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Bohra Youth Medicare Centre, Udaipur

Blood donation in memory of Imam Hussain

In keeping with the spirit of Moharram, Bohra Youth Medicare Society organized a blood donation camp in memory of Imam Hussain (AS) on December 23, 2009 (Hijri 7 Moharram, 1431). Eighty units of blood were donated to Maharana Bhopal General Hospital and Sarla Singhwi Memorial Hospital of Udaipur. Forty two men and 30 women donated blood. Medicare Society, a wing of the Progressive Dawoodi Bohras of Udaipur, provides health services for nominal charges and distributes medicine free of cost to patients. The Society operates as a non-profit organization.

Chairperson of Udaipur Municipal Council Rajni Daangi was the chief guest on the occasion. Vice Chairman Shri Mahendra Singh Shekhawat, BJP representative Hemlata Jain and Councilor Rehana Banu Germanwala and former chairman Ashok Parihar were also present. Members of Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat Udaipur and the Medicare Society welcomed Rajni Daangi and other guests to the camp.

Rajni Daangi in her address said the tradition of voluntary blood donation camps in Udaipur was started by the Progressive Dawoodi Bohras of Udaipur. She said, “blood donation is important, and blood doesn’t discriminate between a Hindu and a Muslim, we are all children of one God”. She praised the camp “as an act of humanity” and hoped it would set an example for the other communities to follow. She applauded the participation of women particularly and said these Bohra women are very progressive and aware.

Medicare Society’s President Anees Miyaji said the purpose of this camp, apart from remembering Imam Hussain's (AS) sacrifice, was also to raise awareness against communal and divisive forces in the country, and encourage tolerance among various communities. He said the Medicare Society has been donating blood since 1973 and has donated around 4000 units of blood to date.

Rajni Daangi presented a certificate of appreciation to all the donors. The Chairman and Vice Chairman received mementos from the Jamaat and the Society.