New Mazoon appointment

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New Mazoon appointment


Unread post by bohrabhai » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:46 pm

Last Mazoon died months ago and still post is vacant. In previous times Dai used to appoint with so called consultation with imam.
I think now mola is too busy with money making that imam can't get appointment with him. So Mazoon appointment is pending... :D

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Re: New Mazoon appointment


Unread post by allbird » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:03 am

Maybe Imam is on long service leave or annual Holidays, you never know. The amazing thing is these Chors feed lies to Bohras about communication with Imam to decide Ashura Waez venue's and Ilham of Imam on each and everything. Mazoon can get Ilham with raza from Dai all that Bull crap we heard during past few years from past and present Dai's. But time and again it was proved WRONG one instance was Houston Waez was Ilham from Malik ul Duster. Either Malik is Imam or we are feed Fairy Tales. One thing for sure if there is Imam or Mahdi as shia define it, Its for sure not with Dawoodi Bohra Dai. Our Dai's maybe Aalim in Islamic studies like many other Scholars but they are misusing it and cashing on Panjatan Paak like Silat, Fakhir Najwa's.

Now coming back to Mazoon post there is a BIG dispute going on inside. The previous Mazoon was buried as Mukhsir while Q Joker and Borthers are reserved spots in Raudat Tahera. Insider are aware of devious plans of the brothers but since these brothers control Rozi - Roti of everyone in Big House aka Saifee Mahal the resistance is just a stir but no open protest. We have to watch and wait for new Puppet since the new Mazoon would possibly the New Dai appointee which i think is Husain second son of SMS who is also Hafiz ul Quran and SMB's favorite

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Re: New Mazoon appointment


Unread post by AgnosticIndian » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:27 am

People have forgotten that there is a lost of Mazoon. It's all about Dai now. Mazoon post was discredit. In any case, it's the Kothari insider politics that's preventing any early decision.