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Is the MISRI Calendar of Today Correct?

Posted: Sun May 09, 2021 1:14 pm
by hkirefu
I have attached a document that highlights why the MISRI calendar used today has (may?) unwittingly become inaccurate and why Eid al-Fitra is not on May 12th rather May 13th, 2021. Please assist in providing either evidence to support this position or refute it.

Additional Research: I am looking for sources of information related to the following questions to determine if the Islamic new moon was replaced by the astronomical new moon unwittingly in Islamic Calendars and when this may have occurred.

1. When did the astronomical new moon calculation come into existence and when was it first widely published?
2. Links to various Islamic calendars produced by different communities
3. Islamic calendars both prior and closely after the introduction of the astronomical new moon calculation.

Any sources are greatly appreciated.

Re: Is the MISRI Calendar of Today Correct?

Posted: Sat Jul 10, 2021 7:37 pm
by hkirefu ... -crescent/

Islamic Month Defined
Many Muslim communities make a calendar predicting the dates of Islamic months (like Ramadan and Dhul Hijja) based upon scientific predictions of when the moon/crescent should be visible. The actual start and end of the month of Ramadan is (just like every other month on the Islamic calendar) based upon the sighting of the moon. Do not confuse the Islamic new moon, which is when the moon is first visible, to the “astronomical new moon”. The astronomical new moon, as listed on newspapers and most astronomical sites (such as the US Naval Observatory site), is when conjunction occurs, and the moon is dark; the age of the moon starts from this point. The Islamic new moon is when that first little sliver of the moon (the crescent or “hilal”) is first visible. That night starts a new Islamic month, and the following day would be considered the first day of the new Islamic month.

Re: Is the MISRI Calendar of Today Correct?

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2021 7:50 am
by qutub_mamajiwala
there is nothing religious in sighting of the moon, which ignorant people still follow.
may be it was justified 1400 yrs ago when there was no means, so it was used.
we have come a long way from there.
the simple and basic thing to remember is we follow lunar month and calender.
and lunar month starts when conjunction occurs--as in astronomical sites.
just pure science.
ignorants go on debating on and on