Its Mazoon Saheb Again

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Its Mazoon Saheb Again

Unread postby bohraji » Sun Feb 16, 2003 7:25 am

Can anyone update us on the Latest affairs regarding Mazoon Saheb and Taizoon Bhaisaheb.zahirbatin cannot be accessed,and there is a large majority of our jamaat heree who wants to about Taizoon Bhaisaheb's fate and also about The Mazoon saheb.Does he have any supporters ,or has any action been taken on anyone as yet.

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Re: Its Mazoon Saheb Again

Unread postby jinx » Mon Feb 17, 2003 7:06 am

At the moment, ppl are still committed to Burhanuddin and his family. They say this is just an internal struggle which will be resolved soon and they promise Dai will be as victorious as ever. On the Mazoon side , his chamcas are calling people to support him which I doubt will work in Bohras community.

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Re: Its Mazoon Saheb Again

Unread postby murtuza » Mon Feb 17, 2003 10:11 am

It is realy sad for us that we are taking orders from shezadas and not from dai. The Mazoon is appointed by Dai and how bohras can say lanat (Though withour naming)on Mazoon saheb?

The Taizoon bhaisaheb should comeout openly and should open the goons.

In Chennai when Saiyad kher was Amil, about 4 crores where siphoned and person involved in this scam said that if I will revil the name your Iman will be in doldrum. We can easyly understand to whom he was fingring.Non other than the shazada related to kher.

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Re: Its Mazoon Saheb Again

Unread postby abde53 » Wed Feb 19, 2003 11:14 pm

Zahirbatin site is back once again

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Re: Its Mazoon Saheb Again

Unread postby jinx » Thu Feb 20, 2003 1:01 am

I don't see how this would help Taizon Bhai Saheb. If you listen to the original tape conversation, He say "These people (referring to Maryam, Arefa and her clan) are protected by someone higher up and close to the Dai. And I am praying that Aqa Moula will guide me to this"

Just grab a bag of popcorn and see how this drama unveil.

My hunch is that this Taizoon will be a fallen martry. He is too dangerous to Khotar’s Million dollar business.

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Re: Its Mazoon Saheb Again

Unread postby jinx » Thu Feb 20, 2003 2:41 am

Hey, did you read this mail from

Testimonials From Mumineen
Date:Sat, 14 Dec 2002 14:00:37 -0800 (PST)
From:[email protected]
Subject:Re: Send Me A CD
To:name not revealed for confidentiality

name not revealed for confidentiality wrote:


thanks for your kind reply, i was unfortunately very much influenced with the propaganda that was carried against Mazoon Saheb .. Now I think I have done grave sins doing it and will ask forgiveness from both Aqa Maula and Mazoon Saheb....


Abde Syedna TUS

name not revealed for confidentiality

My reply:

As Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatoh,

I have probably sinned much more than you for many many years since I have heard so many things said against Syedi Mazoon Saheb from my own family members including my own father and mother yet only recently have I had the courage to open the pages of this most horrid book of facts. After hearing so much nifaaq it is absolutely and unconditionally compulsory for me -- per my misaaq which I have given to Aqamola TUS -- to declare these munafiqeen in open and let them be known throughout the world! I am totally alone in this world except for my wife and son. I have no family left now yet I have the greatest family anyone can have as my father is Aqamola TUS and my mother is Syedi Mazoon Saheb, as it is in our beliefs. I finally know what it means when we say that under the feet of our mother is heaven!

Syedi Mazoon Saheb has been insulted by so many people in my family saying such things to me as "He is like Awwal Thani Thaleth" (naoozobillah!) and that "He is a munaafiq" (naoozobillah!) and that "He is only a figurehead mazoon!" I am sincerely requesting all mumineen to go and ask these people whom I have named to reveal who the mazoon is in batin since they only believe in Syedi Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin as mazoon in zahir.

These people have been pressuring me to say something against Syedi Mazoon Saheb because they know I truly believe in Him as Aqamola's TUS mazoon in zahir and in batin. They have been using me for years as an instrument to attack Syedi Mazoon Saheb and this is why I have published my website. My website will remain online until these people ask for forgiveness to Aqamola TUS and finally are revealed to the world that they have done the most serious sin any mumin can do by breaking their misaaq.Fazal Bhai Januwala has also given lots of evidence of the mountains of lies these people have spewed against Syedi Mazoon Saheb for over 14 years!

If Syedi Mazoon Saheb is not a pillar of ikhlaas and sabr than I don't know who is! If they go looking around the earth in every niche and corner they will not find another mazoon but Syedi Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin -- in zahir and in batin! I cry everyday and pray that Aqamola TUS receives Fateh Mubeen over these people and Syedi Mazoon Saheb through Aqamola TUS receives the same.I beg of you as a mumin brother -- with my hands folded -- to forward my website and Fazal Bhai's evidence to as many mumineen as possible so that we can save as many mumineen as possible from this extraordinary fitnat and historicaly colossal attack upon Imam al Zamaan's SA Dawat and His Dai al Satr TUS.

Abde Syedna al Min'aam TUS,


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Re: Its Mazoon Saheb Again

Unread postby jinx » Thu Feb 20, 2003 2:44 am

List of Those Who Have Broken Their Misaaq

Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba said to me:

"So much time ago the mazoon rutba was taken away [referring to Syedi Najam Khan] but here he is still kept mazoon. This mazoon does not even have the character of a human being. He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] hates Moulana and he does Moulana's mushahabat (similar behavior). So what if you take his [mazoon's] name in misaaq? He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] is only mazoon in zahir.

Shehzadi Shehre Banoo Baisaheba said to me:

"Mazoon Saheb hates Aqamola. Like Rasulallah had kept awwal thani thaleth, Aqamola has kept Mazoon Saheb. Like Ayub Nabi used to put keera on himself, like the keera Mazoon Saheb is hurting Aqamola. There is bayaan in Aala Kitaab that mazoon can be different in zahir and in batin -- this mazoon is only mazoon in zahir."

Yahya Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin (husband of Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba) said to me:

"The kitaab you prayed near Husain Bhaisaheb [Syedi Mukasir Saheb] is no longer valid. Husain Bhaisaheb [Syedi Mukasir Saheb] only had you pray that kitaab to make himself look big."

Dr. Idris Bhaisaheb Zainuddin (husband of Shehzadi Shehre Banoo Baisaheba) said to me:

"What you were told in Nairobi is totally correct. [That person] is closer to Moulana than Mazoon Saheb and he was trying to take you to a very high level by giving you such inside information but you did not understand him. Mazoon Saheb is just a figurehead mazoon. You should have your misaaq taken again! Go to [that person] and ask for forgiveness and everything will be fine."

Miqdad Bhaisaheb bin Sarah Baisaheba binte Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba said to me:

"There is bayaan in [he gave name of kitaab] that mazoon can be different in zahir and in batin."

Durrat Baisaheba (wife of Saeed ul Khair Bhaisaheb Najmuddin) said to me:

"What Miqdad bhai told you is correct -- mazoon is different in zahir and in batiin. He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] can think whatever he wants!"

And there are many more! Beware of these people spewing their satanic verses of zahir-batin and stay away from them before you lose your faith! I take Allah's qasam and say that these people indeed said these things to me.

Abde Syedna TUS,


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Re: Its Mazoon Saheb Again

Unread postby jinx » Thu Feb 20, 2003 3:05 am

From GuestBook

This is an interesting Email, I received. I tried to confirm with some people but no one could confirm it.

Contrary to our tradition of the Dai appointing his successor, we understand that Mazoonsahib has declared himself the 53rd Dai. His announcement has caused rioting within our community and a number of Bohras have been injured.

Furthermore, nikahs and other ceremonies have been put on hold, causing financial loss and distress.

have noticed the controversy over aheri/Batani Rutba of Mazoonsahib nd Mukasirsahib. We note with great regret his Holiness's silence in this extremely important issue.

We believe that the controversy is caused by Syedna's (tus) policy of controlling assets and wealth of the community in his own hands, to the exclusion of the other two, that is Mazoonsahib and Mukasirsahib, whoare an integral part of Dawat. It is the enormous wealth that Syedna (tus) has ccumulated, which is the root cause of these controversies. We urge Syedna (tus) to forgo his quest for monetary gains, for absolute control of community affairs and of making himself the center of worship. He must
acknowledge his fallibilities and he must relinquish the management and assets of the community to the local jamaats for administration. He must acknowledge and adhere to his sole role, which is as a spiritual and religious head of the community.

This will earn him all the respect and affection of all Dawoodi Bohras, including those that are now trying desperately to have a share of his
enormous wealth.

His proclamation of his successor would certainly go along way to ensure stability and survival of the community as one unit. We believe that by not doing so, he may be putting his life in danger at the hands of those who crave his position. We also urge him immediately to pronounce an end to
all violence and to see that no further barriers are in the way of ceremonies like nikha etc. Finally, we urge him to reach a genuine understanding with the Reformist and Progressive sections of the Dawoodi Bohra community.

USA - Sunday, January 26, 2003 at 22:44:21 (EST)

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