Pearl of Najaf

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Saeed al Khair
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Pearl of Najaf


Unread post by Saeed al Khair » Sun May 16, 2010 1:42 pm

I have found a very intresting and informative website:

Al Zulfiqar
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Re: Pearl of Najaf


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Sun May 16, 2010 2:05 pm

bro saeed al khair,

thanks for posting this, but when i saw many articles on it written by qazi sheikh abbas borhany i somehow got put off.. as you are aware he is a die-hard blind bohra fanatic of syedna. most of his writings are thus skewed in a very subtle way with bias. this guy's dissertations i consider dangerous and mischievious.

besides, i do not believe in using islam and the quran to delve into the occult, shaitan and the underworld and exercising influences over people by manipulation of secret mumbo jumbo. i have encountered many such charlatans who spout similar 'esoteric and secret ilm of jinns and shaitans'. the desi newspapers in the west are bursting with full page ads from such conmen, all crooks and rascals. many of them have been exposed, perhaps one or two actually apprehended. we at the muslim canadian congress are seriously considering how to tackle these criminals. they are giving a very bad name to islam.

perhaps, i may be wrong. the scholars on this forum can better comment.