La Haul'a-Wala-Quwwat'a-Illa billahil Aliyil Azeem

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La Haul'a-Wala-Quwwat'a-Illa billahil Aliyil Azeem


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Maula (TUS) farmave che, Jivare bhi shariat na aamal ne mathe charava ma koi mushkil pesh aave, Haq na saheb na farmaan ni taa't karwama koi rukawat aave to La Haul'a-Wala-Quwwat'a-Illa billahil Aliyil Azeem ni tasbeeh karjo, Khuda mushkil aasan Karse.

This is azeem ne'amat of Allah (SAW), in the Kitaabullah, AL Quraa'n, we have countless such Tasabeeh - aayat shareefa which heal's a believer from spiritual, physical and mental disorders.

Spiritual & Physical Healing by Qur’an

By: Qazi Dr.Shaikh Abbas Borhany

PhD (USA), NDI, Shahadat al A’alamiyyah (Najaf, Iraq), MA, LLM (Shariah)

Mushir: Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan

Member: Ulama Council of Pakistan

A’amaal of Ayah al Kursi
Rasulullah(S) honoured Ubayy bin Ka’ab, due to his knowledge. Once he said to Ubayy:

“Leyahnikal ilma Ya Abal Munzir”- O Abal Munzir, congratulate bounty of knowledge to you.

Ubayy bin Ka'ab narrated that he had a harvest of dates. He noticed that it was shrinking day by day, so decided to keep a watch on it at night. During vigilance he observed a beast that looked like a grown up boy. Ubayy said Salaam to him, which he responded. Ubayy asked: "Are you human or Jinn"? It replied, "Jinn." Ubayy asked: "Show me your hand." It showed him its hand, and he saw that it looked like a dog’s hand, with fur covering it. He said, really this is Jinn like!" Jinn disclosed Ubayy that community of Jinn knows that there is no one among them stronger than me." Immediately Ubayy asked it, "What brought you here?" It replied, "We have been informed that you like to give charity, so we came to get some of your food." Then Ubayy asked it, "What would protect us from you?" It replied: "The Ayah from Surah al Baqarah:

“Allahu La ‘ilaha ‘illa Huwal-Hayy ul-Qaiyyum-- --------- --Hum Fiha Khalidun”

Whoever recites Ayah al Kursi (Ayah 255-257: Surah al Baqarah) in the evening will be protected from us until the morning, and whoever recite it in the morning will be protected from us until the evening."

In the morning, Ubayy came in the presence of Rasulullah(S) and narrated him entire happening. Rasulullah(S) responded to Ubayy:

“The Jinn has said the truth!” [9]

Whoever reads Ayah al Kursi all his needs will be fulfilled. It has ten pauses. When reading it, at each pause one should bend a finger into the palm of the hand, beginning with the little finger of the right hand and ending with the thumb of the left hand. When both hands are thus closed, Salaw’at upon Mohammad and his descendents should be recited three times. This should be followed by the reading of the Surah al Fatihah 10 times, and after each reading one finger should be opened to come out, but in the reverse order from that in which they were drawn in. Then all fingers should be pointed upward, and the suppliant should blow his breath upon them, and then express all his needs and desires. If this is done for 40 days .their desire will be granted, Inshallah. [10]

This A’mal is known as the A’mal of Ayah al Kursi.

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Ayat ul kursi is only ayah 255.