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Academic excellence - 2011

Award and recognition for high achievers

In Udaipur, on 12 April 2011 reformist Dawoodi Bohra commemorated the shahdat of Khatoon-E-Jannat Sayeda Fatimatuz-Zehra (A.S.). Since early 70’s The Bohra Welfare Society has been organising this majlis every year in a very special way by felicitating students for their outstanding performance in the field of education, and thus promoting religious and academic progress of the community.

The majlis commenced with Tilawat-e-Qur’aan, Marsiya Khuwani by Anjuman-E-Azaye Hussain followed by a Taqreer by Mulla Peer Ali. In his talk, he threw light on the history of Islam, The Qur’aan and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and described the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (A.S) and his martyrs at Karbala. He also explained the importance of education in the light of Islam. He concluded by mourning the Shahadat of Mualtana Fatimatuz-Zehra (A.S.).

On this occasion students who have done exceptionally well in school and in different professional exams are presented with an award for their achievements. This not only promotes academic excellence but also encourages competitiveness among the youngsters of the community. Due to these efforts education among reformist Bohras has increased remarkably over the years and has particularly raised the level of awareness and sense of independence among girls.

Out of 162 applicants, 102 were selected for the award with girls outnumbering boys this year also (57 girls to 45 boys). Mulla Peer Ali Sahab felicitated students with a certificate and memento. The majlis was concluded with a recitation of Salaam followed by Niyaz.