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Election 2009: Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat, Udaipur

Democracy in action - Bohras have their say

One of the prime objectives of the Dawoodi Bohra reform movement is to run jamaat affairs on democratic principles. To abolish the supremacy of few individuals, reformist jamaats everywhere strive to cultivate transparency and accountability through periodic elections and thus make the common members equal partners in decision making. Since its "independence" from Kothar's domination in the early 70's, Udaipur's Bohra Jamaat and its other affiliated units are run on democratic principles and they are an example for the rest of the community.

This year the 10th General Election of the Udaipur Jamaat were held on 18th October 2009 under the convenership of Mr. Mushtaq Hussain who was ably helped by the District Collectorate. Twenty one members were elected from 30 nominations to the General Council.

Elected members
  1. Abid Ali Adeeb
  2. Anees Meeyaji
  3. Qamruddin Mandiwala
  4. Abde Ali Lohawala
  5. Sarfaraz Raj
  6. Dr. Ishaq Hussain Shah
  7. Shabbir Hussain Nasir
  8. Abbas Ali Master
  9. Yusuf Ali R.G
  10. Gulam Husain Kathawala
  11. Dr. Rehana Banu
  12. Rashida Hakim
  13. Fida Hussain Bagwala
  14. Hussain Udaipuri
  15. Dilawar Ali
  16. Dr. Farida Habib
  17. Akbar Ali Mandi
  18. Moiz Ali Mediwala
  19. Rehana Germenwala
  20. Farida Motagam
  21. Mansoor Ali Batliwala

These elected members as per the Constitution nominated a Cabinet of 11 members on 25th Oct. 2009 for a term of three years.

  • Abid Adeeb
  • Fakhruddin Rangwala
  • Dr. Ishaq Shah
  • Yusuf Ali R.G.
  • Asgar Ali Muhib
  • Rashida Hakim
  • Qamruddin Mandiwala
  • Mansoor Ali Batliwala
  • Anees Meeyaji
  • Nasir Javed
  • Shabbir Hussain Nasir
Co-opted members
  • Comm. Mansoor Ali Bohra
  • Lt. Col. Sirajuddin
  • Asgar Ali Muhib
  • Nasir Ali Rangwala
  • Dr. Abbas Ali Alvi
  • Nasir Javed
  • Zoeb Hussain Haidary
  • Raziya Sanwari
  • Fakhruddin Rangwala
  • Shabbir Hussain Paliwala
  • Fida Hussain Pachisa