Falsehood in the community

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Falsehood in the community


Unread post by Aftab » Tue May 24, 2022 5:04 pm

It is my humble opinion to stay in the community as far as possibly can but be aware that the Kothar has hijacked it like the so many governments have done to its subjects. They want to control who you are going to associate with, who will attend your marriages and funerals and demand money for Kadambosi, Ziyafats and tittles. This is day light robbery and thuggery and can not believe how the community can stomach such subjugation.

The status of Muslims in India.

These days, when wisdom is often reduced to WhatsApp memes, there’s one that applies to all of us: “Evil happens when good people stand by and do nothing about it”. If you want that put in highfalutin terms, let me paraphrase John Donne: “No man is an island … the bell that tolls today for Muslims will one day toll for thee.”

Karan Thapar is the author of Devil’s Advocate: The Untold Story.

The status of Reformists in mainstream Bohras

Exchange the word Muslims for reformists in the last sentence of the above article from Karan Thapar.
“Knowing and not acting is as good as not knowing.”

The falsehood and coercion of the religious clergies cannot go unchallenged. Most of us have outsourced the Quran to the clergy, and they are having a field day. Even in the best of benevolent situations, the clergy should be questioned. But what is wrong with the reformists and who are they to challenge the chosen custodians of the Quran. When it comes to worldly affairs and making a buck, we go to great lengths to get the education, skills, and experiences to be informed. Yet when it comes to Quran and religion, we outsource it to the clergy.

But if you are a Muslim and not inclined to study the Quran, you still have the obligations to apply the principles of a just society. A lot of effort is needed, otherwise you can be on WhatsApp stupidity all day.

So, what is wrong with the reformist? Do they than not know that the Kothar are the chosen interpreters of faith.

Yes, there are many contradictions between the kothars and Qurans injunctions. Let us examine a few and not bore you with an unending list.

1) Firstly, Quran says there is no compulsion in religion, the right is distinct from the wrong. (Ayatul Kursi, la iqraa fiddeen, that you recite every day). Compulsion of dadhi/toppi is a complete fabrication as there is no compulsion in religion. This is a means to subjugate and dominate the community.

2) Raza is another fabrication; and Raza from whom? There is no priesthood in Islam. None whatsoever, no Shahzaads or sheikhs with any kind of entitlements. Any learned person can lead prayers, perform Nikah and perform any other religious rituals. Dadhi, toppi, Raza are new inventions – we ask as to why they were not there before the earlier dais? Laws and regulations can change democratically, not arbitrarily.
3) Barat violets all human rights. Hook, line and sinker, you have disowned your family and friends, knowing full well their contributions.
1. During one of the wars, the prophet AS was asked whether he could fight against his father who was on the prophet’s opposition. The prophet emphatically refused and said Allah will never forgive if you go against your parents; if you can see and understand your parents, how will you ever understand me when you cannot even see me.
So, what do the Kothar enforce, Baraat your parents and you are not even allowed to participate in their funeral!!!

2. Having enjoyed the benefits of their benevolence on this earth, you have now gone ahead to reach the benefits in heaven by boycotting them. How convenient? If I were to list the contributions of “The merchant kings of East Africa” namely the Karimjee Jivanjee family, who created nothing short of a Utopia for the Bohras in East Africa, you will find it unbelievable, from education to welfare. Their graves were even attacked (astarfiruallah), but they justify that they were done by a few fanatics. Then why were these fanatics not brought to the book(condemned).

3. Nobody was excommunicated, not even the lady who used to throw rubbish at the prophet every day. On a day when the lady did not show up, the prophet was so concerned he visited her to inquire about her. She accepted Islam.

4. There is no history of baraat -the first time it was used was by The Aga Khan 111 when his community rebelled against him when he declared divinity. This rebellion was quickly quashed with excommunication and what we have is the present Hazer Iman – the “Bolto Quran”. Since than the Kothar has learned a lot from the Aga Khan.

5. Similar uprisings took place in Tanga, Nairobi, Uganda, and India (particularly Udaipur). This was swiftly dealt with baraat and although most of us lack conviction and are timid (without a backbone) but fortunately not the Udaipuris. The present “critical mass of the mainstream” is not out of Religiosity but out of oppression by the bullies.
6. Rumi says “Come hither, come hither one and all, especially the sinners and there is nothing but a sanctuary and protection for all. Rumi was asked - God has condemned them as kafirs, why are you protecting them. To that Rumi said it’s only God and Gods prerogative to judge who is a Mumeen or a kafir, I am just a human being. I am here only and only to provide service and convey the prophets AS message.

4. Your Matam and Muharram is a ritual and a circus. They dazzle you with the theatrics (fanning the phichu at Vaez, mola mola -shirk, etc. etc.). Instead, one should internalize what Husein AS stood for. No force, domination, Dadagiri or entitlements. Yazid's tyranny was based on power, entitlement, force, and domination. Numbers do not matter, Yazid had thousands and Husein AS had a few. You have failed to teach and to internalize the true lessons of Kerbela (for god's sake do not say they are too powerful, and the reformists are wasting their time fighting it) If Husein AS could have succumbed to that than there would have been no Kerbela. It just proves to show that you have learned nothing from Kerbela, except your Moula has taught you how to perform matam perfectly and in unison.

They have never or will ever accept a debate with us. On the ongoing case in the High court in Mumbai, judges are raged with their lawyers - we do not care if he is your god, he cannot dodge our questioning. BTW the court case is about the Nus, as who is the legitimate Dai. The case is not about the legitimacy, it is about who will be get the keys to the Daawats coffers. Fatemi Dawaat, who is fighting this case know fully well that the courts cannot decide who the legitimate Dai is, it is the followers who ultimately decide that.

This my friends are Islam and the Quran. We will not take injustice standing up - be it in Palestine, Rohingya, India, Iraq or the Kothar. We will demonstrate, write, preach, and use any means in our power to fight.
Quran calls people with no conscious and conviction – “Sukmun Bukmun” - deaf, dumb and blind and they will never return to the path.