Sayedna's maafinama

When Sayedna saheb uttered curses against the three Khalifas during a mohrram speech in Bombay in 1988, it caused riots and unrest in the city. Sayenda saheb later had to tender an apology to pacify the Muslims and calm the situation. This video was made available to us by a reader.

Asghar Ali Engineer in Tornoto - April 2008

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer visited Toronto, Canada in April 2008 and the Association of Progressive Dawoodi Bohras (APDBO) felicitated him to their Hamilton centre on April 19th. Dr. Engineer gave a talk about the status of the reform movement and the challenges its facing, and later answered the questions the audience asked. Below is the recording of his talk and the question and answer session.

  • Talk at APDBO - part 1
  • Talk at APDBO - part 2
Interviews with Asghar Ali Engineer

Asghar Ali Engineer talks about the Bohra reform movement and Islam. This interview was conducted during the Canada conference in August 2001. Here's a complete 5-part interview.

  • Interview - part 1
  • Interview - part 2
  • Interview - part 3
  • Interview - part 4
  • Interview - part 5
A dialogue with orthodox Bohars

Four orthodox Bohras grill Asghar Ali Engineer on the Bohra reform movement. Listen to this rare dialogue (in Urdu):

  • Dialogue - part 1
  • Dialogue - part 2
Chandabhoy Galla case

The Chandabohy Galla case is a cause célèbre in Bohra history. What is it about and what does it mean to us today? Find out in this talk (in Urdu) by Ashgar Ali Engineer.<.p>

  • Chandabhoy Galla case - part 1
  • Chandabhoy Galla case - part 2
Interview with Ismail K. Poonawala
Ismail Poonawala video interview

Shabbir Hussain Madraswala, a prominent reformist leader, conducts an extensive interview with Professor Ismail K. Poonawala in this video presentation. Prof. Poonawala talks in-depth about the history and doctrine of Ismailis and the state of Dawoodi Bohras in recent times. He traces the deterioration of the present Dawat and shows how it is blatantly violating the tenets and tradition of our faith.

Watch video