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Blood donation camp to mark Shaheed Diwas

Giving blood to the city

On January 4, 2009 reformist Dawoodi Bohras of Udaipur, commemorated Shaheed Diwas (Martyr Day) in memory of the sacrifices made by Imam Hussain (AS) and Ahle Bait and also to offer condolences to the victims of the November 26, 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

To give more substance and meaning to Shaheed Diwas a blood donation camp was organized at the Bohra Youth Medical Centre. Apart from the large number of Bohras, members of other organizations and communities also took part in the function. The other organisation included Aastha, Art of Living, Alakh Nayan Mandir, Al-Nawaaz Committee, Narayan Seva Sansthan, Sukh Sanjeevni Society, All India Sikh Welfare Society and Udaipur Urban Co-operative. Men, women and children participated in the blood donation drive, and notably 45% of them were women.

Police Chief of Udaipur, Rajendra Prasad Goyal was the chief guest. He commended the initiative by reformist Bohras, and called it as a true patriotic gesture and urged other organisations and groups to follow their example. The function was presided over by another police officer, Dr. K.L. Rawat who assured reformist Bohras that the police force will always be there to lend them a hand in organising such activities and congratulated them on their efforts.

Hatim Ali Chachuliawala started the programme with Tilawate-Quran. Saina Dawood and Hatim Ali also recited nohas and salaams.

The president of Udaipur Jamaat, Dr. Abid Adeeb mentioned in his speech that the reformist Bohras are the pioneers of blood donation initiative in the city and their donors have been honoured from time to time by the local administration. He said that since the atrocities committed by the Sayedna Saheb’s goons on Udaipur Bohras in 1973, such initiatives have been organised from time to time to protest against those atrocities in a constructive way and also in the process help save people's lives.

The Chief Seceratary of Udaipur Jamaat, Abbas Ali Nathjiwala also addressed the audience and said reformist Bohras will always give a helping hand to the city whenever needed. Earlier a representative of the Bohra Youth Medical Center, Anees Miyaji, offered his condolences to the Mumbai police officers, National guards and commandos killed during the terrorist attack on Mumbai. He also elaborated on the blood donation and other health related initiatives whic Bohra Youth Medical Centre organises from time to time.

Shabbir Nasir was the master of ceremonies and a vote of thanks was given by Rehana Germanwala. All the delegates were presented with souvenirs. The programme ended with a two-minute silence in memory of those killed in Mumbai terrorist attack, and then with the national anthem.