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So long as you conform to the diktats of the establishment, you have little to fear. But try stepping on the fat toes of the Kothar and you wouldn't know what hit you. The Bohras who have fallen foul of the priesthood know that its ire and cruelty know no bounds. And there are many Bohras out there who have a story to tell... of humiliation and harassment.

If you have a story to tell, why don't you share it with others? Tell us about it. This is your page for your story.

How can we stop Kothar’s juggernaut?
I was born in 1939 in a Dawoodi Bohra family. Having been brought up in a traditional Bohra household and later having migrated to North America I ensured that my children were raised in the same tradition. I taught them to read, write and recite Arabic, how to perform wudhu and offer prayers, explained Islam and its sects down to what we are as Dawoodi Bohras. more
Walking out of the Bohra falsehood
I was born in India in a small village more than 40 years ago into a Bohra family. I came with my family to Malaysia when I was only 4 years old. I grew up like any normal Bohra surrounded by the richness of the Bohra culture and rituals. My religion was primarily restricted to namaz and learning to read the Qur’an. more
Victim of Sayedna's diktat
As kids we were subjected to some sort of confusion at home... there was my Mom telling us to do sajdah and kiss the feet of the Sayedna whenever he was in town and on the other hand, my Dad scoffed at even the thought and reprimanded us for having done so. We wondered why the disparity in thoughts when all we could see around us was an insane sort of worshiping for the High Priest. more