which were never completed, some never even started, but he never failed to collect funds from the faithful. Some of them are listed below:

1. "In order to give better training to pupils in Jaamia Saifiyah teachers will be invited from Egypt." This did not materialize.
2. "Magazines will be issued regularly." Four or five issues came out and then it stopped altogether.
3. "Special attention will be paid to the education of girls." This came into force after a period of 10 years and then not more than 10 girls were able to derive benefit.
4. "A 14 storey building will be constructed next to Jaamia Saifiyah for the pupils." The foundation stone was laid but the building never came up.
5. "A 30 lakh rupees worth of technical college and a 21 lakh rupees worth of Arabic Islamic Academy in Mumbai and 2 lakh rupees worth of high school in Surat will be established." People are waiting to see them.
6. "There will be a provident fund for teachers." So far this has not been provided.
7 "Nahjul Balaagha will be translated into Gujarati and will be published together with a number of other religious books." This has not been done.
8. "To send first class pupils to Jaame Azhar in Cairo or to Muslim Aligarh University." As far as known no pupil has been given this opportunity.
9. In 1979 Burhanuddin Sahib announced the opening of a bank in Mumbai where all transactions would be without interest. All the faithful were told to withdraw their deposits from the Mercantile Cooperative Bank, Mumbai which was the only bank started by the community members, specially Zainul Aabedin Rangoonwalla who was one of the pioneers in establishing this bank and raising it to a high standard in the banking world. Its Dawoodi Bohra employees were coerced to resign from their jobs in the bank as it was dealing in interest. In May 1982 goondas were posted around the bank picketing and coaxing the faithful not to have any transactions with the bank. Nothing however became of the interest free bank promised by Burhanuddin Sahib.

It is believed that apart from collecting funds under some pretext or the other Burhanuddin Sahib derives from the community as 'waajebaat' an income of about 12 crore rupees every year. The question is how and where this amount is spent. Many industrial and commercial organizations in India are owned or controlled by Burhanuddin Sahib and his brothers. Some of them worth mentioning are Sultan Brothers and His Holiness Dr Syedna Tahir Saifuddin Memorial Foundation. Burhanuddin Sahib's brothers Yousuf Najmuddin, Shabbir Nuruddin and Qasim Hakimuddin were among the directors of these companies. Sultan Brothers built the 5 star hotel in Mumbai named Ambassador Hotel. For years the family of Saifuddin Sahib enjoyed the income from that hotel where drinking of alcohol was a common sight and all kinds of things prohibited by Shariah were happeneing in it. This hotel was ultimately sold reputedly for rupees 65 lakhs to Rama Narang, a smuggler, who paid rupees 30 lakhs in black money thus evading the stamp duty to the Government on transfer, according to a report published in the paper 'Blitz'.

In order to divert the attention of the faithful from the success of the 1982 International Dawoodi Bohra Conference in Mumbai it was widely publicized that water had appeared in the 'Rawdhate Taahirah' and that this was one of the many miracles of late Saifuddin Sahib. There is nothing unusual in this because leakage of water can sometimes occur from the cooling system. During the Ramadhan of 1978 some of the Dawoodi members in Mombasa, East Africa were prevented from entering the local mosque simply because they had criticised some of the mal-practices of the Mullaji Burhanuddin Sahib and his deputies and therefore were considered as his enemies. As soon as news of this incident reached London some of the reformists approached Mufti Abdul Baqui for a ruling ('fatwa'). The Mufti gave the following 'fatwa' on 21 August 1978 (17 Ramadhan 1398 Hijri):

'Unlike other buildings or properties a mosque stands out as a unique structure because of its special significance and use as a place of worship. It belongs to Allah and cannot be owned by an individual or group of individuals. The use of the mosque is governed by the laws of Allah that is the laws of Shariah and no other law can prevail in the mosque. It can neither be sold nor purchased by an individual or an institution for its own purposes. It is unlawful to carry on any business within its precincts. Those who prevent people from entering the mosque for prayers are the greatest tyrants ('zaalim'). The doors of mosques should not be kept closed unless there is danger of theft. '

Another 'fatwa' was obtained on 14July 1979 (19 Shaabaan 1399 Hijri) by Sheikh Salehbhai Moosaji of Colombo from the Board of Fatwas of Jaame Azhar, Cairo. It is reproduced below:
Q.l. Does Islam permit a man or woman to worship by prostration anyone whatever his dignity and to kiss his feet?
Islam does not allow any Muslim to perform 'sajdah' (prostration) before anyone other than Allah or to kiss anybody's feet.
Does Islam permit 'baraat' or social ostracism on any Muslim?
A. Islam does not allow any Muslim whatever his social or religious status may be to order any other Muslim to obey his commands blindly. This is in contravention of the commands of Allah. The Prophet said, "No obedience to the created if it means disobedience to Allah."If anyone boycotts a Muslim and calls upon other Muslims to do so, that is to refrain from dealing with him or prevent him from entering a mosque, he commits a great sin.
A. Q.3. Does Islam permit the high priest to take 'meesaaq' or oath of allegiance from believers in his own name?
B. A. No human being has the right to take such an undertaking from anyone.
Q.4. Does Islam allow Sheikhs and leaders to own mosques and waqf properties and thereby hold the power to prevent a Muslim from entering a mosque?
A. Mosques and waqf properties cannot be owned by an individual or institution and no one has a right to prevent anyone from entering them. These are the properties of Allah and can be used by any Muslim without any distinction.
Q.5. Can a sum of money big or small be charged to a man (rich or poor) to ensure his and his relatives' entry into paradise?
A. This is a despicable act of monks and priests who sell a place in paradise to those who can afford to pay a sum of money. These people will receive severe punishment on the day of judgment. Allah will reward everyone according to his deeds and not according to how much money he pays to purchae a share in paradise.
Q.6. Can a muslim dignitary order another Muslim to divorce his wife and boycott his parents and on refusal be prevented from entering paradise?
A. The Prophet said that among all permitted things the most hateful to Allah is 'divorce'. Allah commands the muslims to protect and show kindness to wives and parents. If anyone goes against this he disobeys Allah.

Yet another 'fatwa' was obtained by Fidahusein Adamali of Nairobi, East Africa from the Ministry of Justice, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1977 (27 Jamaadil Awwal1399 Hijri). The following are the summarized questions and answers:
Q.l. The Bohra Mullaji insists upon his followers to perform 'sajdah' for him every time they visit him. Was there such practice in the days of the Prophet or the guided caliphs?
A. The 'sajdah' is a form of worship commanded by Allah for Him only and should therefore be offered to none other than Allah. The followers of Mullaji are worshipping him and ascribing a partner to Allah and having their own God above Allah. His ordering the followers to do this or his tacit agreement to it makes him a tyrant (taaghoot).
Q.2. Is it permitted in Islam for women to kiss the hands and feet of Mullaji and other male members of his family?
A. In Islam this is not allowed. No such practice existed in the time. Prophet or the guided caliphs. When the believing women would come to the Prophet to give the pledge of faith and loyalty,he would take the pledge verbally and never touch or shake hands with them. The kissing of hands and feet of Mullaji and others by the women amounts to 'shirk' and is an unpardonable sin.
Q.3. The Mullaji claims that he is the master of the souls of all the followers. Can such a claim be justified?
A. This is false and absurd. It is Allah alone Who is the owner of all the souls because it is He Who has created them.
Q.4. The Mullaji claims that he is the owner of all properties of religious trusts and that he does not have to render account because he is God on earth. Can he make such a claim?
A. The properties of religious trusts cannot be owned. What is owned is the benefit of their yield. The Mullaji does not own any trust property nor is he entitled to any yield except what has been earmarked for him, if he deserves it. Every person must render account of how he uses the trust property according to the Holy Book, the tradition of the Prophet and the general agreement of the Muslim ummah. The Mullaji's claim that he is God on earth is a flagrant infidelity and he will be treated as 'taaghoot'.
Q.5. The Mullaji claims that he has the right to declare the cancellation of people's sins and to apply social boycott against those who oppose any of his actions. Can we accept this claim?
A. The Mullaji is indirectly claiming divinity for himself which is no more than infidelity. In fact he should accept the advice of people if it is for improvement and for the benefit of all instead of applying social boycott against them.
Q.6. Does Islam permit religious persecution? The Bohras are Muslims believing in the glorious Quran and the teachings of Islam. Can persecution be justified against them?
A. Islam does not sanction the persecution of Muslims with sincere belief in the Quran and the tradition of the Holy Prophet. The Mullaji's agreement to persecution amounts to infidelity.

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Urdu Paper Exposes Corrupt Bohra Priestly Establishment

K.Z. Itarwala

While followers of Mohammad Burhanuddin, 52nd dai-e mutlaq (‘summoner to the faith with absolute powers) of the Dawoodi Bohra community, celebrate his 100th birthday this week with much fanfare, one man keeps up his valiant struggle to, as he puts it, ‘expose the draconian face of the Bohra dai’. Moinduddin Ajmeri edits the Mumbai-based Urdu magazine Sirat, which, for almost two years now, has been carrying a regular weekly column highlighting what he calls the ‘un-Islamic, exploitative and dictatorial practices’ of the Bohra high priest and his religious establishment, the Kothar.

In an article revealingly titled ‘Oppressive Bohra Dai: The Tricks of the Worshippers of Wealth’ (27th January-2nd February, 2011), Ajmeri writes, ‘Ordinary mullahs and maulvis easily fool and rob people in the name of religion, but the Bohras have devised a full-fledged and regular organization for this purpose. Donning white clothes, the mafia gang of the Bohra dai loots their people, though few are aware of this.’ And this is how, he alleges, Burhanuddin, ‘who was born in a broken-down house in an obscure gulley in Jhaniya Bazar, Surat, now lives in the lavish Saifi Mahal in Malabar Hill [one of the most plush parts of Mumbai], and has become extremely rich, although he has no business of his own.’ Ajmeri claims that the secret of this rags-to-riches story of the Bohra high priest lies in his ‘looting people in the name of Islam’. He describes Burhanuddin’s family as ‘heads of a mafia’ whose members are spread throughout the world and who work as the family’s agents. These agents, he goes on, are engaged in extracting money from the Bohras, and many of them are also involved in ‘corrupt deals’. ‘The Bohra dai and his eight sons have all become old earning money. His sons and their sons and their sons’ sons—a total of around one thousand people—are all millionaires, and they still live on the bones thrown by the Bohras. His relatives are generally appointed as his agents (amils) in places where rich Bohras live,’ Ajmeri writes. ‘The Bohra dai Burhanuddin and his entire family and administration have become entirely dishonest (be-iman) and shameless (be-sharam),’ he alleges.

‘The Bohra dai earns crores of rupees every year from the Bohras, but does not spend a pie for their welfare,’ Ajmeri continues. When some reformist Bohras raised this issue, Ajmeri says, Burhanuddin, ‘in order to fool the public’, set up the Qarz-e Hasana Trust and began giving loans to some needy Bohras. However, this money was not given to the poor directly, but, instead, through Burhanuddin’s local agents or amils. ‘The amils often misuse this money for their own purposes,’ Ajmeri claims, adding that many amils distribute only a small portion of the money they receive and pocket the rest.

Ajmeri provides interesting anecdotes to substantiate his allegations about the rampant corruption in the Bohra dai’s massive family, members of which are styled as ‘princes’ (shahzada) and ‘princesses’ (shahezadi). One of these is a close relative of Burhanuddin, a certain Syed ul-Khair, amil of the Bohras of Surat, who has been accused by a fellow Bohra, Tahir Husain, a Surat-based trader, of stealing money ostensibly meant for poor Bohras. Tahir Husain alleged that in 2006, 2 crores had been sent to Surat to distribute to poor Bohras, but that Syed ul-Khair had distributed only 20 lakhs and loaned the rest to rich traders, charging them, in return, 25% of their profits, thereby making a fast buck for himself. Ajmeri quotes Tahir Husain as alleging that one of Syed ul-Khair’s cronies, a certain Shabbir Amin, was caught stealing money from the Bohra jaamat’s office in Surat, but Syed ul-Khair ‘forgave him and tried to hush up the controversy’. Not stopping at this, Syed ul-Khair, Ajmeri writes, was allegedly involved in corruption scandals involving several crore rupees involving transactions for procuring materials for the principal Bohra madrasa, the Jamia Saifia in Surat. Ajmeri accuses Syed ul-Khair of appointing his cronies to administer Bohra religious functions, such as lectures during the mourning month of Muharram, that, he says, ‘provide further opportunities to these men to engage in loot’. Ajmeri also notes that
Syed ul-Khair has numerous court cases pending against him.

In another article about the Syedna’s cronies, titled ‘The Bohra Dai is Filling His Own Treasury’ (Sirat, 10th-16th February, 2011), Ajmeri uncovers other skeletons in the Kothar’s cupboard. Burhanuddin, he alleges, following in the footsteps of his father Tahir Saifuddin, the 51st dai-e mutlaq, has occupied vast properties of rich Bohras, including inns, hospitals, jamaat khanas and even the palaces where Burhanuddin and his vast family now reside. Most of these institutions were built between the First and Second World Wars, when some Bohras became exceedingly rich, partly from contracts from the British. Many of these institutions were ‘captured’, Ajmeri says, by Tahir Saifuddin, who ‘appointed himself as their owner’. For instance, he dispossessed the Peerbhoy family of their mansion in Bombay and occupied it (This is the enormous ‘Saifi Mahal’ where Burhanuddin now lives). Likewise, he took over the sanitarium established by the Peerbhoy family and converted it into the ‘Saifi Hospital’. He also rechristened a religious school set up by a certain Abdul Ali as the ‘Jamia Saifia’. ‘In this way,’ Ajmeri remarks, ‘the impression was sought to be created that all these institutions were built by Tahir Saifuddin himself. In actual fact, these were all established by [other] members of the community, but are now a source of untold riches for the Bohra dai.’

Ajmeri provides interesting details of what he alleges to be rampant corruption in the Jamia Saifia. This madrasa, housed in a massive, plush campus, caters to almost a thousand students. The madrasa’s kitchen is located in the ground floor of its main building. Every year, the kitchen gets flooded, and so for several weeks food for the students and staff has to be got from outside. This involves an additional expense of several lakh rupees every year, and also provides, so Ajmeri says, lucrative additional opportunities for corruption. Further, every year a contract involving a large sum of money is given to two Bohra businessmen to drain the kitchen of the accumulated water—again a massive drain on the community’s resources, and, so Ajmeri says, yet another opportunity for corrupt financial dealings. Ajmeri estimates that almost two lakh rupees is spent daily on the kitchen expenses of the madrasa, and the amount increases substantially when the Syedna and his huge entourage visit Surat, when special food is cooked for them. Ajmeri claims that the Bohra men who have received the contract to run the kitchen generally cook far more food than what is required and that this is then siphoned off to be sold to hotels, and so, in this way, they have become ‘exceedingly rich’.

‘The shehzadas of the Syedna are busy looting the funds of the community,’ Ajmeri alleges. The most ‘notorious’ of these, he writes, is one Badr Jamal, of Burhanuddin’s many nephews. He worked out a plan with a Mumbai-based firm to install a steam cooking plant in the Jamia Saifia’s kitchen. The plant was inaugurated by Burhanuddin himself but it failed and so was shut down. This aborted venture cost the community a whopping 7 ½ crore rupees, and Ajmeri claims that much of this money must have been pocketed by the men involved in this shady venture.

Ajmeri’s Sirat continues to highlight anecdotes like these (that the ‘mainstream’ media, either owing to indifference or else to pressure or inducement from the Bohra religious establishment, ignores), exposing Burhanuddin and his henchmen and their alleged shady deals. He insists that they are far from being the pious Muslims they never tire of projecting themselves as.


Moinuddin Ajmeri can be contacted on

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Read the instructions given to Bombay Bohras for Ashura :-









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1. 365 Days Jaman, Jaman, Jaman

2. Fakhir Najwa cover distribution on every occassion, if you can collect it from Jamaat office (A Few stupid Abdes actually go there and collect it!!!). All Abdes should now call themselves as "SABDE Syedna"

3. Few years back, they distributed a "Form" wherein, you have to write all your "Gunha's" so that TUS can grant his forgiveness!!!. This form was issued after a bayan, which goes like this.......There 3 types of Gunhas Type 1 between Allah and Mumineen, Type 2 Between Haq na saheb and Mumin and Type 3 amongst Mumin. So by giving in writing all your Gunhas, they will be done ARZ in TUS's hazrat and he will forgive all Gunhas. And all these stupid abdes filled the form and rushed to deliver their Gunha ka kaccha chittha.

4. During Sherullah, they asked bohras to stand up one by one and kiss the Vazarat Saifiya (message from Saify Mahal) received in original to get the barakat.

5. Dadhi -- It was announced few months back in Dubai Mosque, that Janab Aamil will not attend any Darees or for that matter will abandon from such darees if a single person is seen without dadhi. It does not stop here, no Taziyat will be given to the family members of a deceased if anyone from the family is missing the dadhi and there will be boycott by all on giving Taziyat to that family.

6. All programs, whether it is TUS news or Burhani Expo or any presentation or whatever, it is relayed on two big projector screen installed in the mosque, thus converting it into a Cinema Theatre.

7. Wajebaat - Once bohras were waiting for paying Wajebaat and all of them were called in a room for a short bayan....and ofcourse, it was none other than this crap- "Je Daulat tamara paase che, Ye Saglu konu che tame jaano cho? Ye saglu aa Moula ye tamne aapelu che, To pachi tame ehne pachu appva ma itlu kem socho cho, Em samjho ke aa to moula ni vastu che aney tame ehni rakhwali karo cho, AA saglu maal mola noj che". If anyone asked this jamia ka ustad to name one of his properties to TUS, what would be his reaction....He might kill him!!

8. Noorani Kaleymah.....almost on every occassion urs majalis there is a Noorani Kaleymah audio video recap episode.

9. Raza - utho to Raza, Betho to Raza, Hago-Pado to Raza......everything is with Raza.

10. A latest trend is....distributing TUS and his Fathers pictures in different forms. So everytime TUS goes anywhere, bingo.....a new picture is born.

11. For all occassions....scan your Ejamaat and you may be a lucky winner in one of the draws.. Last time on TUS's birthday it was for Ziyarat of Mumbai Raudat Tahera

There are many more pagalpan events.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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English translation of the circular signed by then Syedna Saheb's Udaipur Aamil Salman Raseed is as under:=

There is Sawaab of Haj and Umra in coming to Imami court (darbar) of Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (TUS). A Mumin who does the deedar of Daiz-Zaman he sees a light of Panjetan, Imams and Dais on his mubarak forehead. He does the Qadambosi (kissing Syedna's feet) he gets more Sawaab then he gets by kissing Hajre-Aswad. Dua mubarak (blessings) of Maula will give you the success of both the world (Deen and Duniya). The Mumin men, women and their children in large numbers should remain present in the court of Huzure-Aala and get Sawaabe-Azeem (greatest Sawaab) and raza of their Lord.

They will get another great Sharaf in doing the Ziyarat in Raudat Tahera in company of Maula Burhanuddin (TUS).
Date: 21/2/96
Note: On Wednesday bus will start from Udaipur . Come to Amil's office and get your name registered by paying the amount.

Salman Raseed

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Causes of Corruption in DB Religious Establishment

Some of the components of Corruption, as for as Dawoodi Bohra Community is concerned, are
1) unquestioned authority with absolute power
2) non-accountability
3) no transparency
4) chain of middle men
5) arm-twisting
6) bribery and finally
7) apathy of Bohras

The Dawoodi Bohra religious establishment has made taxes and donation mandatory, even the religious and spiritual head of the community openly ask for donations. We, Bohras are not aware and those who are aware are too scared to stand up for our rights; we would suffer in status quo rather than standing up for our rights, the famous alibi 'Apne shooN karye, badhaj aywa che' …..That is why there is a rampant poverty in a community of filthy rich businessmen who together organize "Burhani Expo" every now and then.

Our religious establishment is only concerned with self-enrichment and wealth accumulation. Because they know that, no crime is too serious or big before money. One can even purchase the law and influence the judgment. Again wealth is not the only motivation for corruption. Power is frequently a great motivator, and the administration pursues power at all cost regardless of who gets hurt. When money is able to buy people's consciences, corruption begins. Money is power. Corruption starts from the establishment because it can be manipulated.

Those who raise their voice against corruption are either sidelined with or forced to leave the community. This accelerates the growth of corruption and corruption breeds corruption. Most of the Bohras waiting to get their children married or bury their dead have taken corruption as part and parcel of the Dawat system. They don't have hatred or ill feeling towards corrupt Jamaat members or Aamils. They think that without it, we cannot survive and sustain in this community. Corruption continues unchecked in our so-called religious administration because the people remain helpless victims or passive observers of the process. "Apne shooN karvoo chhe".

Today the Bohra religious establishment is one among the most corrupt religious establishments, thanks to the ever growing greed of every one from top to bottom in Daiz-Zaman's family and Saifee-Burhani administration. With the introduction and forceful collection of excessive taxes and frequent hi-tech tamashas of Dai's self-glory and most important refusing to account for frequent huge collections.

I am sorry to say, Syedna Saheb himself is responsible for growing corruption in his family and his administration.
In order to become richest men from a pauper and to build his financial empire our late Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb deliberately introduced the corruption in the Dawat system.
He first became an Absolute Power in himself by claiming Dai-ul-Mutlaq. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” He went to the extent of calling himself "Elahul-Ard" (God on earth) that too in court of law. He altered the text of Misaq (oath of allegiance) to become superior to Allah (even Allah cannot pardon a breaker of misaq unless Dai pardons him and he takes misaq again.)

He claimed that he was not accountable to any one and he was above the laws of land. Those Bohras who dared to ask him account were severely punished. When in 1950 charity laws were made applicable he coined a word "Sole-Trustee". He also claimed that he is religious and temporal head of the community and started taking all decisions regarding the Bohra community's religious as well social and secular affairs and introduced "Raza" (permission) for all acts including burial. He had fixed a fee for "Raza" of every affair.

He then took over all local Jamats and introduced a central governing body "Al-Wazarut-Saifia" and Aamils were put under control of this body thus introducing a chain of middle-men. Now no follower can reach to Dai without going through this chain. This gave way to arm-twisting and bribery. All these components of corruption were thus installed by late Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb. He was an intelligent and well-read man. He was aware of Fatemid history, necessity of hierarchical system, power and importance of authority, secret working etc. He also knew that people in general and Dawoodi Bohras in particular show very strict adherence to their faith and belief. They are very sensitive towards religion and religious leaders.

He knew that:
The Ismaili mission was started with a political aim to establish an unbiased and just political rule against the repressive rules of Umayyad and Abbasid regimes. Ismaili Imams did establish what is known as Fatemi Empire in small part of Arab, Iraq and North Africa and that too for a short period (297 to 567 Hijri).

In my very personal opinion the political purpose of Ismaili d'awa, the close-knit organization, the secret functioning of organization, absolute loyalty to Imam all ended with the establishment of Fatemid Empire or at the most with the fall of Fatemid Empire. Fatemid rule ended with its downfall. And two months or six month-old 21st Imam was sent into seclusion. Since last 900 years there is no trace of any Imam from progeny of last seen 21st Imam. Dawoodi Bohras believe that one of the successors of Imam is somewhere secretly guiding the destinies of the faithful and he is in communication with the Dai of the time. But according to late Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb's statement in the Burhanpur Dargah Case (1925) Imam's existence is imaginary and it is just a part of Dawoodi Bohra faith.

Now just imagine after such a long and painful struggle when the empire fell suddenly, it must have shaken the faithful. So to pacify them and sustain them with the hope of Imam's return and re-establishing the Fatemid Empire a chain of Dai must have started. (This is not in any way an effort to belittle the highly intellectual pursuit of Ismaili Imams and Ismaili thinkers.)

The d'awa was shifted to India to safeguard it. The Dawat system was devised for the guidance of Mumineen in religious matters, to facilitate rites of burial, marriage, prayers etc. Since it was physically not possible for Mumineen all over to reach the Dai, the system of appointing Amils and Maullims by the local Jamaat was introduced to help local Mumineen in performing their day to day religious rites.

Except in the initial period most of the Bohra Dais had spent their life in protecting the followers and the actual mission of 'd'awat-e-hadiyah of calling or inviting people to Ismaili faith had ended long back. The hope of re-establishing Fatemid Empire had receded gradually, and then forgotten. Hence the posts of Hujjati-Laili, Hujjati-Nahari, Dai al-du'at, Bab al-abwab and Dail-Balag had already become redundant and now the posts of Dail-Mutlaq, Mazoon and Mukasir have also lost their significance.

I am sure the present so-called Bohra religious establishment very well realizes this status and hence it is making use of the followers' blind faith, enforcing it with worldly glory of the Dai and his fake miracles to enhance the Dai's family business. Finally I like to say that first we should acknowledge that there is corruption in our religious establishment and then unless there is an active intervention of the individual Bohras in all cases of corruption the greater purity cannot be introduced in the dawat's administration.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Misaq and Raza

In the last 80 years Misaq and Raza are so much emphasized that they have become a part of our psychic. Hardly any one has any interest and time to look back into the history and find out the truth.

It would be sufficient to quote just one incident reported in the Chandabhoy Galla Case to understand this myth. Due to aggravated financial trouble in 1891 the 49th Dai, Syedna Burhanuddin had to borrow money on interest from two Hindu mahajans and one of his own Amil. Shaikh Abdul Tayeb. On non-payment of their dues they filed suits in the law court at Surat. The Amil actually tried to put Sayedna Burhanuddin into prison for non-payment of Rs.53680 with interest. The case (suit no.285 of 1892) was settled as the Sayedna agreed to pay Rs. 54000/- with interest in 12 installments from his personal income.

After this humiliating incident on request of then Sayedna, Sir Adamji Peerbhoy Rafiuddin drew up a Dastur-al-amal (a constitution) to restrict excessive power enjoyed by local Amils and local functionaries. The local collection then was retained entirely by local Amil and Jamaat. Through this Dasturul-amal it was made obligatory for each Amil to remit part of his collection to the center. This was the beginning of monopolization of all powers in the hands of Dai thus throttling the freedom of followers.

This is to be noted that when Amil Sheikh Abdul Tayeb filed a suit against 49th Sayedna and tried to put him behind bars, even in such crises no issue of Raza, Misaq or Baraat was raised. Even after his strong action against Dai not only that the Amil was not excommunicated but also his wazifa (monthly allowance from Dawat) was not stopped by the then Sayedna. Nor he was asked to take Misaq again.

It is abundantly clear from this incident that till 49th Dai there was no concept of Misaq or Raza or Baraat. Till then not only an ordinary Bohra but even those who were part of Sayedna's establishment, enjoyed the freedom of challenging the Dai without fearing any threat of excommunication or breaking the Misaq.

The document of Misaq produced as Ex. 17 in Chandabhoy Galla Case (2A BLR 1060) by Sayedna Taher Saifuddin in 1920 was dated 124B Hijri (1833 AD). Even in this document, which was around 100 years-old Misaq was only for Imam and Sayedna Taher Saifuddin had to confess before justice Martin that inclusion of ˜Dai" along with ˜Imam" in Misaq Nama was his own creation.

There is no text of Misaq in any book of Dawat. Sayedna Hatim's book Tohfatul Qulub very briefly mentions about Misaq with a warning that it does not behave a Dai to ascribe a single word of Misaq towards himself.

Our 51st Dai, late Sayedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb has accepted on oath in Bombay High Court in Chandabhoy Galla case that "Yes I do transaction of money on interest I mean I do take and give interest."

This is till his time most of the dais and Amils and even mumineen used to take and give interest and they had found nothing wrong in doing so. Even till 1978 many projects started by him like Leader Press, Bombay Paints, Asian Electronics, Asian Dehydrates etc. showing interest on money he had taken for them in their balance sheets. Bank interest became haram when Kothar tried to sieze control over Bombay Mercantile Bank and failed. Till then all the directors of this bank were Dawoodi Bohras, Mohammad Ali Allah Bax, Zain Rangoon wala, Mohsin Doctor, Zulfiqar Husain and many more.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Bohra: an Islamic sect reduced to a cult

The Milli Gazette
Published Online: Dec 01, 2012
Print Issue: 1-15 December 2012
By Saifuddin Insaf

The Milli Gazette is a magazine widely read in the Muslim World. In its recent issue of 16-31 October, 2012 it has published an article “The Wizard of Gujarat” by Mr. Yunus Chitalwala. In this article the writer has said that “Bohras do not represent the mainstream Muslim community”. In other words, Dawoodi Bohras have separated themselves from the mainstream Islam.

Mr. A. G. Noorani, an advocate in the Supreme Court of India and a leading constitutional expert, after going through the Justice Nathwani Commission report in 1980, had commented on the un-Islamic practices of the Dawoodi Bohra priestly class saying, “The practices which the Commission report has exposed are totally opposed to Islam and it would be suicidal of Muslims to show any sympathy for the Dawoodi Bohra priesthood.”

Many Muslims, like Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani (Rajkot Gujarat), are raising questions as to what is wrong with Dawoodi Bohra community? Why have Dawoodi Bohras separated themselves from the rest of the Muslims? Who is the think tank of Dawoodi Bohras? What is the role of the religious head H. H. Dr. Syedna Saheb in this state of affairs? What may be the hidden agenda of H. H. Dr. Syedna Saheb and his followers for adopting such an approach?

Before the Justice Nathwani Commission report, Muslim leaders, ulama and community members were not aware of the un-Islamic practices and sins of idolatry (Shirk, i.e., associating Syedna with Allah) practiced by the Bohra Syedna and his family members within the four walls of the Bohra community.

That is why Dawoodi Bohra priesthood did not want their un-Islamic practices and atrocities to come into public. Therefore, as soon as the appointment of an Enquiry Commission was announced, the Bohra priesthood’s entire machinery was geared up to raise a worldwide hue and cry against the commission. Slogans of “Islam in danger” and “Interference in Islamic Shariah” were shouted everywhere demanding a ban on the commission. The Dawoodi Bohra priestly class tried to enlist the support of the Muslim Personal Law Board, Central Hajj Committee, Shahi Imam of Delhi, Mufti Ateequr Rehman Usmani etc. In spite of violent opposition and all odds, members of the Commission, which included two Islamic scholars Dr. Alam Khundmiri and Dr. Moin Shakir, remained firm and completed their inquiry and made its report public. The authenticity of this report is evident from the fact that the filthy rich Bohra priesthood, who has a troop of best legal experts, could not dare to challenge this report till today.

The Dawoodi Bohra priesthood has always used Muslims to safeguard its interests and power. But it has not joined and helped Muslims in any welfare activity and humanitarian work, victims of riots and violence, participating in events like Miladun Nabi, peace committees, Babri Masjid agitation etc.

Two inquiry commissions have been appointed to look into the malpractices and violation of human rights of Dawoodi Bohras. The first commission was appointed under the chairmanship of Justice Nathawani by the Citizens for Democracy and the second one was appointed under the chairmanship of Justice Tevatia by Indian Peoples’ Human Rights Commission. After the eye-opening exposure by these two Commissions’ reports, Muslims started distancing themselves from the tyrant and idolater Bohra priesthood and started forming an opinion like the one expressed by Mr Yunus Chitalwala. Loss of Muslim support compelled the Bohra priestly class to seek support of Hindus and hardcore Hidutwa leaders like Narendra Modi, LK Advani, Bal Thackeray etc.

The Dawoodi Bohra priesthood’s conscious gameplan to safeguard its vested interests can be justified but the question is: why Dawoodi Bohras separated themselves from the Muslim mainstream?

I am a Dawoodi Bohra myself. I am sure that till recently we, Dawoodi Bohras, used to believe that we are Muslims first and Shia-Ismaili-Must’alian-Tayyebi second. Islam is our fundamental faith. All our Shia-Ismaili-Must’alian-Tayyebi doctrines are based on Islamic teachings and Qur’anic injunctions and whatever is against Islam and Qur’an cannot be a part of our faith. We, undoubtedly believe in the Qur’an, which is the source of our law, and the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) who is our true guide. We were strict followers of Islamic practices.

While the worshipers of Syedna still claim to be Muslim, they have gradually deviated fundamentally from the teachings and practices of Islam ever since their 51st Da’i, Syedna Taher Saifuddin, occupied the seat of Dawat in 1915. Dawoodi Bohra Da’is, till 50th Da’I, were poor and indebted. Whereas the 51st Da’i, Syedna Taher Saifuddin was full of worldly ambitions, wealth, luxury and fame. He wanted to live as a monarch and thus he moved unabashedly to build his financial empire destroying the spirit and norms of Islam and Isma’ilism giving it an absolute authoritarian character. This caused, and is still causing, many problems in this peace-loving community. There is no priesthood in Islam as religious functions can be performed by any ordinary Muslim. The priesthood is absent in all other Islamic sects. The same was the case in Dawoodi Bohra community till the emergence of the 50th Da’i.

To establish his absolute authoritarian control over the Bohra community, Syedna Taher Saifuddin went to the extent of claiming that he is “Elahul-Ard” (God on this earth) (na’udhu billah) and that he has powers equal to that of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and that he is accountable to no one and that he is master of the soul, mind, body and properties of his followers. He made it compulsory that every Bohra should call him/herself as “Slave of Sayedna” (Abd-e Sayedna / Amat-e Syedna) and perform “Sajda-e ‘Ubudiyat” in front of him. He also claimed that he is “Qur’an-e Natiq (speaking Qur'an) (na’udhu billah) and that the Quran in the present book form is a dead book (na’udhu billah).

Taher Saifuddin called himself “Da’i-ul-Mutlaq” (Absolute Da’i) and Sultan of the Bohras. He introduced an oath (Misaq) which is compulsory for every Bohra to offer to the Da’i. The harsh conditions in Misaq made it an instrument of punishment. He started a practice of “Jama’at kharij” (excommunication), thus enslaving the entire community.

He also introduced a system of seeking his Raza (permission) for all religious as well as secular matters. Namaz, Hajj, Zakat etc., which are obligatory according to Islam and Quran for every Muslim, were declared unacceptable to Allah if done without the prior permission (Raza) of Syedna.

Very systematically, the class of Bohra ulama (learned persons) was eliminated by awarding the titles of Mullas and Shaikhs to undeserving and ignorant persons who could offer huge sums of cash to the Da’i.

By consolidating his absolute authority and becoming from Da’i-ul-Mutlaq to Qaderul-Mutlaq (Absolute in might), he took hold of all the trusts, properties and wealth of community and adopted a luxurious life of living in palaces, high-flying and big-spending.

His son and 52nd Da’i, Mohammad Burhanuddin, not only followed his father but deviated further and used this centralized structure to his advantage making it more and more authoritarian by introducing a particular dress code for Dawoodi Bohra males, females and children, E-Jamaat cards which is a deadly weapon of Jamaat kharij - called “Baraat” - in its latest version. Thus, the Ismaili mission which played a very important role by attempting a creative intellectual synthesis of philosophy and the teachings of Islam has now been reduced to a cult.

The present 52nd Da’i has further taken the community away from Islam by declaring himself as the sole-owner of Bohra mosques and the sole-trustee of the community’s charitable properties. Under his ownership, Bohra mosques have become a playground for organizing birthday functions, cutting cakes, serving jamans [community dinner], arranging vadhavnis [Aarti of Syedna saheb], qadambosi, najwa [private meeting] and salam functions, mass marriages, meetings of politicians, putting cinema screen, video shooting, fund collection and lottery draws. Now even musalla spaces are priced and reserved, thus killing the very spirit of namaz.

To hide these un-Islamic practices from other Muslims, the doors of Dawoodi Bohra masjids are permanently closed for non-Dawoodi Bohras. Further, to plug any loophole in the system, a particular dress code and Jamaat identity cards are made compulsory. Even in Mecca, during Hajj, Dawoodi Bohras are ordered not to join other Muslims either in Tawaf or Namaz.

Deliberate rifts are created between Dawoodi Bohras and other Muslims in order to keep them separate from each other. In 1988, Syedna Burhanuddin cursed Muslim caliphs (R.A.) and Hazrat Aisha Siddiqah (R.A.) openly during Moharram, causing a riot in Mumbai, in which five innocent Muslims lost their lives and properties worth lakhs of rupees were destroyed.

Dawoodi Bohra Da’i has given up the principle of accountability which is so central in Islam and which was followed by the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his Ahl-e bait most vigorously. Now-a-days he and Bohras worshipping him are often seen in the company of anti-Muslim Hindu leaders like LK Advani, Narendra Modi, Bal Thakarey etc.

The earlier ‘Islamic sect’ is now reduced to a ‘cult’ with all the components of a cult, namely the Dawoodi Bohras are intensely devoted to the cult-head and they worship him. They follow a system of beliefs and rituals which are bogus though they claim that their system is most authentic and superior to that of other Muslims.

A large majority of cultic Bohras and their supporter Muslims are fully aware of the extent to which Bohras have been manipulated, exploited, even abused. Their social-structural, social-psychological, and interpersonal behavioural patterns are commonly found in cultic environments. The present Dawoodi Bohra Da’i dictates, in great detail, how members should think, act and feel, how they must get permission to observe prayers, Hajj, change jobs, marry, what types of clothes to wear, where to live, how to discipline children, and so on and so forth. Dawoodi Bohras feel there can be no life outside the walls of their community. These are visible components of a cult which are against Islam.

Should Dawoodi Bohra priesthood headed by Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin be treated as Muslims or not and whether they should be expelled from the pale of Islam or not? This is a question for the Muslim ulama to think seriously.

The writer is Editor, Bohra Chronicle, Mumbai

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2012 on page no. 2

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Sayedna attempts to take credit for Saifee Hospital

Today Sayedna Burhanuddin Saheb is taking undue credit for building a grand Hospital in Bombay. Actual credit for this Hospital today goes to two grandsons of Sir Adamji Peerbhoy namely, Advocate Abid Hatim Merchant and Mansoor Jaffer bhoy Jani. Let us understand this.

Similar to the land of Sir Adamji Peerbhoy Sanatorium Trust on which Saifee Hospital has now been built, the community's Abdul Kader E Ebrahim Trust and E.A. Currim Trust's land near Byculla in Bombay known as 'Dawood Baugh' was 1130 square worth more than Rs. 300 Crores.

As in case of Sir Adamji Peerbhoy Sanatorium Trust the original trustees of Dawood Baugh were compelled to transfer the entire property in the name of Sayedna Taher Saifuddin

In 1963 two years before his death Sayedna Taher Saifuddin made an announcement to built a 22 story "Saifee Jubilee Technical Institution" to be constructed at the cost of Rs. 20 Crores. It was a biggest event in the Bohra Community. The photographs of Sayedna with the President of India and other political dignitaries were widely publicised. New York times carried a full page paid advertisement. But for years nothing happened and ultimately in 1984 the entire property was sold to one Amir Builders and money pocketed by the Saifee Foundation Trust.

How could the Sayedna's administration publicly cheat a man of the stature of the President of India, the community and the public at large and get away with it?

It was because then the Dawoodi Bohra Reform Movement was not strong enough. There was non like Abid Merchant or Mansoor Jani to pull the Sayedna's trustees in the law courts and compel them to built the technical institution as
it is done in the case of Saifee Hospital.

Strangely Mr. Ismail Kanga the son of the famous reformist, late Khan Bahadur Mohammed Ali Kanga, was pushed in June, 1965 as a trustee of Sir Adamji Peerbhoy Sanatorium Trust with "a proposal to construct a Residencial-cum-Hospital Building" on G.S. no. 36 & 37 Maharishi Karve Road (Charni Road) i.e. on Sir Adamji Peerbhoy Sanatorium Trust land. This was quitely done when Sayedna Tahir Saifuddin had died and entire community was kept busy in mourning and breast-beating.

The trustees by manoeuvring the officials in Bombay Municipal Corporation got the plans of "Residential-cum-Hospital" passed. It will be a shock to the Dawoodi Bohras in general and Muslims in particular that in this plan a Bank was shown in place of the existing mosque and a ladies' lavatory in place of Sir Adamji's existing Darghah.

In order to demolish the existing structures of Sanatorium buildings, which were registered under Charity Commissioner, court's permission was required. So when the trustees went to the court for permission Sir Adamji's grand son, Abid Merchant came to know about the devilish scheme and halted the efforts of usurpers.

Advocate Abid Merchant and Mansoor Jani fought the case in City Civil Court and High Court in Bombay and in Supreme Court at Delhi bearing themselves the entire high cost of the cases. They had the courage and dedication to
challenge mighty priesthood. They were alone in front of lawyers and solicitors army of Sayedna. They were cursed, humiliated and discouraged. But they stood firms. All the files brought from B.M.C., Judiciary, Charity Commissioner etc. were stolen from the court room. Sayedna's trustees tried to use Sir Adamji's private plot, backside cemetary land, Sanatorium as Nursing Home etc. but Abid Merchant exposed them in the court and never allowed them to succeed.

They were also sucessful in insisting free beds in Saifee Hospital for the Dawoodi Bohras and even for reformist Bohras. They not only fought this case upto the Supreme Court but Mansoor Jani filed a case against the trustees with Charity commissioner for unregistered Saifee Hospital Trust and for not submitting the audited accounts for 13 years, criminal case with Bombay police for illegally transferring the trust money of Sanatorium Trust in the personal accounts of Ali Asghar Kalimuddin and Mudreka Zakiuddin. They caught the trustees on various fronts so much that the Senior Council of Dawat-Hadiya, Mudreka T. Zakiuddin came begging to them for out of court settlement which they refused. Inspite of all odds they saw to it that Sir Adamji Peerbhoy's name and memory remains and the property is utilised for the benefit of the Humanity.

By Saifuddin Insaf.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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When Muslims are targeted in Gujarat, to claim that Dawoodis are not Muslims is sheer betrayal

It was reported in English daily Indian Express and Hindi daily Pratakal on 4 April 2002 that a group of Dawoodi Bohras in Gujarat claimed that they are ‘Not Hindus. No. Not Muslims either. They are Dawoodi Bohras caught in the crossfire’.

"When the Maulana gives us any directions, we follow. When he asked us to return to business, we had to", said Shabbir Moiz Vohra, who set up shop in Kawant a week ago.

Shabbir suffered losses to the tune of Rs 6 lakh when his three shops were looted and burnt, but did not accept any compensation, saying he would "be better off without it".

We don’t fear anything after hearing from the Maulana. We don’t want to take revenge because we love peace", said Aliajgar Jainuddin Vohra, who has reopened one of his three damaged shops.

Both of them clarify that they "are not Muslims, but are Dawoodi Bohras". So does Nadir Badruddin Vohra. "We do break bread with them but marriages are taboo. They offer namaz five times a day, we do it only thrice; our mosques are also different", he stressed.

These Bohras claim that "When the Maulana gives us any direction we follow". It is obvious that whatever they have said regarding their not being Muslims is as per dictates of Sayedna Saheb. There is not corrective statement regarding this claim from Sayedna’s side either. So one will consider it as official statement of Sayedna that Dawoodi Bohras are not Muslims.

In fact any one who follows the basic principles of Islam and believes in Allah, His book the Qur’an and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is a Muslim. Dawoodi Bohras are very much believers of these three essentials and are, therefore Muslims. They also believe in Wilayat of Hazrat Ali and therefore they are a sub-sect of Shia Muslims. They combine Zohar and Isha prayers and again Asar and Maghrib prayers and pray five times prayers in three times. But they observe all five prayers. Their mosques are known as masjids and not by any other name like temple, church or synagogues. They believe in five pillars of Islam: Wahdat, Salat, Zakat, Haj and Jihad. So it is wrong to say that they are not Muslims.

Being a business community it is true that by and large Bohra community is a peace-loving community. It is unfortunate that their present religious heads have adopted a life of luxury and in order to amass wealth they have imposed several un-Islamic taxes and practices on the followers. In order that their followers do not mix with other Muslims and know the true Islam they make systematic efforts to assert on the minds of the followers that they are quite different from other Muslims.

But the hypocrisy of their religious leaders becomes evident when they order their followers to close down their bank accounts as interest is prohibited for Muslims, or when the Bohra religious head takes pride in being the Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University or his representative being on the Central Haj Committee and Muslim Personal Law Board. They make announcements of their being the real well-wishers of the Muslim world.

But when the time comes for them to be accountable under Islamic law or Muslim Waqf Act, or to save their skin in a situation like in Gujarat now, they feel no shame in claiming that they are not Muslims. Further more, the Dawoodi Bohras statement, obviously under instruction from Sayedna Saheb, that they are peace-loving is most dangerous under the circumstances, which directly implies that the other Muslims are not peace-loving and are trouble creaters.

Violent attacks on reformist Bohras time and again by fanatic followers of Sayedna and their round and arrogant behaviour with other Muslims, cursing the Muslim Khalifas and creating riots are for any one to judge how peace-loving these followers of Bohra high priest are? It is the duty of Sayedna to immediately refute the statements made by his followers that they are not Muslims. We also insist on Muslim organizations like Muslim Personal Law Board, Haj Committee, Aligarh Muslim University etc to seriously note this contention on behalf of Sayedna Muhammad Burhanuddin.
(Source: The Bohra Chronicle, Mumbai, June 2002) q

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Different Types Of Bohra Matams

By AlZulfiqar

A Majlis was relayed in all the centres, and the funniest part was in the end when they were instructing to the people to do the matam in the following ways :

1) Zor ma matam karjo bhaiyo thodi second na lidhe aa aakhri matam che
2) Dheere dheere matam karo thodi second na lidhe aa aakhri matam che
3) Hawe khamoshi si dheere dheere matam karo thodi second na lidhe aa aakhri matam che
4) Hawe khamoshi si zor ma matam karo.

My question to the Abde Sayedna's is , whether To do matam in different styles is this not a mockery of matam ?

Matam is matam it should be done by your heart and not like in different styles.


1). The silent and deadly serious maatam whilst sitting with that earnest look on yr face, imagining yrself as part of the army of Hussain (a.s.).

2). The vocal and vociferous maatam with shouts, screams and an occasional suppressed moan

3). The fatous sobbing maatam where hands beating yr chest is no longer neccessary. This technique is usually employed when u are tired and no longer wish to participate in the frenzy, but still appear engaged and committed.

4). The accelerated tempo maatam, when suddenly a frenzy grips the flock of sheep, as if a tiger has been let loose among the innocent lambs. When this happens all rhythm is lost and everyone goes berserk, all u hear is a disoriented beat totally out of synch. this disturbs yr sense of harmony.

5). The orchestrated maatam wherein there is a smooth, steady maatam beat led by a marasiya party. This is your classic style which is most effective and comforting and continues for a good 5-10 minutes and where u can alternate with either hand for variety or as any of them gets tired. This is usually interrupted when the saheb-e-majlis has found his next page or has taken enough of a break. He then silences the maatam and the marasiya party with a silent but imperious gesture of his hand, laden with deep wisdom, bringing you great relief.

6). The doubled over maatam. In this style one sees clever bohras double over, so bent close to the ground in apparent grief, that u can hardly see them doing maatam. This allows you to escape temporarily from the scene of mayhem.

7). The anticipatory maatam. As the final scenes approach, the preliminary shahadats now out of the way and now little baby Ali Asgher (a.s.) having been martyred, and Abbas Alamdar (a.s.)murdered in his valiant but futile attempt to fetch water from the furat, the crowd gets restless and breaks out into spontaneous maatam, as if slavering and salivating at the impending climax.

8). The unpredictable maatam. This happens when invariably an overzealous bohra suddenly in the midst of the majlis calls out "ya hussain" or some such stirring call and over-excited fellow zealots break out on cue into a desperate maatam, unable to contain themselves.

9). The 2 handed maatam. This is usually practised by those honorable and privileged fanatics in the first 2-3 rows for its show value and it also demonstrates the peer pressures under which these poor souls have to labour.

10). The half standing maatam. This style is usually brought into play when certain soul stirring marasiyas are sung and the front row honchos and a few scattered militants get up on their knees and do maatam, thereby displaying their prowess and passion for their religion.

11). The now-this-is-it maatam In the final seconds. the hysterical crowd now sensing the imminent slaughter of Hussain (a.s.), becomes totally alert, incl. those who were so far in a state of dazed stupor, and suddenly sit up straight, hands on their chests ready to start hammering, all their primal urges now in full display, as if readying to take on yazid's army and fight or be slaughtered themselves.

12). After the customary script is played out, with Hussain (a.s.) in sajda and shimr doing his bit with an un-sharp knife and the last second linkage with being loyal to dai and laanat on his dushmano and showering money on tamara sydena etc, the crowd jumps up to its feet and thats when u have the best style of maatam we can display. Good friends and known everyday thaal groups, comfortable in their familiarity with each other, form circles and dance around in perfect synchronicity, in total harmony on the beat and the steps, losing themselves in the hypnotic washing of their guilt and somehow convincing themselves that the more they inflict pain and cruelty upon themselves the more they will become the warriors of Hussain (a.s.) they couldn't be. Its all a great macho display of self-worth practised in the safe confines of an isolated bohra markaz, far removed from the hot sands and battle fields of kerbala, where if by a miracle these cowardly bohras were to find themselves, they would have run for their lives or surrendered immediately with yellow on their hijars (pyjamas).

In my observation, having attended moharram majlises of persians, pathans, other shias, bohras etc, the more jaahil the community and race, the more violent and shocking is their maatam. their styles, and their capacity to inflict harm upon themselves is directly proportional to their latent anger, their pent up rage and their macho images. Its a fascinating study in human psychology.

After engaging in the above ritual, the bohras claim that Matam is a sign of utmost grief when actually one doesnt see a drop of tear in their eyes whilst performing the different types of matams. If the above is not a mockery of the Shahadat of Imam Hussain (a.s.) then what ? Did Hussain (a.s.) gave the greatest of sacrifices including his own near and dear ones so that His sacrifices would be mocked at instead of grasping and emphasising on the real message which was of sacrifice, austerity, humbleness, bravery, love for the deen of Allah (swt) and above all the unity of Ummat-e-Rasul (s.a.w.).

How many bohras come out of the masjid with the real message duly engraved in their minds and soul?

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Just a few simple questions to abde syedna fanatics...

by Al Zulfiqar.

just some ordinary questions for abde syedna khaal donors..

1. why was the syedna black-listed and not able to visit saudi since last 20 years? and even after being graciously allowed in for an umrah, why was he instructed to strictly not allow any bohras to join him?

2. why was the amil of jeddah, shabbirbhai saheb vajihuddin arrested and deported some 20 years ago?

3. why does the syedna who claims to be representative of hidden imam, and then through him directly of Allah, disobeying Allah's farmaans as clearly laid out in the Quran, by wantonly doing shikar of wild animals for sport and pleasure?

4. why does he utter lanats against his 'dushmans', anyone who dares to oppose his and his vast family's extravagant lifestyle?

5. why does he refuse to give any accounts of thousands of crores that is collected in his name and where it is spent and on whom, when that was the strict islamic practice of the prophet and panjatan pak?

6. why does he refuse to talk with those who have grievances against his administration and instead throws them out, dividing families and causing pain, suffering and emotional torture, something which is against the very core beliefs of islam and our deen?

7. why does he call himself ilah-al-ard (god on earth) when none of the prophets, incl, Nabi Mohammed himself never claimed so ?

8. why does he allow and encourage sajda to himself? isnt this against the practice of islam and encouraging idol worship?

9. why does he spend hundreds of crores on building zareehs and expensive gilaafs, when there are thousands of poor, jobless bohras, some of whom stay in huts in mumbai and elsewhere?

10. why does he take money by force and without mercy from widows, orphans and poor bohras on pain of baraat, when islam has expressly forbidden taking zakaat from widows, orphans and the helpless?

11. what is the difference between idol worshipping hindus making bhagwan's moortis of gold and gold plating their utensils and offerings to them, and syedna making zareehs around the graves of saints, when those saints themselves lived lives of simplicity and austerity and condemned those who spent on pomp and show while neglecting the poor?

12. when was the last time the syedna ever visited a poor bohra family and had a simple meal with them?

13. why does the syedna hide all mention of his mother, never observes her urus and never visits her grave, while there is a ziyarat of his wife in london? what is he ashamed of?

14. if syedna is the dai of Allah and infallible (maasoom) as he claims, why did he apologise publicly on TV and in writing for saying laanats against the first 3 khalifas some 23 years back in mumbai, when there were riots and 6 bohras lost their lives and crores of their property was destroyed? why did he escape under police protection in their jeep while innocent bohras suffered for his mistakes?

15. if the syedna is natiq-e-quran (speaking quran), why does he always read from papers and cannot recite from memory, even when he was much younger?

16. if the syedna is haqiqi kaaba, and raudat tahera pilgrimage is likened to haj, why bohras are bothered to go for hajj? in fact, why did syedna himself go for umrah when he could have just seen his face in the mirror?

17. if the syedna is ghaib na malik (someone who sees the unknown) why does he still ask the most basic questions to anyone who visits him to do salaams?

18. why does the syedna insist on a rumaal being placed in your hand (talaqqi) before you can touch him, but not when you are doing salaam to him with money?

19. why has the syedna, whose real role as dai is to invite non-muslims and non-bohras towards daawat, (religion) never ever actively undertaken to convert anyone into our faith like the imams and syednas before him, instead throwing out bohras who dont pay or obey the amils?

20. where are the funds collected for the saifee jubilee technical institute which was announced with great fanfare and for which president of india and sheikhs and sultans from muslim countries were invited for its foundation stone laying ceremony?

21. where are the funds and gold collected for making zareeh of ma fatema few years ago?

22. why did saifee mahal circulate lies claiming that syedna laid foundation stone of our new faiz in mecca in the same old place when this is completely untrue? this was then sent to all bohras in the west and elsewhere and proclaimed in majlises by amils under orders from kothar.

23. why are bohras told to pretend and be like other muslims when other muslim dignitaries are present? not to shout maula, maula, not to rush to touch his feet and do sajda to him? why are our ladies told to hide only at that time, when otherwise they freely mingle and do salaams and boso to syedna?

24. where does the salaam money taken from bohras in the name of imamuzzaman go?

25. why have the syedna and his father expropriated all bohra community properties worldwide and taking all its income without giving any accounts?

26. why has the indian govt not jailed or punished the past syedna and the present one, inspite of overwhelming evidence from 2 independent supreme court judicial commissions appointed by the govt. that they have committed fraud, extortion and embezzlement of community wealth and caused extreme suffering, harassment and persecution of those who oppose him within the community?

27. why, inspite of syedna taher saifuddin having said under oath in court that imam does not exist and is purely an imaginary figure, does the syedna make us celebrate imam uz zaman's birthday and collects money in his name?

28. from where do the funds for the lavish upkeep of the syedna's vast family amounting to almost 1000 members come from?

29. why does the syedna and his vast family employ a whole secret army of highly paid non-bohra and non-muslim experts on finance, media handling and public relations, banking, advertising and marketing?

30. why does the syedna keep relations with known goondas like bal thackeray, narendra modi, and in the past with dawood ibrahim, karim lala and yusuf pathan etc. felicitating them, honouring them and giving them huge sums of money?

there will be more questions to follow when expedient. meanwhile all the extreme abde fanatics can start by replying to these few simple questions. i invite gay sammy dude, al dhillah, haggun nus-nus, gulf, frog, pig, bird and other denizens to give serious and scholarly answers, if they have any of course. if not, we can expect their usual gaali galoch and final confirmation and vindication that they are all fools.

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Like we have been doing every year, all Farzando can partake in the barakat of submitting wajebaat this year as well. Janab Moez bs will sit for farzando wajebaat bethak on Saturday (8/13) at 8:15 pm, right after Quran no Dor and Bayan. Recommended amount is $27 per child (cash).

Was Salaam,

Abde Syedna (TUS)
Shabbir Jamali
@ True_Bohra

is this correct? child who don't even earn any thing, need to give zakaat-wajebaat?

(please dont tell me this is just for their practice, even if it is then mullah should give money back to their parents after event is over)

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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Some gems, garnered from the treasure chest of the syedna

By AlZulfiqar.

We intend to hereby start a collection of gems we garner everyday from the treasure chests of our 'establishment'. this comes out of their mouths, at their sabaks, vaez's, publications, websites like maalumat, even the humble wedding and other invitation cards... etc.

1. khuda na dai..! does khuda need a dai..? and where is the link with the rasool..??
2. hamara aqa maula ta'kayamat jiye..! when even each and every prophet was mortal and the dai something more superior..?
3. apne sagla mumineen ne farishta na libaas pehnavee ne apno darzo baland kari didho..! wow! tomorrow i'm reporting to the vatican dressed in the pope's grand accoutrements..!!
4. hu tamne ziyafat nu sharaf aapu chu...!! yes, i, salehbhai, am taking bookings for u all to feed me every day for the next 10 years..! hey, its an honour to u, although i'm not too happy about giving u my time and tolerating your lukewarm samosas..
5. ali ni vaez ghana bastat thi farmavi.. touching on his shahadat and establishing a link from him straight to the dai..all in 10 mins!!!, without talking of ali's greatness, his austerity, self-sacrifice, his integrity, character, principles and practices..?
6. the pseudo arabisation of our daily use terminology...viz. lailatul arbaeen, najwatus shukur, chammar khidmat, muzakeraat, rasme-saifee... and so on. perhaps by these pathetic attempts the entire community may be miraculously transformed from their baniya origins to the hashemites and quraish of the old!!!
7. libaas-ul-anwar. wah!
8. shehzaada 'aliwaqar' ----, DM (daawate majdahu).. bombastic and heavy sounding titles created to bamboozle and confuse the poor awestruck bohra, who would then worship the very shadow of the person with that illustrious moniker..baa adab, baa mulahiza..etc.. !!
12. Miqaat..
13. deedar sharaf.. apna noorani chehra joya, to kaaba no deedar thayo.
14. vazarat us saifiyah... the ministry of strategic planning and implementation, where highly qualified brains are constantly devising clever and innovative schemes to separate bohras from their money..!!
15. nawazeshaat....tumhara choona tumko hi lagaya....
16. mafsuhiyat... formerly a very simple act of awarding a title of 'mulla'. now its made to appear as if you are elevated to some exalted position in the heavens, alongside the angels and seraphims..!!
17. jalwanuma thaya.. now syedna doesnt take his seat anymore, he ascends to it in the manner of the mughal emperors and maharajas..
18. lisan-e-dawat.. the most ridiculous and pathetic, even comedic attempt to establish a seperate language for bohras... what it has only succeeded in doing is isolate our highly marginalised community even more and made us the laughing stock of the whole world..!! We dare any bohra to take this language and speak it at any public forum. We showed a sample of it to an arab friend and he was so confused and bewildered..upset even, at this misuse and insult to his language! it is arabic but it is not arabic...???!!! have you heard the muslims from ratnagiri area speak, with their peculiar mixture of urdu, marathi, hindi? we sound as rare as them! wah bhai wah...
19. arey ae to taweel nu bayan che, ema arso daraaz thai jaase.... a very convenient excuse every time a poor ignorant bohra asks for some explanation and it is awkward for 'them' to reply...
20. hazrat imamiyah... the presence of the dai is now referred to in these terms..another clever strategem to depict him in a divine light and to seperate us ordinary mortals from him.
21. talaqqi... to welcome him and to hold his hand is now referred by this word. a clean white rumaal has to be placed in our dirty hands so that we do not soil him with our filthy sins! there is nothing comparable to this anywhere in islamic history, that this was ever practiced by the rasool(saw) or any of the sahaba's.
22. shafaqat ni nazar.. the glance of the dai on us..
23. yaumul mab'as.. still trying to figure this one out...can anyone enlighten us pls?
24. takhte imami... the seat of the dai. wherever he sits is now referred to as a throne..and we thought all religious leaders were sent to serve us and GOD! the word 'dai' means the inviter, the one who invites us towards the daawah or the truth, towards God, not pomp and glory!!
25. muraqebeen...another fancy word conjured me..
26. majmui ziyafat... when there is not enough time to partake of individual ziyafats, then all the bakra's are collected together and slaughtered collectively..the salaams from each remains the same though!
27. hadiyat...for granting 'mulla'panu it is called mafsuhiyat, for granting the title of sheikh, it is hadiyat..!!
28. Ayyamut Tabudaat ! Linking one Muhammad (A.S.) to another, with 1 day for one and 39 days of events for the other. Talk about lopsided priorities!
29. 'Tilawat' of anything written by the Syedna to be done standing up with "khusoo". Tilawat should only be of the Quran Majeed and everthing else is simply read (or sung!)

All this usage of arabic (and in many cases it is totally inappropriate) is like we going to the jungles of africa swathed in yards of bleached organza and gauze, and deliberately using german or latin to subjugate the awe-struck, ignorant natives and bamboozle them into believing that we have descended from the heavens and am some sort of god!

Even assuming that the intentions behind this ridiculous language are noble, -- to make our people learn arabic -- it still doesnt succeed, and is highly suspect because you are deliberately NOT teaching them arabic. If you did, they would soon read through all the massive deception and fraud being committed on them!! Teaching someone a watered-down version of anything is like a deliberate deprivation with sinister intent. We are also not a community of such low IQ either, that we would not be able to grasp anything intelligent if its taught to us. That is basically what this whole thing insults us and reduces us to the level of retards.. the proof is that they have succeeded!! if this is not a master-stroke, what else is???

It is all a most ridiculous, nonsensical, fatuous, pathetic and stupid exercise which beggars the imagination and is an insult to any sane person's intelligence!

In scope of idiocy, it resembles the massive and wasteful attempt of Muhammad bin tughlaq when he tried to shift the seat of power from delhi to tughlaqabad in order to perpetuate his legacy, and became the laughing stock of the then world, or when akbar the great tried the same and wanted to shift his capital to fatehpur sikhri.

The present syedna is attempting to somehow leave his stamp on bohra history by this useless effort at a separate language for his community. Many nuances of it are influenced by the fact that many previous syedna's and a sizeable part of our community come from m.p and rajasthan, where this type of mixed lingo is common. gujrati, hindi, urdu, words are all mixed in. We have many friends from indore, bhopal, sagwara, sidhpur etc and they do have this similar, but peculiar speech pattern.

But to try and institutionalise it and call it lisane-dawaat, as if it has divine sanction and then make tragi-comedic inclusions of arabic words in it, its too laughable and beyond the pale...! One doesnt know whether to laugh or to cry or to bang one's head against the wall, when you hear this strange concoction..!!!!!

To us, the language is as much a contradiction, as the kothar's thinking. on the one hand they try to portray us to the rest of the islamic world as being very much a part of the mainstream, so that we are accepted, are not isolated and we win approval and maintain a pleasant, positive profile; on the other hand, they also want to marginalise us with this language, this dress, the contempt for the other muslims, the clever ways of keeping us inward-bound, all the subtle brain washing etc.

If the intention is to create a clear, distinct identity for us bohras, rather like the branding strategy used in marketing, then it is highly debatable what the long term benefits are going to be.

There are sinister minds at work behind the scenes.. highly paid paid brains employed to work for the kothar. not too long ago - maybe about 25 yrs back - we do know that the ex-director of brand marketing (A&P), hindustan lever, was recruited by the kothar and paid a monthly salary of 10,000 Rs + benfits,.. to do what...??? Your guess is as good as ours..!! there were many such top-notch people from blue-chip co's, who were head-hunted and kept on their payroll!

The dawaat is a large enterprise and obviously there are thousands of crores of rupees involved.... that is what our innocent and naive people dont understand, that every move the kothar makes, has a commercial long term interest behind it..

The lisane dawaat could be just one more cog in the giant scheme of machinery ... hey, lets face the facts.. they are no fools!! On the contrary, they are so sharp and shrewd to be able to manage all these jamaats and trusts, databases, amaalats and postings, the govt, the politics and the goonda's who all want a share of the loot, the publicity, income and expenses, etc etc. Its the community which is an utter fool! Little do they understand the deep and complicated games going on...

It takes brains of the highest calibre even to manage an empire of evil..!! Take the shining example of dawood ibrahim...can he not reach any of his foes anywhere in the world within 24 hrs, no matter where in the world he hides? That is the sort of reach, power and resources he has...

Our kothar is even more smarter than him and his organisation....for they do it with elan and with a complete stamp of religious respectability..!! WAH BHAI WAH!

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Re: Archives From The PDB Website Concerning Bohra Issues.


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The news of the outrageous assault on the innocent women of Udaipur at Galiakot in front of the Daiz-Zaman, Sayedna Mohammad Burhanuddin was most shocking for the faithfuls who till then believed that whatever is happening in the community the Dai has no hand in it. The Bohras in Udaipur who had refrained from direct involvement in the Reformist Movement now thought it fit to join the movement as they were faced with the monstrous power of a cruel and crude religious establishment. The Jamiya Saifia Surat had especially became a hot-bed of discussion as many senior teachers there doubted the legitimacy of Dais after 46th Dai.

On 22 November, 1974 in a meeting organized by the Bohra Youth at Nagpada-Bombay, one Congress MP Mr. Shashi Bhushan in his address assured the audience that he would certainly raise the issue of enacting an Act for the Bohra Community’s properties which is valued at several Crores. He also said that those who renounce worldly temptations and work for the welfare of the common men we Indians worship them like Gods. Whereas those who run after power and self are denounced as devils. I wish Sayedna Saheb be a good human being and the spiritual guide for his community.

The cunning Bohra establishment twisted the whole thing and made full use of this opportunity to launch a nation-wide and world-wide offensive against the Bohra Reform Movement by falsely alleging that Shashi Bhushan called Sayedna ‘Shaitan’.

Next day Mr. Shashi Bhushan visited Surat to address a party meeting where the Bohras were instigated not to allow him to enter the city. A large crowd went on a rampage and the situation became so tense that the police imposed section 144 to control it. Yusuf Najmuddin the rector of Jamia Saifia rushed to Surat and instigated a large crowd of Jamia’s students to teach a lesson to their “munafik” (hypocrite) teachers. Thereafter four senior ustads (eminent scholars), Shaikh Sajjad Husain, Shaikh Hasan Ali, Shaikh Ali Ahmed and Shaikh Ahmed Ali Raj were haunted and assaulted mercilessly by their own students under pressure from the rector.

The first target of brutal attack was Shaikh Hasan Ali. The agitated crowd of 400 men first went to his Noorpura residence in Surat, where he was staying with his son Moiz. They immediately locked the door from inside and went out from the back door and hid in the house of a nearby Hindu tailor.

Shaikh Ahmed Ali left for Udaipur and the reformists gave him protection.

About Shaheed Shaikh Sajjad Husain, the Justice Nathwani Commission Report says as follows:-

“One Sarangpurawala Mohamed Sheikh, son of Sajjad Hussain, of Surat appeared before us and narrated the story of persecution of himself and his father.

His late father has taken religious education in a religious college in Surat controlled by the then Mullaji. He studied religious literature in Arabic and he was a scholar of Urdu, Arabic and Farsi. He had also written religious songs. Thereafter he was appointed as a teacher in the religious college by the then Mullaji i.e. 51st Dai Taher Saifuddin. The present Sayedna took religious instruction from him (Sajjad Hussain). He served the institution for about 50 years faithfully on a pittance of Rs.275 per month. He was dismissed from the college by the brother of the present Sayedna. The cause of his dismissal makes a very interesting reading and throws a flood of light on the totalitarian character of the Dai’s regime.

Sajjad Hussain and three of his colleagues believed that the 45th Dai died suddenly from poisoning without making an appointment of his successor. He had not expressed his belief in public and kept it to himself. But in 1969 when one of his colleagues Sheikh Hasanali had gone to Mecca for Haj, he expressed his said view before an Arab friend and had requested him to keep it a secret. Somehow this matter leaked out and the brother of the present Sayedna, Dr. Yusuf Najmuddin came to know that Sajjad Hussain and his three colleagues were holding this belief. Soon after that serious steps commenced to be taken.

The Mullaji Saheb first declared Baraat against Sajjad Hussain and his three colleagues. The Sayedna started the practice of presenting them as “Maloon” (hated being or Satan) and informed the followers accordingly in all places by a circular. He thereafter called the family members of the four teachers to his Devdi (Surat headquarter) and told them either to expel the four persons from their family or to leave them collectively and to curse (utter Laanat against) them. When they refused to do so, they were manhandled by the followers of Mullaji and Baraat was declared against the family members also. This resulted in the severance of relations of the community with them and made their lives miserable.

Before the dismissal of these four teachers from the college, they were called by the Sayedna on 1-1-1971. They kept them standing, surrounded by teachers and pupils of the college. The pupils as well as the teachers were then asked to utter ‘Laanat’ against them and to spit on them and also abuse them. After this they were pushed out and dismissed. On same day at night, a mob of 300 persons went to their houses and looted household property and religious books. At that time Sheikh Hasanali was called and severely beaten by the pupils. During religious occasions and especially during Moharram and Ramazan, the priestly class used to provoke the orthodox followers by falsely alleging that these four teachers were drinking alcohol and eating tobacco and that they will be murdered or their house will be looted and burnt if they did not apologize.

The witness further said that his father Sajjad Hussain was very old and weak and suffered the most. Even in the mosque and Dargah very rough treatment was given to him by throwing stones at him and taking away his cap. The family members complained to the Mullaji about such behaviour. But the harassment went on increasing. Even if any one of the female members was seen from a window or verandah of their house, the orthodox followers used to abuse her indecently and it became practically impossible to move out of the house with any self respect. Not only Bohras but even others like milkmen, washerman and domestic servants also boycotted the families of Sheikhs (the teachers referred to earlier).

The witness’s wife was forced to divorce him. His 4 month old daughter Nasrin was considered “Haram” i.e. bastard. Similarly the son-in-law of Sheikh Hasanali was forced to divorce his wife as he was serving in Mullaji’s establishment and had, therefore, to carry out their order even though he was deeply attached to his wife. The second son-in-law of Sheikh Ahmedali (one of the four teachers) was not forced to divorce his wife because he and his wife in the presence of Sayedna abused and uttered “Laanat” against all the four teachers including Sheikh Ahmedali.

In 1972, the wife of Sheikh Ali Ahmed expired after much humiliating treatment. Permission was granted for her burial. But all Bohras were asked not to participate in the burial. A condition was imposed that if any of the four boycotted teachers participated in the burial ceremony, the dead body would be thrown out from the graveyard. Consequently six young members of the family had to carry the dead body for about one and half miles in Ramazan when they were observing fast and were hungry as well as thirsty. The grave digger was sent away and the witness had to arrange for another grave digger. Even though the death took place at 10.00 a.m. the burial took place at 5.00 p.m. The same thing happened when the witness’s aunt late Fatima Sheikh Hasanali expired.

The priestly class kept on telling the orthodox followers that this rubbish (meaning 4 teachers) must be removed from Surat. Sheikh Ahmed Ali one of the four teachers had already left Surat for good and he was invited by reformist Bohras of Udaipur as they needed a learned man.

On 22-11-1974 at night the teachers and pupils and other miscreants held a meeting at the school and after planning the assault they divided themselves into three groups and attacked the witness’ family ‘i.e. the family of his father Sajjad Hussain at about 10.00 p.m. The house of the witness’s uncle was raided but he and others were able to save their lives by closing the front door and escaping through the back door. They were saved by Hindus. All household furniture, utensils were looted and stones were thrown and food was destroyed and costly articles and glass-ware were broken. Sheikh Ali Ahmed and his family members also were protected by neighbouring Hindu families.

The witness and his father were surrounded by Bohras and the neighbouring families could not help them. Some of the raiders broke into the house and started beating the witness and his father, The witness tried to protect his father and so they concentrated on the witness. He was dragged out. The witness was beaten and asked to leave his father and utter Laanat against him. His clothes were torn and his body was bleeding. He lost consciousness. With great difficulty when he went to his house he saw that his father was in a semiconscious condition. Serious injuries were inflicted on him by the mob and his ribs were injured. His furniture, radio and sewing machine etc. were destroyed including food and water. Costly things were taken away. His 4 month old daughter was not spared. The wounded father of the witness expired on 25-11-1974 at the residence of a staunch reformist Sheth Taherbhai Abdul Gafoor Kinkhabwala. When the father died the priestly class celebrated his death and their victory by a show of fireworks from 2.00 to 10.00 p.m. and sweets were distributed.

Prosecution was filed against a number of persons for conspiracy to cause death. The accused persons were acquitted by the Surat Court because it could not be established that those who were put up for trial were guilty. We are however not concerned with the question as to which particular persons were the assailants. We are only concerned with the fact that the boycotted persons became victims of mob violence, whoever may have engineered it.”