Dawoodi Bohra Reformist Jamaat of North America

Keeping the faith and tradition in America

DBRJNA Managing Committee
The team elected for a four-year term in May 2014 includes:
  • Asma - President
  • Gulnaz - General Secretary
  • Hamida - Treasurer
  • Ahsan - Executive Member
  • Shaheen - Executive Member
The trustees for which elections were not held and are continuing to hold posts are:
  • Masarrat Quaisar
  • Dr Anees Ahmed
  • Mansoor Haidary
  • Qutbuddin Kathawala
  • Shamim Hussain


The Dawoodi Bohra Reformist Jamaat of North America (DBRJNA) was established in the year 2000 to represent reformist bohras living in North America, especially the tri-state region. The goals of the organization are:

  • to practice and preserve Dawoodi Bohra customs and traditions
  • to provide for social and religious needs of Bohras living far from homeland
  • to run a non-profit charitable organization
  • to promote and support the Bohra reform movement

The Jamaat organizes religious and social functions like Ramadan Iftars, Lailatul Qadr, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, Muharram, Milad-un-Nabi, summer picnic etc. Initially all these events were held at various public places but in 2005 a permanent place was acquired and ever since most of the religious functions are held at the center. The center is located in Danbury, Connecticut and a major makeover is underway for which we are soliciting donations. We plan to have a proper prayer section with separate areas for men and women and a separate dining and recreation area.

The Bohra Youth Association of North America (BYANA) is a tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable organization of DBRJNA. Members are able to route donations to different social, educational and religious organizations abroad and receive a tax deduction for the same. BYANA has been able to help reformist institutions in India and provided much needed assistance to many charities abroad. The Medical Relief Society of Udaipur, the Bohra Youth Pubic Schools of Udaipur, the Student Welfare Society, the Alambardar Foundation (provides groceries to widows) and the Gujarat Welfare Society are among the many beneficiaries receiving charitable donations.

Members of BYANA and DBRJNA live in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey and are immigrants from India and Pakistan with a close connection to the movement of Udaipur, India. The community is small but members are committed to the reformist cause.