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Students recognised for academic excellence

Encouraging youth to do well in school and in life

For the past 30 years The Bohra Welfare Society has been organising a majlis in memory of Khatoon-E-Jannat Sayeda Fatimatuz-Zehra (A.S.) every year in a very special way, drawing a fine balance between religious and academic progress of the community.

This year the majlis was convened under the presidency of Mulla Peer Ali and commenced with Tilawat-e-Qur’aan, Marsiya Khuwani by Anjuman-E-Azaye Hussain followed by a Taqreer by Mulla Peer Ali. In his talk, he threw light on the history of Islam, The Qur’aan and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and described the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (A.S) and his Martyrs at Karbala. He concluded by mourning the Shahadat of Mualtana Fatimatuz-Zehra (A.S.).

On this occasion students who have done exceptionally well in school and in different professional exams are presented with an award for their achievements. This not only promotes academic excellence but also encourages competitiveness among the youngsters of the community. Due to these efforts education among reformist Bohras has increased remarkably over the years and has particularly raised the level of awareness and sense of independence among girls.

The following are the criteria for the distribution of the award:

  • From Class 1st to 5th every student obtaining more than 90% marks.
  • Standard 6th to 10th -1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes on merit basis.
  • For the senior secondary and higher education 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes is given in every stream i.e. Science, Commerce, Arts as per merit.
  • For graduation and post graduation, the award is given to all those students who obtain First Division in aggregate. The courses included are B.Sc, B.Com, B.A, B.B.M, B.C.A, M.Sc, M.Com, M.A, M.C.A etc.
  • All the degree holders in the professional level includes I.I.T, M.B.A, B.E, M.E, MBBS, I.C.W.A, C.A, C.S, PHD etc.

Out of 196 applicatants, 142 were selected for the award with girls outnumbering boys this year also (78 girls to 64 boys). Mulla Peer Ali Sahab handed out the awards.

From the 1st to 8th Standard category 72 students who had secured more than 90% marks received awards. Out of these 72, 41 were boys and 31 girls. Among the girls, Shahida Alam D/o Murtaza Ali stood fist with 99.28%, and among the boys Zulfikar Ali S/o Ahsaan Ali with 97.25%.

In 10th standard Khushboo Hussain D/o Shabbir Hussain with 94.4 % stood first, Almas Jaipuri D/o Tayyeb Hussain and Sania Pachisa D/o Fakhruddin Pachisa of 12th standard got 92.8% and 89.8% respectively and obtained first positions in their respective streams.

In the higher education category (Graduation) 14 girls were recognised while only one boy could qualify for the award. Shaheen Ali D/o Hamid Ali (B.Sc-83.66%), Shahnaaz Palanawal D/o Asgar Ali Palanawala (B.Com-81.14%), Nusrat Hita D/o Ahmed Ali Hita (B.A-68.84%) bagged first positions in their respective streams. The only male recipient was Tauseef Hussain S/o Qamruddin Mandi Wala who got 61% in B.Com.

In the Post Graduation category three boys and six girls were recognised. Sakina Taj D/o Iqbal Hussain Taj (M.Com.-69.9%), Adnan Ali S/o Hatim Ali (M.A-61.8%) were the recepients.

In professional courses Arifa Saira (C.A.), Abida Mandiwala (C.S.) and also six engineers, 15 M.B.As, and two Ph.Ds were honoured.

The award distribution brought smiles of satisfaction on the faces of hundreds of young students and their parents.

Haji Mulla Ismail Ali Ji Attarwala Award

Following the academic awards ceremony, Haji Mulla Ismail Ali Ji Attarwala awards were also presented by the Haji Mulla Ismail Ali Ji Attarwala Trust. This award is presented to persons excelling in field of sports, education and social services.

Anees Hitawala was one of the recipients of this award in sports. Almas Jaipuri was the other recipient for her academic excellence. Mrs. Razia Sanwari was received the award for her exceptional contribution in the field of journalism. She is the editor of the newsletter All World Bohra Journal published from Udaipur by the Bohra Youth Association.

The majlis was concluded with a recitation of Salaam followed by Niyaz.