Poverty in Ahmedabad

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Re: Poverty in Ahmedabad


Unread post by chocoman » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:50 pm

Dear friends, I have a proposition to make. Why do we always rely our good deeds in helping someone with food or other basic amenities? Why can't we help poor with financial assistance to start a business in ' partnership' to our non profit organisation that we'll set up. On the terms of the venture agreed, the business will be closely scrutinised and whatever money the person makes, let's says 35% of profit a after tax will be deposited in our non profit organisation, the same money with extra addition funds will be used to help others.

However, primarily the funds should help someone who are needy, the ones who dont have any food to eat and then other aforementioned activities should be looked after.

I suppose its better if we take a pro active approach in helping the needy rather than stick to the clichéd services like food, because human wants are unlimited.

Forgive me if there was anything mentioned like this before and let me know are we already doing anything like this. Thanks

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Re: Poverty in Ahmedabad


Unread post by SBM » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:53 pm

dude abde53, stop being cynical and criticizing in each and every thing done by the bohra community.. Criticizing each and everything is not good for health.. :P
Wise Guy
Please get wise,,, Charity begins at home.. Stop defending Kothari PR showbazi...Did you not read how many Abdes had requested on this forum regarding support for medication and treatment.
Is providing connection to charge Mobile phone is more important then providing basic health necessities to Abdes, Also wonder what kind of cut this Aamil from SF is getting under Rabeha Solar system? Mr Wise Guy can you ask your buddies at Rabeha Solar, a non profit organization of their actual income and expenses?
If you have not paid attention then look up the following thread
Bohras looking for help
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Re: Poverty in Ahmedabad


Unread post by SBM » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:58 pm

Br Chocoman
Indeed, part of the money collected for Poverty in Ahmedabad, some of the people were given for businesses, some ladies did receive help to buy Sewing Machine while one of the Abde Mumin received money to buy merchandise for his Bakhda or Thela
There are organizations such as Roshan Khayal Trust and many others which do help people with starting businesses in addition to providing them with financial help for their basic necessities.
Yes I agree teach people how to fish instead of providing them with fish..

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Re: Poverty in Ahmedabad


Unread post by seeker110 » Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:25 pm

There was an episode on This American Life #503 regarding the subject of helping the poor. It may be an idea about "Teach him how to fish".

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Re: Poverty in Ahmedabad


Unread post by chocoman » Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:23 am

That's great SBM bhai, but I'm talking about an organisation to help people. A non profit organisation considering fto help every one not just bohras. I'm sure you know, a trust cannot generate money like an NGO, by having an organisation, we can have government intervention to fund us and create more employment for the seekers. That again is helping aomebody.

I see the word charity very demeaning, if we could just see the world in a different way. In a perfect world, if we just consider everyone as a part of us rather than considering them the poor and the needy. I think we can make a substantial change.

By reading the above posts, the gentleman bohraji, seeked to criticise the Dai, and the bohra tradition of collecting money. I implore you to cut it out, not that I'm concerned about it, but it just doesn't compliment the noble cause that you all are persuading. Again, I see there's resentment, when you mentioned about the aid to the bohra Bhai with thela or whatever. I hope in this case, if we could consider every one equal. I will appreciate this gesture.

There are lot of educated people here in this forum. I urge every one to come up with ideas that can help this dream come true. I will welcome suggestions from you SBM Bhai.

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Re: Poverty in Ahmedabad


Unread post by SBM » Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:11 am

Br Chocoman
There are many NGO organizations working in India which are registered in India as well as in North American as Non Profit 501 (c) 3 in USA.
Mr Asghar Vasanwala and co manages one and provides help to everyone regardless of their affiliation, another is run by Br AZ. There is another organization Zakat Foundation of India which is part of One World. There are also organization associated with Progressive Group which are very active in Udaipur, Malegaon too.
I have worked with both Zakat Foundation as well as one with Br Vasanwala (associated with IMRC-part of ISNA) since both of them are registered in USA and you can request them to provide help a particular person too. Unfortunately I did receive couple of requests from Orthodox Bohras thru this forum who were in dire need but when they found out that I nor Mr Vasanawala are not a Sabeel paying members, they refused to accept the help.
What Bohraji was doing was a just a small direct help to those Orthodox and since Bohraji is part of Sabeel paying group, they accepted. Many members on this forum including me who do not accept the diktats of Kothar but do follow the concept of Humanity and helping people in need agreed to fund Bohraji and let him take care of those in need. People who funded Bohraji did not do it promote Progressives but are doing for the pleasure of Allaha.
I hope it does answer some of the question you have.
To start a NGO with tax exemption in this current Islamphobic environment for Muslim entities is very difficult

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Re: Poverty in Ahmedabad


Unread post by DisillusionedDB » Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:28 am

@chocoman : As SBM said, there are many NGOs or non-profit organisations around the world which are doing exactly the same work that you are suggesting. So creating another entity does not make much sense. Of course it doesn't mean that I am playing down your suggestion which is obviously in good faith. Furthermore, as the people registered here are very few, scattered all over the world and also cannot divulge their identities (for obvious security reasons), it will be very difficult to coordinate such a venture.

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Re: Poverty in Ahmedabad


Unread post by bohraji » Fri May 20, 2016 6:23 am

Salaam Alaikum,
Yes I am back again. Actually I had not really left. I do not visit the site as actively as I used to but I am in touch with the few people on the forum whom I have become great friends with and have also met them a few times.
It is that time of the year again where I ask for help and like the past few years there are a few dedicated donors who know my identity and we are in touch on whats app.

A new Dai has taken over but the as the saying goes, its the same shit ,new toilet.nothing much has changed regarding the help provided to the poor. A few good deeds done by the Kothar are highly publicised by posting videos on whats app ,where a few mumin families have been given new homes. But then they are so few that can be counted on your fingers. The Thali system is but a sham and a publicity stunt with the local televisions reporting it and even some local dailies but then almost all the friends I know of do not consume the food sent to their homes. However one must admit that it has made a few people extremely rich. But to be fair , I am told that the committee in the town of Daman is doing a great job and it s well managed, Plus there is also one city in Rajasthan that sends out palatable food, So out of the hundreds of towns and cities ,justice is being done in a few.
One cannot imagine the waste of money and wealth. The new dai is a chip of the old block. How can the community tolerate the expense of bringing in the clay of kerbala for the grave of the last Dai ? Were his sins so great that he had to be entombed in Khak e Shifa ??? If the ex Mazoon was so vile and useless then why did the Ghayb na jaankaar allowed the august seat of the second in command be occupied by such an entity?
Buying of doctorates at the expense of gullible bohras who are discouraged from attaining higher education and instead encouraged to set up petty businesses that go bust by the second generation. The bohras as some forum members have put up are but deaf ,dumb and blind.
Luckily it is the doings of the dais family that is opening up the minds of some. When I see young Bohra men with heavy beards and videos of some weird committees that lick up the leftovers from thaals, almost immediately there are comments on social media ,showing disgust pointing directly at the dai. Social media has made a great difference, at my time we would refrain from criticising the dai but now we see messages that do not even call the dai by name.
Change has come !