We all know that it's the common, ordinary Bohras who with their commitment and dedication have sustained the reform movement through the decades. But no one can deny that there always have been leaders among them. They were/are the men and women of grit, guts and passion who have helped advance the reform movement with their vision and courage, and oft times through great personal sacrifice.

This list below is by no means complete nor are some of the profiles detailed and comprehensive. We welcome contributions from readers. If you would like to suggest a name for the list or write a profile please do let us know.

Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy
Sir Adamji Peerbohy was one of the pioneer reformists who fearlessly challenged the authority of the priesthood. He was rich and famous, qualities which did not particularly sit well with the then Sayedna Taher Saifuddin. more
Alibhai Mulla Jeevanjee
Alibhai Mulla Jeevanjee was born in Pakistan in 1856, and went to East Africa in 1890. He was a pioneering entrepreneur and philanthropist in Kenya, building the Jeevanjee Gardens, and most of Nairobi when the city was a sprawling township. more
Karimjee Jivanjee
The Karimjee Jivanjee family was/is well known for its philanthropy and public service in East Africa. At one time there was no Bohra child who would not go through the whole gamut of Jivanjee institutions from schools to gymkhanas to mosques to scholarships for higher education. more
Noman Contractor
Noman Contract stuck his neck out when reformist were considered heretics. He was a true visionary and it was his gentle, ever-smiling, persuasive personality which evoked affection and friendship. more
Sheikh Ahmed Ali Raj
Sheikh Ahmed Ali Raj was a scholar at Jamiyah Safiah in Surat and one of the teachers of 52nd Dai Sayedna Mohammed Burhanuddin. After the reformist revolt in Udaipur in 1971 he fell out of favour with the Kothar and was humiliated and hounded out of Surat. He spent the rest of life in the reformist fold in Udaipur and served the community and the movement with his knowledge and shcholarship. more
Ahmed Luqmani
Ahmed Luqmani and his family being related to the Sayedna had seen the shenanigans of the "royal family" from close quarters. Mr. Luqmani was a erudite Islamic scholar, and as a man of principle and courage, opposed the tyrannical Bohra clergy throughout his life. His books on Namaz and Islamic history are widely read and used by both reformist and orthodox Bohras. more
Asghar Ali Engineer
Dr. Engineer is a world renowned Islamic scholar and has been at the forefront of the Bohra reform movement for many decades. more
Husseinbhai Hamdani
Husseinbhai Hamdani has not only left his mark on reformist activities in Uganda and Canada but as a philanthropist contributed greatly towards the welfare of Bohras and Muslims at large. He worked tirelessly to advance the reform movement and remained committed to the cause till his last breath. more
Zulfiqar Husain
Zulfiqar Husain had seen the deterioration of the dawat from close quarters and made relentless efforts to challenge the clergy at great personal risk. He devoted his life to the welfare of the poor and needy be they Bohras, Muslims or Hindus. more
Yahya Ali Lohawala
If the reform struggle in Udaipur has survived for more than four decades it is because of people like Yahya Ali Lohawala. Like so many other unsung heroes he never climbed the podium to receive awards for his contributions, nor will his name ever figure in the annals of the movement. But it is people like him who have quietly served the cause without any motive for power or name. more
Ismail Attarwala
Ismail Attarwal will be remembered as person who was God-fearing and simple, a man who was a devout follower of Imam Hazrat Ali, and like him was passionate about justice and freedom of conscience, and had the courage of conviction to live by his principles. more