Udaipur jamaat organisations

Udaipur Jamaat: organisations and activities

The Udaipur Jamaat has formed various committees to run and maintain properties and assests of community and to organise day-to-day activities. All these organisations are elected bodies and function under the general guidance and authority of the Jamaat:

  1. Bohra Youth Association: is the founder organisation of Bohra reform movement. It pioneered the struggle against authoritarian priestly class. It manages all social and secular activities of the community and organises events to promote the reformist cause. All reformist Bohras are members of the Association.
  2. Anjuman-e-Luqmania: oraganises bath, burial and related rituals at the time of death. It also supplies food to the bereaved family for two to three days.
  3. Darul Mutaliatul Burhania: provides religious and literary books to the people of the community. It has various learned sheikhs and mualanas providing guidance in religious matters. It organises free classes where the children of the community are taught namaaz, Quran and Deen .
  4. Bohra Youth Dispensary and Maternity Home: is a well-equipped dispensary where community doctors offer free consultancy. Situated in the heart of the Bohra mohalla, the dispensary is of great help to the people who cannot afford the expensive services of private clinics.
  5. Bohra Youth Medical Relief Forum: organises free dispensation of medicine to the poor of the community. It also organises blood donation camps from time to time, eye donation, and has a list of donors willing to donate blood.
  6. Masjid Committee: manages and maintains the mosques. It makes sure that all basic amenities, like water, electricity, carpet, electrical appliances etc. are in order. It is also responsible for carrying out the maintainence of the mosques from time to time and coordinates with the Majlis Committee in organising various waaz, majlis, namaaz, and other religious functions regularly.
  7. Jamaat Khana Management Committee: looks after and manages the community hall where various functions, like weddings, aqiqas, salgirahs etc., take place. The committee manages and provides the utensils, carpets, water, electricity and cooking gas etc.
  8. Student Welfare Society: works towards an overall development of students and offers them a platform for their creative, academic talents. It runs a library which loans course books to members in diverse fields including technical, engineering, medical, fine arts etc. The SWS organises fairs picnics, indoor and outdoor games, handwriting and elocution contests, debates, and cultural activities etc. It also rewards high achievers every year with certificates and prizes at its annual function.
  9. School Committee: The Udaipur Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat has been successfully running a school for the past 20 years in the mohalla. The school charges nominal fees and offers free education to students who cannot afford to pay. The school has classes upto the 10th standard and is affiliated to the Board of Education, Rajasthan. The school is run by a professional, committed staff and the Jamaat makes sure that high standards of education are maintained.