Borhras and reform
Dawoodi Bohras - Borhras and reform

Dawat in turmoil

Contrary to our tradition of the Dai appointing his successor, we understand that Mazoonsahib has declared himself the 53rd Dai. His announcement has caused rioting within our community and a number of Bohras have been injured.

Furthermore, nikahs and other ceremonies have been put on hold, causing financial loss and distress.

We have noticed the controversy over Zaheri/Batani Rutba of Mazoonsahib and Mukasirsahib. We note with great regret his Holiness's silence in this extremely important issue.

We believe that the controversy is caused by Syedna's (TUS) policy of controlling assets and wealth of the community in his own hands, to the exclusion of the other two, that is Mazoonsahib and Mukasirsahib, who are an integral part of Dawat. It is the enormous wealth that Syedna (TUS) has accumulated, which is the root cause of these controversies.

We urge Syedna (TUS) to forgo his quest for monetary gains, for absolute control of community affairs and of making himself the center of worship. He must acknowledge his fallibilities and he must relinquish the management and assets of the community to the local jamaats for administration. He must acknowledge and adhere to his sole role, which is as a spiritual and religious head of the community.

This will earn him all the respect and affection of all Dawoodi Bohras, including those that are now trying desperately to have a share of his enormous wealth.

His proclamation of his successor would certainly go a long way to ensure stability and survival of the community as one unit. We believe that by not doing so, he may be putting his life in danger at the hands of those who crave his position. We also urge him immediately to pronounce an end to all violence and to see that no further barriers are in the way of ceremonies like nikah etc.

Finally, we urge him to reach a genuine understanding with the Reformist and Progressive sections of the Dawoodi Bohra community.

Moiz Rajabali (President)
Fatema Patwa (Secretary)