Interview with Ismail K. Poonawala

Ismail Poonawala video interview

Shabbir Hussain Madraswala, a prominent reformist leader, conducts an extensive interview with Professor Ismail K. Poonawala in this video presentation. Prof. Poonawala talks in-depth about the history and doctrine of Ismailis and the state of Dawoodi Bohras in recent times. He traces the deterioration of the present Dawat and shows how it is blatantly violating the tenets and tradition of our faith.

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Mubib Ali/ Monday, November 4, 2013 | 7:23 AM

Ismail Poonawala sahib,

(1) The subject of your speech is, "DB History & Doctrines". You said, "After Prophet Mohammed and Molatina Fatima martyr Mola Ali (a) gave misaaq/byat to 1st and then to 2nd and 3rd." Prove which authentic Bohra book claims above? No Bohra literature even remotely says above. You are clearly speaking lies. Contrary to above, every relevant Bohra books says: 1st, 2nd & 3rd gave misaaq on Day of Gadeer to Mola Ali a.s. and Mola Ali never gave misaaq to them.

(2) You said, Mola Ali got his one daughter married to 2nd - Prove which authentic Bohra book claims this contention of yours?

(3) Refer 0:20:00 Hours - you said, "Their were 5-6 men who were more knowledgable than Imam Bakir." Answer) You are not reading Bohra doctrines and history. You're speaking your personal whims and fancy. The Dogma about Imam (per Bohras) is categorical: (Mustakar) Imam have merit in all matters including all faculty of knowledge i.e. he is Supreme being of his time. Prove your contention from Bohra books? You cannot. You are reading anti-Bohra books and misleading by labelling it as Bohra History!

(4) Refer 0:25:00+ hours - "Should Imam Jaffer Sadik a.s. new about Imam Ismail a.s. death then why will he do 'nuss' over him?! So Imam do not know unseen." Answer) Prophet Ismail died in life of Prophet Ibrahim but still Ibrahim did nuss over him, and after Ismail his son Kezar a.s. became the Prophet. Same way: Moosa - Haroon - Finhas, Aadam - Habeel - Shees, Abdul Mutalib - Abdullah - Mohammed s.a.w.w. Yaqoob - Yusuf - Nahoor By the same token: Imam Sadik - Ismail - Mohammed Shakir a.s

(5) Refer 0:30:55 hours - Mr. Ismail Poonawala sourced his info from and recommending to read Doctor Zahid Ali (Hyderabadi) work on this subject. Answer) Dr. Zahid Ali Hyderabadi virus was countered by super anti-virus by Sheikh Hasan Ali Sarangpur Wala in his book "Damighul Bohtaan" running in three volumes. Till date no one in world could ever counter this anti-virus.

(6) Refer 0:35:01 hours - Mr. Ismail is casting doubts about progeny of Fatimi Imams Answer) Sharif Radi who compiled Nahjul Balagha has wrote strong verses where he unambiguously acknowledges Fatimi Imams as the sons of Mola Ali and Molatina Fatima a.s. Proof: Besides Abul Fida (1273-1331) and Makrizi (1363-1442) below two also noted Sharif Radi for above verses: 1. Ibnul Athir al Kamil, Diwan 546, viii, 24, 25 2. Kitab Ikhtilaf Usulil Madhahib of Qadi Numan B. Muhammad by S.T. Lokhandwalla

(7) Refer 0:43:30 hours - Mr. Ismail is not only MISREPRESENTING facts but also speaking incomplete history conning viewer to show Fatimi Imams in bad light! Afsos!

(8) Refer 0:44:30 hours - Mr. Ismail claims that later Caliphates in Fatimids were not trained to wage wars! Prove it from any authentic Fatimi Dawat books? What type of Bohra maslaq follower he is?!!! Mr. Ismail you are disrespecting Imams!

(9) Refer 0:45:15 hours - showing down Badrul Jamali! Badrul Jamali built the landmark Entrance Gate, "Bab ul Fatah" in city of Cairo in honour of his masters Fatimi Imams - this show the degree of loyalty and love of Badrul Jamali for Fatimi Imams. But it seems "nafrat" is filled in your heart against Fatimi Imams like your mentor Dr. Zahid Ali Hyderabadi. You should read Sheikh Hasan Ali Sarangpur wall book and correct your self if you are intellectually honest, which I doubt you are.

(10) Refer 0:47:45 hours - Imam Mustansir nuss over Imam Mustali a.s. Mr. Poonawala you have used derogatory words: Imams were puppets! You r quoting biased historians who were paid by Abbasi / Ummayad caliphate who were in turn AFRAID of Fatimi Caliphs. As you r quoting biased history then by naming your show as "Dawoodi Bohras History & Doctrines" you are misleading viewers. You should name it as "Corrupt history from anti-Fatimids."

(11) 0:52:10 hours - case of Tamim ibn Imam Moiz and Nizar - they are elder brother so they will get the Imamate. Answer) Prove which authentic Fatimi Dawat book says that only elder brother will be successor? Imam Hasan was elder brother but the Mustaqar Imamt was passed by Mola Ali a.s. to his younger son Molana Imam Hussain a.s.

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