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Reformist organize health camp for the public

Homeopathic vaccination against swine flu

The Bohra Youth Medical Welfare Society along with the support of Sadhna Chemicals organised a camp in Udaipur to administer homeopathic vaccination against swine flu (H1N1). The camp was open to the general public, and pamphlets with information and precautions against swine flu were also distributed.

The vaccination was in the form a syrup which was prepared at the Bohra jamaatkhana and then distributed to the public in the evening. Thousands of members of the Bohra community from both orthodox and progressive groups consumed the syrup and also took some with them to distribute to family and friends who were not present.

All the members of all the working committees of the Bohra Youth actively participated in this campaign and helped make it successful.

The Society presented a vote of thanks to the proprietor of Sadhna Chemicals for providing the herbs free of charge to the public.