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Dawoodi Bohras who loves Ahl al Bait should read it

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:55 am
by Saeed al Khair
One of my Sunni friends send me this attached article, which I am forwarding here. Really very informative and an eye opener.
Today by the Dua of Mufaddal Mulla Dawoodi Bohras are converting into Hindus. They are offering gold in temples, worshiping like Hindus in festivals, praying Devi and Devtas to remove their difficulties, "Kissing sex organ" of nude Babas to fulfill their wish of child, an unending list...............
many hundred families of mumbai converted to Sunni Islam and have joined Zakir Naik, while more than 600 families are converted to Shia Ithna Asharis.
Dear Readers, Assalaamu Alaiykum
When people stop thinking in their affairs, religious or secular, and blindly follow their leaders, as per the “Sunnatullah”(the policy of Allah), they will get lost. Living nation always follow the orders of the Qur’an and Saheb al Qur’an and consider in their matters deeply, but those who don’t, they will convert into a “Cult” and “Curse” becomes their Muqaddar(fate). This article provides guidance in the light of the Qur’an, Ahl al Bait (as) and their Awliya regarding “Tafakkur”.
You have liberty to share it with others, to spread the light of ‘ilm, as explained by Ahl al Bait.
To download the PDF of the article: “Tafakkur: A forgotten Talim of the Qur'an”

Re: Dawoodi Bohras who loves Ahl al Bait should read it

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:18 pm
by anajmi
If one does tafakkur and tadabbur on this article one would realize much of what the author is suggesting is fiction and not in line with anything the prophet (saw) has taught. The author takes mighty leaps. Let me give you an example

He recites an ayah of the Quran

"Do they not think over the Quran, or are their hearts locked?"

From this ayah, the conclusion the author draws is this - "This proves that tadabbur unlocks the hidden meaning of the Quran which is kept in severe secrecy from those who are ignorant".

Seriously????? You are keeping things in severe secrecy from people and then blaming them for being ignorant? I mean only the Bohras would be fooled by this guy!!!