True incident in Oman-Something for everyone to learn.

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ghulam muhammed
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True incident in Oman-Something for everyone to learn.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:29 pm

A very disturbing news is reported below which is sad as well as thought provoking and each and every human being living on this planet needs to learn a lesson and mend their ways for the sake of Allah swt. (I hope kothar learns something from this true incident):-

In this photo 18-year old young Arab boy who died in one of the hospitals of Oman . The boy died in hospital and was buried under the Islamic law on the same day after obligatory ablution of the body. However after funeral the father doubted the diagnosis of doctors and wanted to identify the true reason of his death. The corpse of the boy had been dug out from the grave within 3 hours after his funeral as his father insisted to know the truth.

WARNING: graphic picture. click here if you wish to see it:

Relatives and his friends shocked when they saw the corpse. He was completely different within 3 hours. He turned grey as if he was a very old man, with traces of obvious tortures and the most severe beating, with the broken bones of hands and legs, with the edges broken and pressed into a body.

All of his body and face were full of bruise. The open eyes-showed hopeless fear and pain. The blood obviously indicated that the boy has been subjected to the most severe torture.

Close relatives of the dead boy approached Muslim Scholars who have unequivocally declared that it is the result of torture in grave; which Allah (s.w.t) and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) have warned.

The shocked father of the boy has admitted that his son was spoilt child, did not obey his parent, did not do Salat (prayers / namaz) and had a carefree way of life, having involved in different sins.
Every person after death comes across tests in the tomb, except Shaheed who died in the way of Allah. This is first test which the person comes across after death but before the Doomsday.

We find in Hadis of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w):
- After burial of dead person his soul will return to his body, then two Angels will come, Munkar and Nakir, and will ask: 'Who is your Lord?' he will answer: 'my Lord - Allah '. Then they will ask: 'What is your religion?' he will answer: 'My religion - Islam'. Then they will ask him: 'Who that person who has been sent to you?' he will answer: 'He is the Prophet of Allah '. Then they will ask him: 'How do you know?' He will answer: 'I read the Book of Allah and trusted Him.
And then from heavens the voice will come: ' My Slave has told the truth, lay it to bed from Paradise and open the Gate of Paradise ' - then it will be full of pleasure and he begins to feel pleasures of the paradise, and his grave becomes spacious, that eyes can reach.

The Prophet of Allah Muhammad (s.a.w) said about the sinners. After burial of dead person his soul will return to the body, then two Angels will come and ask, 'Who is your Lord?' he will answer: 'I do not know'. Then they will ask: ' Who that person who has been sent to you?' he again will answer: I 'do not know' - and then from the sky the voice will come: 'he told a lie, Put him into a box from fire and open before it the Gate of a hell ! '- than it will be captured with heat of the hell, and his grave becomes narrow and the edges will be compressed.

In Hadis it is also said, that Angels will severely beat the sinners during interrogation in the tomb and this torture will be awful. It is informed also, that our Messenger (s.a.w) supplicated to Allah to protect Him from tortures of the grave and asked other people to do so.

The Prophet (s.a.w) said: ' The grave is the first stage of the hereafter. If a person is saved from its torment, then what comes after it is really easy. If one is not saved from it, what follows is really severer.' (Ibn Maja)
The Prophet (s.a.w) said: ' I have never seen a more horrible sight than that of the grave. ' (Ibn Maja, Al Termizi)

This true story of 18-year old young Arab boy is an eye opener for Momins - true believers and for others nothing but a horror story as their hearts are sealed by Allah. They look but do not see, listen but do not hear?
This story was translated from Arabic language into English. That's why I apologize for mistake in translation.

Al Zulfiqar
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Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:44 pm

bro. gm,

pardon my skepticism, but this story does not say what the boy died from, what disease or accident, why the hospital buried him so hurriedly without his father or family members being present etc.

this is not normally done and the father could file a criminal case against the hospital. this whole story sounds very implausible and stretches one's credulity. newspapers in oman are known to indulge in sensationalism as they find it very difficult to sell newspapers and be viable against the far better, more professional and widely circulated newspapers of dubai, which is so closeby. i have stayed and travelled in that part of the world pretty extensively and know these things firsthand.

from the photo it appears that the boy has died of drowning or asphyxiation.

ghulam muhammed
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Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:11 pm

Bro Al Zulfiqar,

This event is being widely discussed in the gulf and its a hot topic over there. What I posted was a piece of information that I got via mail and your skepticism may be true but what I heard from my sources is that the incident is very much true. You can also check it in google by typing 'azab e kabar' and get some more info on this. You will find that the photographs on almost all the sites have been deleted but I somehow managed to get around 3 to 4 photographs from my people in gulf. As the photographs were very scary and horrible, I didnt think it correct to post them on the thread.

Rest Allah swt knows best but ultimately the bottom line is that we have to keep ourselves away from sins and fear the punishment in grave, the fact which has been clearly mentioned by our Prophet Rasul Allah s.a.w. Every moment in this world is an experience for one's self as life teaches us different things as we live and so this incident can be taken as something false or true but in both the cases it should be seen as an eye opener to us.

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Unread post by like_minded » Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:09 am

Rest Allah swt knows best but ultimately the bottom line is that we have to keep ourselves away from sins and fear the punishment in grave, the fact which has been clearly mentioned by our Prophet Rasul Allah s.a.w.

Bro GM

This is a ridiculous story, only crack pots (arabs) in middle-east would believe this rubbish as they themselves are rotten and ignorant.

There is nothing like punishment in grave, because a dead man is not alive and conscious to go through such punishment, So its all rubbish. I request you to refrain from posting such absurd stories, as it will do more harm than good.

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Unread post by Aarif » Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:51 pm


I completely agree with you on this... This is complete BS. In fact one should avoid spreading this kind of crap over the Internet. It gives a bad name to Islam. Look at the christians. They say that god even loves sinners. He loves the worst of sinners... If more people start reading this BS they will believe that Islam is truly a religion that promotes violence and does not spare people with physical harm even after death... As holy Quran mentions that Allah is always kind and merciful (Allah karim and Allah rahim). Punishing a dead body physically makes no sense whatsoever and cannot be justified with any explaination...

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Unread post by like_minded » Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:11 am

Bro Arif

I am so happy and relieved to know that at least you agree with me on this. :D Although, I'd I liked if you agreed with me on many topics, but that's okay, Two people can look at one thing and have different opinion about it. It's very natural.

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Unread post by Aarif » Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:39 pm

Bro LM,

You are most welcome on this one... :)


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Unread post by SBM » Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:30 am

It seems to me that there is a cover up on this one
If for a second I believe (which I do not) that it was Grave which gave the adab (torture) to the deceased then why would not EARTH or the Kabar (grave) will resist to open up so easily. If it was Allah's will to torture this poor soul (which I do not believe)
he would have made it difficult to open the grave and find the body of the person intact.
In Western countries this would have been thoroughly examined and punished the guilty ones.

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Unread post by syed » Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:49 am

@ Arif
@like minded

i read this story somewhere and i was also doubtful that this story is not genuine, i searched around and then came to this forum, and then i read your posts and forced myself to join this forum to write my reply here

To begin with, i agree that this kind of fake stories do give Islam a bad name, but why should a Muslim have to look at Christians and their corrupt beliefs?? this is beyond me, Allah SWT does love everyone, but does that absolve you of your sins? is punishment of a persons crimes termed as violence?? havent you been informed that you will be rewarded and punished according to your deeds? so now Allah SWT's punishment turns into Violence??

Quraan does say Allah SWT is always kind and merciful but it also says that his punishment is severe and tormenting... ??? didnt you read that part? or you ignored it ?

according to your explanation once a man is dead he cannot be punished... then what forms of punishment you expect for your sins?? you are binding Allah SWT to restrict his punishment (or his rewards) ?? what makes sense to you ?? what kind of punishment should Allah SWT give to please you ?

Punishment of the grave is proven from countless ahadith, and also there are countless ahadith which says how to treat a dead body, how it should not even be bathed with water that is too hot.... and even dead body should be treated as you treat a human body with a soul in it... so what does it point to ??

and if that is your belief that there is no punishment in grave then kindly ponder if you stand in the circle of Islam or have left it ...
(remember i am merely asking you to think and decide yourself... i dont impose my opinion about you on you, else you will say i am an extremist.. as most west educated people would)

Arabs are ignorant.. right .. and you are an Alim.. arabs.. the final messenger of Allah SWT who was an arab.. the arabs who spread Deen of Allah by sacrificing their lives and wealth.. you call arabs as ignorant.. this is the respect you have for arabs.. or at least for your fellow Muslims.. is this the behavior that Rasoolullah SAW taught us Muslims?? to call each others as rotten and ignorant people ?? kindly ponder over your comments..

if you have any amount of respect for Rasoullah SAW in your heart you will never call an arab with the names you call.. just in the honor that our beloved prophet was an Arab... he deserves this respect !!

next you say ""There is nothing like punishment in grave, because a dead man is not alive and conscious to go through such punishment,""
there are countless ahadith as i said which reminds us about punishment of the grave.. and Rasoolullah SAW would tell sahaba about this often... a Muslims Qiyamat would begin in his grave.. where Munkar and Nakir would question you,..
let me know which book of hadith you want me to refer to ... i will post quotes from there inshallah.

you say a dead man is not alive.. is this exactly not the belief of non-believers ? that there is no life after this life??? are you not from among them in refuting the afterlife ?

also kindly shed some light on what basis you say that "dead man is not alive" anywhere from quraan or ahadith ? i will accept even a dhaeef hadith for this,,,,, bring forth.
also there are ahadith about munkar and nakir who will question a man about his god, religion and his book an final prophet... by refuting that a dead man is dead you are refuting those ahadith also.. right ?

so it is time for both of you guys to ponder over your aqaid,. if it were me with these beliefs i would have immediately corrected my beliefs and repented to ALLAH SWT...

i will begin with my reply with the assumption that you are a non believer since this is what your nick name suggests.
you post isnt worth even replying, but nonetheless i will reply

what logic you present ? why would earth resist to open ?? there are rules if this universe for example.. a stone if dropped from a height will fall downwards.. regardless that it falls on earth without harming anyone or it falls on your head and injuring you, so according to your corrupt logic a stone should resist to fall if he had to fall on someone's head ?? makes sense ?

you give the example of justice and punishment in west.... i can write a book on the competitiveness of west and its moral values but this isnt the time or venue.

reply to your question mullah and aamils and so called pious Muslim leaders (so called just by you) don't have to create any fear in you to practice anything.. they tell both sides of the story, the enormous and unimaginable rewards and tormenting punishment.. which is fair, BTW what is wrong in reminding you about punishments to come if you disobey the laws of Allah SWT ? why you have to be so skeptical ?? are you afraid that those punishments may apply to you ?? and if you think you are pious enough and on straight path then why do you worry ??

and at last.. you say "our leaders" but Muslim pious people mullah aamil whatever you call them are leaders of Muslims.. and not of non-believers .. right ?? so why you cry foul ??


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Unread post by SBM » Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:15 pm

Just because my email id is omabharti, you assume me to not believer and since your name is Syed, you consider yourself to be an Aalim and that is what I consider the problem Muslim have they assume too many things and I am going to leave at it only...

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Unread post by mystique » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:21 pm

Assalaam O Aalaikum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barakatuh, Brothers & sisters........

Sorry for late reply but, this is a very clear hoax by an urdu newspaper to spread a lie.
The story is unverified & my relatives stay in Oman they had never heard of it, the pics
used in this post have been edited to hide the source they have been stolen from........
here is the link of the actual site the pictures appeared on years ago:-
It is a body of a european boy who died in an accident & his body was left in the mogue
of the hospital there for several hours therefore it started decomposing, you can clearly
observe the hairs aren't white but, blonde, eyes are blue & the white skin has suffered
discolouration due to lack of oxygen turning it gray in colour. These are not the signs of
torture but of decomposition of body. lastly, the blood from nose & mouth is natural after
death. Please don't be fooled by these lies to deceive people.........

Ofcourse, the punishment of grave is an established truth of the Quran & Sunnah but
we do not need such hoax to proof it to the people!!

Khuda Hafiz :)