Banned books and rituals

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Banned books and rituals


Unread post by Voldemort » Fri May 25, 2018 10:35 pm

Incident 1
Before Muharram there is a thing going on called ohbat no Majlis in every household, Similarly we had the Majlis in our house. My aunt wears a scarf under her rida so that her hair don't show(like ppl do during hajj) so the bhensaab called her n asked why do u wear this? She very simply replied that after I came from my umrah I have never worn rida without my scarf. The bhensaab said ki 'tame alag dekhao cho' My aunt was angry bcoz bhensaab being at a very high post in molas family should know that a lady should not show her hair. After that they all quickly prayed farz ni namaz and left.
My aunt prayed the full namaz and was astonished that they left so quickly.
My Question is:
1)shouldn't you appreciate someone who is trying to cover their hair as Allah likes ? Being a bhensaab are you not aware that women should actually cover their hair?
2) aren't you supposed to pray the whole namaz being a bhensaab ? Are you setting this type of example?
Incident 2
The bhensaab had come again for work. She asked my aunt about her prayers so she told her that apart from regular 5 farz and sunnats n nafil she gets up everyday to pray tahhajud or bihori
The bhensaab asked how do you pray tahhajud?
She said she refers to Ihya ul Layl.
The bhensaab quickly responded Pani ma nakhavi do. Apna si Gujarati ma ilteja na karai.
My aunt said ok but she still prays from the book.
1) what is wrong in the book?
2) why can't someone do ilteja in Gujarati?
3) how does a book prayed by everyone become inappropriate to pray suddenly?

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Re: Banned books and rituals


Unread post by kseeker » Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:16 pm

1. If your aunty was told that she looks different, she should take it as a compliment.

2. I have not heard about this book.. is the font in gujrati but the phonetics and vocals in Arabic or is the actual dua'a in gujrati language?
If the latter, i would say it is better to leave it. The main reason why the Quran is not the Quran if translated and we cannot pray in any language other than Arabic is to prevent what the Christians and Jews did to their religions when translated to the language of the countries it was preached in.... If just the font is in gujrati but it spells out in Arabic, there should be no problem with it...