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Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by humanbeing » Wed May 21, 2014 8:07 am

Why They Hate Syedi Mazoon Saheb


For years I (Abde Syedna TUS Taizoon Bhaisaheb bin Hatim Bhaisaheb and Nafisah Baisaheba binte Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba) have been subjected to remarks and accusations full of hatred, jealousy, and arrogance against Syedi Mazoon Saheb from my family members. There is an entire group of people in Saifee Mahal who vehemently hate and despise our Mazoon-e-Dawat.

After taking Allah's qasam, I am saying that during the last Ashara Mubaraka in Nairobi, I was summoned three times in the morning before waaz for three consecutive days by Shehzada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin. In short, he accused Syedi Mazoon Saheb of all sorts of things and outright insulted him and said that it is not necessary that there be mazoon and mukasir. Is this not a direct contradiction to our misaaq and to what Syedna Jaafar bin Mansoor al Yemen RA (Baab al Abwaab of Imam Moiz SA) said that in Dawat al-Satr during Imam's seclusion, Imam's wujood (presence in public) will be by Dai, Mazoon and Mukasir?! Aqamola TUS has said this many times in waaz mubarak that Imam's wujood is by Dai, Mazoon and Mukasir. After he told me these things I pleaded with him to stop the insults and told him that I believe that if I say anything against Mazoon I was breaking my misaaq. He said "no, you're not breaking your misaaq". After this experience in Nairobi I have been seriously depressed and emotionally wounded. I had the highest regard for this individual and he purposely pulled the rug from under my feet. Since then, I have been subjected to insults, social boycott, and continuous propaganda full of hatred and jealousy towards Syedi Mazoon Saheb.
Below are two telephone conversations (broken into segments for easy download). By Aqamola's TUS Doa Mubarak and His extraordinarily radiant light from Imam-al-Zamaan SA, may I receive the blessings for exposing this satanic cult within our community and helping my fellow mumineen overcome these forces of darkness and hateful, jealous and arrogant blasphemers.

Caution: Anyone who believes that mazoon & mukasir can be different in zahir and batin is breaking his/her misaaq.

They Are Creating Confusion

In these two taped conversations, as you will hear, these two people believe that mazoon and mukasir are different individuals in zahir and batin -- i.e. mazoon in zahir is a different person from the mazoon in batin -- this tasawwur is absolutely wrong and totally against misaaq. Syedi Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin is mazoon in zahir and in batin and Syedi Husain Bhaisaheb Husamuddin is mukasir in zahir and in batin -- this is the correct tasawwur. Anyone who believes otherwise has broken his/her misaaq.

I, like all other mumineen, have given qasam in misaaq that it is compulsory upon one who has given misaaq to reveal to the Dai-al-Mutlaq any individual who has broken one's misaaq and report this to the Dai-al-Mutlaq. This tasawwur also has no room in the aala kitaab they proclaim it to be in, for I too have prayed these kitaab near Syedi Mukasir Saheb and Syedi Mazoon Saheb.

But Why Send This To Everyone?

The first reason I am publicizing these tapes is to warn mumineen of these satanic individuals so they can be aware of them and not get entangled in their net of nifaaq. I hope my family members come to their senses and receive hidaayat and beg for forgiveness to Aqamola TUS, Syedi Mazoon Saheb and Syedi Mukasir Saheb.

The second reason I am sending this to everyone is because the present environment does not allow me to directly araz these tapes to Aqamola TUS. There are so many barricades of people who also believe in this twisted zahir-batin tasawwur. So by sending this to everyone, I hope there will be at least one mumin who will do araz of these tapes or of these people's twisted tasawwur to Aqamola TUS.

Who Are These People?

As far as I know most of Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba's sagga (having the same mother) brothers and sisters including herself and her children, and the children of her sagga brothers and sisters have for years born enmity and jealousy towards Syedi Mazoon Saheb. While praying an aala kitaab with my grandmother, Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba, she told me that "an example of a munaafiq is Mazoon Saheb". Naoozobillah! This is how bold they have become! Obviously very upset, I reported this incident to one of Aqamola's TUS Shehzadi Sahebas and she implicitly told me to "immediately discontinue praying kitaab" with my grandmother. But the Shehzadi Saheba never reported this to Aqamola TUS and my grandmother still spews this poison to countless mumineen who go to her in good faith to learn and pray kitaab.

How Can You Talk of Mazoon-al-Mutlaq If It Is In Haqiqat Kitaab?

This bayaan is not only in haqeeqat kitaab but it is also in zahir kitaab such as in one of the Risaalat of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA -- Salsabilo Hikamin Gadaq, 1364 AH, page 127, where it says: who ever will do inkaar of Mazoon-al-Mutlaq will be doing inkaar of Dai, and who will do inkaar of Dai, will be doing inkaar of Imam, and so on…

Their Ultimate Goal

Their goal -- by spewing this poison of mazoon and mukasir being different in zahir-batin -- is to take away any respect we may have left for the aala rutba of mazoon and mukasir. By their actions and words it is evident that they do not believe in Syedi Mazoon Saheb as Aqamola's TUS mazoon ! By saying that mazoon and mukasir may or may not be worthy of their position, these evil people are in fact proclaiming to Aqamola TUS that He has appointed the wrong person in that rutba. Naoozobillah ! This evil tasawwur is designed by them to attack Syedi Mazoon Saheb and Syedi Mukasir Saheb and thus attack Aqamola TUS and all the basic tenets of the Dawoodi Bohra faith, including the misaaq itself.

What Can You Do?

Will you stand by and let these evil people attack Aqamola TUS?! Are we just going to sit back and listen to their nonsense?! Silence is consent! Weren't you angry when Engineer stood in front of Aqamola TUS in defiance?! Then ask yourself -- shouldn't you be angry now?! We are and have always been and will be a peaceful and peace-loving community within and without. But we can fight with our minds and our hearts. Then don't let them spoil your mind and your heart. Report their evil tasawwur -- of mazoon-mukasir being different in zahir-batin -- to Aqamola TUS and tell them to stay away from you and your children!

Abde Syedna al Min'aam TUS

Taizoon bin Hatim and Nafisah binte Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba

List of Those Who Have Broken Their Misaaq

Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba said to me:

"So much time ago the mazoon rutba was taken away [referring to Syedi Najam Khan] but here he is still kept mazoon. This mazoon does not even have the character of a human being. He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] hates Moulana and he does Moulana's mushahabat (similar behavior). So what if you take his [mazoon's] name in misaaq? He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] is only mazoon in zahir.

Shehzadi Shehre Banoo Baisaheba said to me:

"Mazoon Saheb hates Aqamola. Like Rasulallah had kept awwal thani thaleth, Aqamola has kept Mazoon Saheb. Like Ayub Nabi used to put keera on himself, like the keera Mazoon Saheb is hurting Aqamola. There is bayaan in Aala Kitaab that mazoon can be different in zahir and in batin -- this mazoon is only mazoon in zahir."

Yahya Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin (husband of Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba) said to me:

"The kitaab you prayed near Husain Bhaisaheb [Syedi Mukasir Saheb] is no longer valid. Husain Bhaisaheb [Syedi Mukasir Saheb] only had you pray that kitaab to make himself look big."

Dr. Idris Bhaisaheb Zainuddin (husband of Shehzadi Shehre Banoo Baisaheba) said to me:

"What you were told in Nairobi is totally correct. [That person] is closer to Moulana than Mazoon Saheb and he was trying to take you to a very high level by giving you such inside information but you did not understand him. Mazoon Saheb is just a figurehead mazoon. You should have your misaaq taken again! Go to [that person] and ask for forgiveness and everything will be fine."

Miqdad Bhaisaheb bin Sarah Baisaheba binte Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba said to me:

"There is bayaan in [he gave name of kitaab] that mazoon can be different in zahir and in batin."

Durrat Baisaheba (wife of Saeed ul Khair Bhaisaheb Najmuddin) said to me:

"What Miqdad bhai told you is correct -- mazoon is different in zahir and in batiin. He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] can think whatever he wants!"

And there are many more! Beware of these people spewing their satanic verses of zahir-batin and stay away from them before you lose your faith! I take Allah's qasam and say that these people indeed said these things to me.

Abde Syedna TUS,


My Email To Shehzada Idris Bhaisaheb Badruddin After Nairobi 1998 Ashara Mubaraka

Subj: Tasleemat
Date: 98-08-02 16:14:50 EDT

Shehzada Saheb,

I am in very deep distress and have no one to turn to, and thought maybe you can help. I don't even know how to express what I am about to write, but I have faith in Aqamola's TUS doa mubarak, and know that he will always be with me, until and and even after my last breath. Please read this with shafaqat, as Aqamola TUS would want to see rehmat on any mumin.

Several months ago, Taher bhai Qutbuddin stayed over at our place here in Bakersfield, along with his wife. Before he came, the Aamil Saheb here, and many others from Baite Zaini made it very clear that they will not call our home, or have anything to do with us, as long as Taher bhai is at our house.

During Ashara Mubaraka in Nairobi, Shehzada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb called me in the morning one day, and asked me how things were. Then, the following day, he called me again, and told me that "since Taher bhai stayed at your house, he has probably messed up your mind and I want to clean it".

Then, he began to ask me questions like "can a mazoon receive taeed from Imam uzZamaan?" I replied "no". "Then who receives taeed?" I replied: "Aqamola". Then he said: "who will come in your qabr?" I replied: "Aqamola". Then, he began to ask me if I knew what happened with Mazoonsab. I replied that I knew a little bit, but not much. Then he began to tell me things that he said Mazoonsab had done in Africa. He told me to go and ask anyone "right here, any mumin, and they will tell you the story!" I was absolutely shocked! I replied: "I thought Aqamola TUS had said not to talk about this and that Aqamola had given maafi to Mazoonsab?" He said: "yes, but Mazoonsab still did all these what if he had been given maafi, he still did these things, didn't he?!" Then, he went on to tell me what Mazoonsab had done in Udaipur, he used his hands to give salaami "like Aqamola TUS".

You probably want to shoot me by now, but wallahil azeem, this is what took place in Nairobi with me and Mufaddal Bhaisab. My logic does not allow me to agree with what he says about Mazoonsab. Because according to my logic, and Allah has given me a brain, if Aqamola TUS has kept Mazoonsab a mazoon, and if I try to question anything Mazoonsab does, I am questioning Aqamola. Also, since Aqamola TUS has made Mazoonsab Aqamola's mazoon, Mazoonsab belongs to Aqamola, and I believe he is Aqamola's TUS amaanat, and if I say or do anything against Aqamola's TUS amaanat, I am doing khayaanat. Nobody has told me this...I am deducting this all by myself, with pure and simple logic.

Also, in the ruqu chitthi (that I read in Sahifatus Salaat), which, when I die, I will have this piece of paper next to me, says: "wa bi haqqe dai'il ajal...wa mazoonehi wa mukasirehi...", which means to me that upon my death, I will have next to me as wasila in the ruqu chithi, the names of Aqamola TUS, Mazoonsab and Mukasirsab. How can one say anything against them and expect to receive their wasila in one's grave?

I don't care what anyone does to me anymore. I have simply had enough of this! They can crucify me or kill me or do whatever they want, but I know that when I die, Aqamola TUS will take me to heaven...He said exactly this in His wa'az in Dallas. I know that hell is going break loose on me now, but I am ready for it, for I know that Aqamola TUS will guide me and help me through it all.

I have nobody on this earth except Aqamola TUS who truly cares about me...and my wife. And you know for a fact per my history, that nobody in my family cares about's all a big game for them. I have heard them many times talking about "two firqas that will happen" and "who will be mansoos". I say, Naoozobillah!!!!! May Allah grant Aqamola TUS the longest life, until the day of qiyamat! How can any moomin even think about mansoos! What a bunch of heretics! So when they say "TUS", do that not mean it?!!!! Are they waiting for something?!!!! And they call themselves moomin?! How can any moomin worry about "mansoos"? Why would any moomin worry about this, when the only thing a moomin cares about and loves is Aqamola TUS? What would Aqamola TUS say about all of this if someone were to do araz to him that this is how these people think?

Abde Syedna al Minaam TUS

Source : ... a/id6.html

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by Sufi monk » Wed May 21, 2014 9:21 am

so it means enmity between muffy and SKQ is not new, and it is running between them from years.

it also means all that "aaoo gale lagawi lesu" was drama and muffy was lying in house of ALLAH.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


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now one more question arises, if such games were going on in saify mahal, was SMB unaware of all this?

no one from mazoon sahab family met SMB and told him about this?

why SMB remain silent when his Mazoon was attacked by his own son MS?

Love for children came over duties of Dai?

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by fustrate_Bohra » Wed May 21, 2014 9:40 am

Hope SKQ team has also present this as a part of evidence in court. ... a/id6.html

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by Rebel » Wed May 21, 2014 10:42 am

This is a good link. The power struggle is always present in the big families and empire like the Dawat. Power to control wealth, properties and above all the people will always be there. We all know the power struggle within the MS camp, gang of brothers and sisters struggling to get better positions in the dawat. It's a fact that MB kept quiet all these year in avoid the disintegration of the dawat - on one side his children and on the side his brothers and sisters.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by humanbeing » Thu May 22, 2014 4:42 am

Rebel wrote:This is a good link. The power struggle is always present in the big families and empire like the Dawat. Power to control wealth, properties and above all the people will always be there. We all know the power struggle within the MS camp, gang of brothers and sisters struggling to get better positions in the dawat. It's a fact that MB kept quiet all these year in avoid the disintegration of the dawat - on one side his children and on the side his brothers and sisters.
I doubt this is a wealth or power struggle ! the oppressive and exploitative empire they are running require saving each other’s back and support. The hatred breeds from being “step” or “sautela”.. it is more of emotional hatred that may have stemmed from two wives of STS ! otherwise they would not risk their positions, reputation and all those divine claim.

When their internal struggles and secrets are spilled out, it is going to effect their income and people’s faith, which is important to keep them in check.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by Rebel » Thu May 22, 2014 9:28 am

@humanbeing, I agree that steps brothers and sisters don't get along however, there is power struggle between the real brothers and sisters as well. The current children of MB don't get along each other so well although they are from the same mother and father. We have seen that KQ's real brothers have left him all alone. None of the real brothers of KQ are with him, they are with MS and sitting in his opposition.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by alam » Thu May 22, 2014 11:35 am

fustrate_Bohra wrote:Hope SKQ team has also present this as a part of evidence in court. ... a/id6.html
Everyone must read the above story

There is so much in this link story that sums up the what really happened: And they have the audacity to fingerpoint OTHERS As dushman of Dawat.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by kimanumanu » Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:34 pm

Admin - this is a very good record of the whole Zahir-Batin controversy and serves as a reminder to the present generation of things that were foretold years before the current split. Can this thread be turned into a sticky please?

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by objectiveobserver53 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:20 am

Thanks for re-posting this thread Kimanu. Somehow I had missed it when it was originally posted. First MS revealed in waaz that he had always doubted the Mazoon and now Taizun bhai's revelations confirm that the man flagrantly denied Burhanuddin Moula's mazoon while Burhanuddin Moula was still taking his Mazoon's name in misaq! Nothing was sacred to this person who now sits on the takhat. It was just a game to him. Is it any wonder that so many mumineen are disillusioned and distancing themselves from the Bohra faith.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:56 pm

More on this subject from PDB Archives :-

Naam Khidmat Kaam Fitnat

It details the power structure of the Shezadas who was controling Dawat and creating a wall between and Haq and Batil

Badrul Jamali (BJ for short) and his family are now controlling the administration of Dawat! They can beat up mumineen they dont like (Mansoor / Shabbir Yamani in Surat) and do fitnat against Mazoon Sahib all the time and get away with it! First Question is why? Why do they do that? Its obvious to most intelligent mumineen that they do it for worldly reasons. To get more power and to keep that power all the time. The reason I Say THEY is that its not just Badrul Jamali alone. His brothers, sisters and his whole family are with him. They are all supporting and helping his evil activities enjoying material benefits for themselves.

But the second question is even more serious. Why are Aqa Moulas (TUS) Shehzadas aligning themselves with him, especially Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb, whom I respected quite a bit before it became very clear to me that he is supportive of all of BJs activities. Shezada Sahebs wife is Badrul Jamalis sister, so BJ is always protected no matter how much he terrorizes mumineen. We are at a time in the history of Dawat when a big fitnat is being planned right under our noses. One could hardly imagine that people in high places could act harmfully towards Dawat. Today, many mumineen are beginning to discover just that.

Badrul Jamali and associates are using Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb to practice their evil activities, oppress mumineen and instill fear in mumineens hearts. On the other hand, they do propaganda of displaying Shezada Sahib as the chosen one. The fact that Shehzada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb relies on such people like Badrul Jamali and Mohammad Hasan of Cairo speaks a lot about Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisahebs own character. Instead of learning from Aqa Moula TUS, this Shehzada seems to have received his training from his Sasra - Yusuf Bhaisaheb Najmuddin the Father of BJ.

It was obvious that when Aqa Moula TUS made young Khuzema Bhaisaheb Mazoon-e-Dawar, old Yusuf Bhaisaheb was very upset. Everybody knew that. Now BJ and associates want us to believe Yusuf Bhaisaheb is some kind of a saint! Yusuf Bhaisaheb infact is the one who has sown these evil seeds in Saify Mahal and Kothar and Jamea and corrupted their minds. They have chosen Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb as their Leader, and are openly saying they will not accept anything else. Otherwise why this opposition and Muqaabla of Mazoon Saheb? Why this open Challenge to Aqa Moula TUS? They are not willing to even accept Mazoon as Mazoon as we learn from Taizoon Bhaisaheb ( who revealed their beliefs to the community. The general mumineen think this is an internal family fued. FAR FROM IT. This cult attacks our Dai Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin TUS with their shameful activities and atrocities on mumineen. To stand on the side and let this cult impose themselves on us mumineen is more shameful.

Mohammad Hasan of Misr said in the Izhar-e-Aqidat Majlis in Saify Masjid Mumbai that we dont want 1, 2, 3, we just believe in one. Is this not a little bit like the Sunni Muslims! Is it not true that Imam-uz-Zamans presence in Satr is by these 3 Rutbas-Dai, his zayre dast Mazoon and Mukasir. Then what compels Mohammed Hasan to say this? Why does he talk against Mazoon and Mukasir and drives the propaganda machine for Shehzada saheb through his cronies in Misr? To say that to call Shehzada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Moula is OK, but to call Mazoon Saheb Moula is a gunah? Mazoon Sahib was appointed in that Rutba by Aqa Moula TUS since he is worthy of it, and on the other hand, Shezada Saheb needs to be propped up by this propaganda machine of Aamils, Jamea and Tanzeem etc, all of whom are obviously dependant on this group and their leader for their well being.

When Shezada. Mufaddal Bhaisaheb started pressuring mumineen to do Vajebaat 2 times more, 3 times more, and some even 10 times more this year in Ramadan, this group supported the idea no matter how absurd it was. Low-income mumineen were pressured to give Vajebaat of amounts that constituted 50% of their years income or their safai chithi was refused! Aamils and Khidmat Guzars were made to pay extreme amounts than their last years Vajebaat, and all those who did not have the money were given loans. Vajebaat means what is Vajeb on what you have, so if you have to take a loan, then you never had it in the first place! And where will these so called Khidmat Guzars get the money from? Obviously from the community. I cant wait to see what happens next year! Double again?

Aqa Moula TUS has never said to give Vajebaat by taking loan. Then who runs this parallel show? Everyone knows it is Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb and his group. They dont care about the poor mumineen in our community, for I know for a fact how the money is distributed amongst their loved ones. Zohra baisaheb, the wife of Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisaheb gives her hand to men to do Salaam and they kiss it!! Since when does she have Mehram with so many men, or is she trying to fill the vacuum left by beloved Busaheba?

Seems like Badrul Jamali and group have already proclaimed their own leader and do not want to wait for Aqa Moula TUS.
True Ikhlaas would be to do doa for Aqa Moulas TUS Long life till Qiyamat and Zuhur of Imam on Moulas hand, not by self proclamation! This tasawwur of Ikhlaas was given by none other than Mazoon Saheb to one of my friends.

Mukasir Saheb made it very clear in one of his Sabaqs in Mumbai recently when he said that the Rutba and Rutba na Sahib, meaning the person in the Rutba are the same. He totally negated the fundamental lie of Zahir-Batin propagated by this Nifaaqi group and said that only Dushmans of Dawat would propagate such a this Tasawwur. He said much more and clarified that to NOT believe in any one of the Rutba na Saheb is Nifaaq.

BJ and associates tried to beat up Taizoon Bhaisaheb by sending members of Burhani Gaurds and Ezzi family members, who are all hardcore supporters of Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb. If you read his website, he describes the horror he faced in detail, Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb should never have talked ill of Mazoon Moula to Taizoon Bhaisaheb. The fact that these people resort to violence and call violence Mohabbat nu Josh speaks a lot about them.

Then we have this great lawyer, Mustafa AbdulHussain in London, who writes on Dbnet and that Taizoon bhaisaheb's exposing of this Nifaaqi ZahirBatin belief in this manner of putting it up on the website and sending CDs to people is questionable! He says that Taizoon's claim that he had to resort to these means because he could not do Araz to Aqa Moula TUS means that he (taizoon) believes that the Dai is unaware of the situation, if the situation exists, and that if we believe that the Dai can be unaware, then we believe that the Dai is not infallible (infallible means Masoom/Ismat). This is the weakest belief one can have. The Dai is aware of everything the almighty makes him aware of and sees by the light of Allah and Imam, but also lets some things be as they are for Hikmat purposes. There are many examples of that. For example see what Januwala has on his website:

Moula Ali AS cut the hands of a man who was actually not guilty of committing that crime, so do we say he is not infallible! Mr. Mustafa the lawyer may have a degree in law, but he does not have 10 cents worth of knowledge regarding Dawat Ilm. I am sorry to say this, but calling Taizoon a reformist as Mustafa Abdul Husain has done, is committing a big SIN as he has called a mumin a munafiq and by doing so, as per bayan of Syedna Hatim RA in Kitab Tambih al Gafeleen, he, Mustafa, himself is now a munafiq unless he repents!! Of course there is pressure on the Dai and as seen in History, Rasulullah SAW went to do battle of Ohud outside Madina due to pressure from others, when actually Rasulullah's SAW opinion and decision was to fight by staying in Madina. So yes, these things are possible and can happen as per Hikmat. Aqa Moula TUS took the name of Mukasir in this Gadir Misaaq and said it is Syedi Saleh bhaisaheb Safiuddin. Everyone knows this and most understand that it can happen. The Human factor is there, but the Dai is greater than Malaikat because he does what he does even being in this Human Body, where else even Malaikat have faltered after being totally spiritual (as per bayan in Adam Nabi history). The Dai is infallible, yes, and the true meaning is that he will never pass away without conferring Nass on his Mansoos. Moula Burhanuddin TUS will never pass away without conferring Nass, but I do doa that may Allah grant Aqa Moula TUS his wish that Imam does Zuhur on his hands.

What next everyone wonders? Now that this cult is spreading lies about Mazoon Moula and speaking openly against the Qasam we take in Misaq, are we just going to sit and do nothing? The best way to show them that they cannot move mumineen from the right path to their evil motives (see picture no.1 which is attached to this document) is to show our love for our Aqa Moula TUS and his Mazoon and Mukasir whenever the opportunity arises. We should let our friends and family be aware of this corrupt cult within our community, even if those people are from the Royal Family (QasrAali) or your own Aamil. Our misaaq is not to the Shehzada or Royal Family or Aamil or who has the power. That is not what takes us to heaven. It is the belief in Aqa Moula TUS and what he tells us to believe in- his Mazoon and Mukasir. Everything else is irrelevant. Dont let Badrul Jamali and his group fool you even if they have the backing of the high and mighty Shehzadas. Lets be truthful to ourselves and keep our faith and not let the Shaitaan steal it, like it did from the Sunnis who dont pray Bismillah in Namaz saying Shaitaan has stolen it. To speak against Rutba na Sahebs is like doing the work of Shaitaan. The Rutbas and everything else is Aqa Moulas TUS responsibility, lets not do the sin by trying to take that responsibility from Moula TUS. May Allah give Moula TUS life till Qiyamat.


Mamluk-e-Syedna TUS

Mumin Mukhlis-Khidmat Guzar

I am from Royal Family-Saify Mahal-Have taken Sabaq from Mukasir - e - Dawat, who has always given Haq ni Tasawwur. May Allah give him Jazaa - e - Khair.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by alam » Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:38 pm

alam wrote:
fustrate_Bohra wrote:Hope SKQ team has also present this as a part of evidence in court. ... a/id6.html
Everyone must read the above story

There is so much in this link story that sums up the what really happened: And they have the audacity to fingerpoint OTHERS As dushman of Dawat.
Evidently the januwala link referred to above is taken down. Ho-ho surprise surprise. Much to the chagrin of the MS propaganda engine and its mechanics Saif53 Adam etc aka Qutbi bloggers, the facts remain alive and well on this website.

Taizoon shakir - must be shitting in his pants and furious as hell that this PDB site continues to hammer the historical factual account that he provided to the Bohra World. Condemnation for him - from one and all - no matter what he does. Thats the legacy of this particular whistleblower. What a fantastic example set up by the oppressive regime - aka his wife and the "princess" Maryam and the Nazi YN khandaans.

So it's no surprise to anyone that Taizoon Shakir has been silenced once again. Shame on him yes, and also more shame on those others too who have done absolutely nothing to speak up in the real world and continue to moan and groan amidst family and friends. Pity those who won't discover the liberation that comes from standing up to bullying and justice and truth.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by kimanumanu » Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:22 pm

Linking another thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11221 - this has the audio recording that Taizoon bhai had published in the original Zahir Batin website.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by RedBox » Sun Oct 17, 2021 10:05 am

So where is Taizoon bhai these days? Is he alive? Well? Is he still in the MS fold or left for good?

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by RedBox » Sun Oct 17, 2021 10:08 am

What do they read on those ala kitaabs which dont make them even a decent human?

Greed does not go away by knowledge or books only.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by ilhamafief94 » Mon Oct 25, 2021 10:45 pm

Hello everyone, I want to ask. Is Dawoodi Bohra know the term of sayyid for the descendants of the prophet Muhammad? Is there anyone in Dawoodi Bohra from the descendants of the prophet besides the imam zaman?

Sheikh Ali sadiq
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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by Sheikh Ali sadiq » Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:11 am

current dai thinks Islam started with Tahersaifuddin and now there is no need for any talks about panjatan any more. yes only Imam Hussain is remembered because they know they cant find another Imam Hussain ever. event of karbala is also used for their own agenda.

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Re: Zahir-Batin Website (Excerpts)


Unread post by allbird » Sat Oct 30, 2021 12:59 am

Two main topics of discussion manages them to control the community namely Lanat on Dawaat na dushman and Tragedy of Karbala one. Right lobe of brain controls anger and other emotions and rest of the brain is feed thali :)