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Afganistan grapples with the menace of narcotics

Dr Engineer in Afghanistan for talks on Islam

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer was invited by Afghanistan Islamic Research Academy for one week from 1st July to 7th July 2011 to deliver lectures on Islam and participate in a conference on Islam and Narcotics. In Afghanistan today tens of thousands of people, including thousands of women, are addicted to drugs.

Three hundred ulama took part in this conference of which Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer was the Chief Guest. Dr. Engineer talked in detail about the teachings of Islam and hadith regarding anything that causes Sukr (i.e. intoxication). The Quran and hadith make it clear that all intoxicants are haram and not just alcohol as commonly understood. And as producing and selling liquor is haram, producing narcotics and selling them is also haram.

The Governor of Badakhshan, Janab Shah Wali Adeeb greeted Dr. Engineer and Maulavi Atazorehan Salim, Chief of Islamic Academy and invited them for cup of tea at his house. Dr. Engineer had detailed discussion with the governor on the question of drug problem in Afghanistan. The governor extended invitation to Dr. Engineer for a longer visit in the future and urged him to help create awareness among ulama about the menace of drugs.

Dr. Engineer was presented with a robe of honour by the ulama council of Badakhshan. This robe is traditionally presented to a distinguished alim. The Afghanistan Islamic Research Centre also presented a robe to him. Dr. Engineer also met a number of ministers and the chief advisor to the president of Afghanistan to discuss various problems facing Afghanistan and Islamic world.